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Joined - Received Chaos 08, Commoner 05, Commoner 12, Gae Dearg 20, Matriarch 02, Perfection 09, Susanoo 07, Sayo 18.
--> Bonus cards: Hazard 18, Speech 16.
February releases - Claimed Causality 11, Competition 16, Dry Juice 01, Herb Blends 19, Karma 20, Mind of God 10, Sketching 15, Spirits 04, Toran 14, Tsun Tsun 03, Witch Girl 13, Yuri 02.

March releases - Claimed Carrot 04, Dissonance 03, Fists 16, Giant Hornet 11, Inugami 02, Magoi 01, Scrawl 10, Soapland 15, Telomeres 10, What A Pain 20, House 01, and Daathic 18.
Trade with Em - Fists 16, Soapland 15, and Sketching 15 for Carrot 11, Telomeres 07, and Cantus 09.
Trade with Ten - Gae Dearg 20 and Magoi 01 for Janina10 and Toran 09.

Delitan gave me gifts and became my friend - Received Promise 17, Soul Eater 02, Soul Eater 17, Toran 13, Wind 01, and Wind 17.
Trade with Rein - Karma 20 for Daathic 13.
Trade with Em - Daathic 13 and Daathic 18 for Inugami 09 and Odessa 20
Recycled Art - Claimed Commoner 04, Commoner 15, Wind 05, Wind 06, Wind 08, and Wind 15.
Trade with Moe - Dissonance 03 for Levitation 06.
Gifts from Em - Received Cantus 03 and Toran 16.
Trade and gift from Rune - Traded Witch Girl 13 for Blastia 01 and received Heal 12 as a gift.

Trade and gift from Rune - Traded Causality 11 for Tokunaga 15 and received Tokunaga 18 as a gift. Or something like that. I just want to make the log read uniformly.
Trade with Melissa - Chaos 08 and Dry Juice 01 for Not Lost 17 and Toran 18.
Gift to Em - Gave Not Lost 17.
Gift from Qu-ko - Received Toran 06.
Trade with Stareyes - Inugami 09 for Toran 02.
Trade with Katie - Hazard 18 for Toran 11.

Trade with Dove - Competition 16 and Scrawl 10 for Daathic 04 and Wind 14.
Gift to Em - Gave Daathic 04.

Trade with Abyss - Carrot 11 for Daathic 05.
Trade with Em - Daathic 05 for Scorpio 13.

Trade with Aru - Matriarch 02 and Tsun Tsun 03 for Tokunaga 19 and Weasel 08.
Ansem's Player Report 24 - Received Lily 13, Moron 03, Motorcycle 18, and Zeref 20.

Gifts from Charlotte - Received Commoner 18 and Tokunaga 03.

Trade with Dove - Weasel 08 for Earth 01.
Gift from Nayami - Received Commoner 06.
Help Miss Kamila 24 - Received Child Star 02 and Ripple 05.

Trade with Ash - Carrot 04 for Opposite 16.
Gift to Delitan - Gave Opposite 16.
Gift from Em - Received Janina 03.
Recycled Art - Claimed Earth 02, Earth 03, Earth 12, Earth 15, Earth 19, and Earth 20.

Trade and gift from Anna - Traded Mind of God 10 for Tokunaga 14 and received Janina 16.
Reading Between the Lines 101 - Received Dorm 03, Germany 04, Names 08, and Spy 01.
Gift from Em - Received Toran 19.
Gift from Lizzy - Received Earth 10.
Gift from Hollie - Received Janina 09.

Art Shop - Exchanged sketchpad for Deepsea 07, Hai Copy 19, and a red crayon.

Trade with Fel - Dorm 03 and Hai Copy 19 for Earth 13 and Wind 04.
Art Lessons 172 - Received Kiseru 08 and Song 13.
Trade with Mazoku - House 01 and Names 08 for Commoner 02 and Commoner 11.
Gift from Aave - Received Commoner 09.

Trade with Tot - Perfection 09 and Ripple 05 for Earth 04 and Wind 10.

Trade with Moon - Child Star 02 and Song 13 for Blastia 12 and Soul Eater 12.

Trade with Kati - Germany 04 and Scorpio 13 for Earth 06 and Janina 05.
Reading Between the Lines 102 - Received Blunt 04, Divination 04, Docodemo 04, Nirvash 04, Reserved 20, Ribbon 13, Skateboard 07, Spearhead 04, Umbra 07, Unruly 11, and a blue crayon.
Trade with Kristi - Sayo 18 for Not Lost 01.
Trade with Em - Not Lost 01 for Medicines 20.
Trade with Sammich - Inugami 02 for Earth 05.
Coloring Book 71 - Traded Susanoo 07 for Dauntless 04 and Kirara 12.
Gifts from Em - Received Zexen 13 and Zexen 17.

Gifts from Aru - Received Earth 08 and Earth 09.
Gift from Harukami - Received Levitation 16.
Trade with Hollie - Blunt 04 for Telomeres 09.

Host Club Giveaway 83 - Received Chronicle 11, Grumbly 13, and Text 15.
Trade with Abby - Nirvash 04 for Janina 11.

Pick a Color 88 - Received Gekokujou 13 and Persistent 02.
Trade with Hijiri - Kiseru 08 for Mustasim 18.

Trade with Lita - Giant Hornet 11 for Wind 11.
Trade with Gargant - Chronicle 11 and Dauntless04 for Commoner 13 and Tokunaga 10.
Trade and gift from January - Traded a blue crayon for a red crayon and received Janina 02.
Trade with Arianne - Spearhead 04 for Earth 14.
Trade with Ori - Gekokujou 13, Kirara 12, and Motorcycle 18 for Blastia 13, Cantus 11, and Janina 17.
Coloring Book 71 - Traded Zeref 20 for Gadoria 13 and Fathers 03.
Trade with Em - Skateboard 07 for Cosplay 01.
Trade with Cedar - Fathers 03 and Speech 16 for Daathic 02 and Daathic 13.

Graffiti 71 - Received Bridge 05, Futari 19, Maou Ryuu 18, Maxwell 19, and Nukes 14.
Art Shop - Exchanged sketchpad and red crayon for Harmony 03, Pariah 12, Toran 20, and a grey crayon.
Gifts from Kippi - Received Soul Eater 08 and Toran 08. And it makes 108 cards here. \:3/
Gift from Senren - Received Ocean Wave 03.

Trade with Em - Ocean Wave 03 for Seashells 07.
Level Up: Orange - Received Butterfly 17, Chartreux 16, Tokunaga 07, and a purple crayon.
Graphics Donations - Received Beguile 08, Fantail 01, Oracle 11, and Wayward 08.
Trade with AL - Grey crayon for green crayon.
Reading Between the Lines 103 - Received 2nd Child 06, Flint Lock 05, Nemesis Q 11, and Rise 19.
Gift to Em - Gave Wayward 08.
Trade with Kiss - 2nd Child 06, Fantail 01, Grumbly 13, and Text 15 for Commoner 08, Daathic 05, Earth 11, and Janina 18.
Trade and gift from Ralene - Traded Umbra 07 for Wind 19 and received Wind 16 as a gift.
Gift to Ember - Gave Beguile 08.

Gift from Ember - Received Kagutsuchi 06.
Trade with Ember - Lily 13 for Witch Girl 11.
Coloring Book 71 - Received bonus Marion 03.
Gift from Narwhal - Received Master 16.
Trade with AL - Bridge 05 for Tokunaga 11.
Trade and gift from Ember - Traded Lily 13 for Witch Girl 11 and received Kagutsuchi 06 as a gift.
Art Lessons 174 - Received Sealed 04 and Synthesizer 09.
Gift to Lorekky - Gave Marion 03.
Trade and gifts from Trias - Traded Oracle 11 for No Problem 02 and Received Toran 01, Toran 10, Toran 17, and Earth 18 as gifts. ;v;
Gift to Em - Gave No Problem 02.

Seiyuu Guess 162 - Received Rich 06, Seven 04, and Temple 10.
Trade and gift to Rune - Traded Maxwell 19 for Amarcian 14 and gave Witch Girl 11.
Trade with Pam - Divination 04 for Janina 07.

Naze's Remodeling Station 13 - Received Cynical 02, Hatshepsut 18, Perceive 13, Resolve 18, and Reyntime 15.
Trade with Anrui - Perceive 13 for Commoner 17.
Trade with Ly - Synthesizer 09 for Heal 20.
Ansem's Player Report 27 - Received Armor 06, Joker 14, Mariposa 19, and Obnoxious 20.
Trade with Ivory & Horn - Purple crayon for blue crayon.
Trade with Aave - Armor 06 for Tokunaga 13.
Gift from Renee Twist - Received Jet 09.
Gift to Melissa - Gave Butterfly 17.

Trade with Em - Green crayon for a blue crayon.
Trade with Arisen - Reyn Time 15 for Keyblade 20.
Trade with Katie - Jet 09 for Daathic 16.

Art Shop - Turned in a sketchpad and two blue crayons for Earth 07, Earth 17, Gigant 12, Master Wolf 20, and a blue crayon.

Gift from Em - Received Janina 20.
Recycled Art - Received Fire Bringer 02, Royalty 12, Superior 04, Superior 10, Superior 15, and Wind 18.

Trade with Lin - Gadoria 13 for Cantus 20.
Recycled Art - Received Fire Bringer 16, Harvard 01, Harvard02, Ladyship 05, Ladyship 10, and Ladyship 19.
Trade with Em - Keyblade 20 for Cantus 17.

Reading Between The Lines 104 - Received Cure White 08, Dote 13, Feminine 14, Happiness 05, Interaction 06, Millenia 11, Pink Bow 17, Soup 19, Syringe 04, Touch This 08, and a yellow crayon.
Art Lessons with Rukia 175 - Received Fencing 08 and Honnoji 03.
Isaac and Miria's Costume Party 190 - Received Cosplay 15, Dynames 02, Egret 19, Hymmeli 19, Moon 17, Predilection 11, Recall 15, Shanghai 17, Trusty 15, and Vangaurd 06.
April Releases - Received Crimea 12, Forgotten 02, Hats 11, Metal Rod 14, Mountains 06, Only Reason 16, Pediatrician02, Rattata 15, Simple 12, Stride 04, Toran 15, Visions 01, and Writing 02,
Trade with Cendol - Medicines 20 for Visions 20.
Trade with Lin - Stride 04 for Visions 10.
Trade with Yun - Simple 12 for Soul Eater 09.
Trade with Ari - Mountains 06 for Wind 09.
Trade with Sammich - Crimea 12 for Promise 20.
Trade with Kazuchii - Metal Rod 14 for Telomeres 20.
Trade with January - Only Reason 16 for Poultry 04.
Trade with Kati - Pediatrician 02 for Poultry 06.

Trade with Christy - Forgotten 02 for Visions 16.
Trade with ReneeTwist - Writing 02 for Visions 14.
Trade and gift from Liz - Traded Moon 17 for Levitation 12 and received Rainfell 17 as a gift.
Trade with Sachi - Cure White 08 and Futari 19 for Commoner 07 and Commoner 10.
Trade with Charlotte - Recall 15 for Visions 08.
Host Club Giveaway 84 - Received Bloom 08, Leraje 04, and No Shadow 01.
Recycled Art - Received Detectives 12, Docodemo 11, French 11, Janina 04, Janina 13, Janina 14, Mgronald 15, Pariah 09, Toran 05, and Zephyr 04.
Trade with Em - Detectives 12 for Earth 16. AND MY LAST SASARAI CARD.
Another trade with Em - Visions 01/08/10/14/16/20 and a yellow crayon for 75th 14, Hostess 09, Ladyship 08, Poultry 12/16, Telomeres 04, and a red crayon.
Trade with Ori - Rattata 15 for Visions 18.
Gift to Em - Gave Visions 18.

Mastered Earth - Received Cheshire 05, Jade 18, Sketching 04, and a purple crayon.
Gift to Em - Gave Sketching 04.
Ansem's Player Report 28 - Received Jr Premier 14, Late 04, Simulation 10, and Unlimited 20.
Trade with AL - Dynames 02 for Motherly 17.
Trade with Allmia - Cynical 02 for Commoner 14.
Trade with Ouji - Millenia 11 for Lorelei 10.
Trade and gifts from Em - Traded Rainfell 17 for Revive 17 and received Shimabara 18 and Sonic Boom 20 as gifts.
Trade with Em - Shimabara 18 for Ladyship 17.
Scrapbook 86 - Received Inferior 02, Old Lion 12, and Volunteer 03.
Art Shop - Turned in two sketchpads and received Blocker 07, Marksman 13, Psychiatrist 03, Violent 12, a red crayon, and a green crayon.

Gift to Delitan - Gave Gigant 12.
Trade with Yuki - Touch This 08 for Hunt 14.
Trade with Cedar - Syringe 04 for MgRonald 06.
Trade with Sky - Jade 18 for Docodemo 02.
Trade with Abyss - Simulation 10 for Fenia 01.
Trade with Nea - Bloom 08 and Egret 19 for Ladyship 03 and Soul Eater 18.
Trade with Ember - 75th 14 for Poultry 10.
Trade with Liz - Revive 19 for Aura 16.
Level Up: Yellow - Received Amusement 14, Competition 10, Sketching 19, and a red crayon.
Pick A Color 89 - Received Admin 04, Engaged 17, Eye Shadow 09, Ice Cream 02, One 02, and Shinjuku 12.
Trade with Em - Fenia 01 and Sketching 19 for Tonfar 14 and Tonfar 17.
Trade with Rune - Harmony 03 for Beguile 04.
Trade with Nea - Beguile 04 for Promise 05.
Trade with Rune - What A Pain 20 for Blastia 05.
Trade with Archer - Vanguard 06 for Companion 16.
Trade with Netbug - Master 16 for Alma Kinan 19.
Trade with Lizzy - Blocker 07 for Feral 03.

Trade with Cate - Predilection 11 for Tokunaga 05.
Delete Shiritori with Medaka - Played Rise 19 and received Composed 16, Ouji 10, Pro 03, SOS 03, and Zippo 09.
Trade with Lin - Lorelei 10 for Motherly 10.
April Deck Donations - Received Easy Going 01 Feral 10, Gas Mask 16, Hero King 11, Money 19, Planeptune 17, St Michaels 19, Wisel 07, Z Gundam 06, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Moe - Hymmeli 19 for Pendulum 05.
Coloring Book 72 - Donated Deep Sea 07, Mariposa 19, and Unruly 11 and received Asakawa 17, Bad Pun 04, Homicide 16, Offense 10, Scientists 19, and Watashi 04.

Trade with Ralene - Offense 10 and Z Gundam 06 for Telomeres 06 and Telomeres 15.
Trade with Ly - Asakawa 17 for Tonfar 15.
Trade with Pikari - SOS 03 and a grey crayon for Troubadour 09 and a brown crayon.
Gifts from Octa - Received Hunt 03, Firebringer 11, and Kusarigama 02.
Trade and gifts from Jen - Traded Jr Premier 14 for Duty 07, Duty 16, and Feral 05.
Trade with Em - Green crayon for purple crayon.
Trade with Christy - Fencing 08 and Flintlock 05 for Soul Eater 06 and Soul Eater 07.
Guess the Color 165 - Received 0988 09, 3rd Child 09, and Massacre 09.

Seiyuu Guess 164 - Received Directions 20, Venoshock 03, Yuri 11, and a brown crayon.
Graffiti 72 - Received Beasts 03, Dragon Rage 17, My Prince 02, Reference 11, and Reliable 13.
Trade with Gargant - Inferior 02 for Tianzi 09.
Trade with Kazuchii - Late 04 and Yuri 11 for Feral 01 and Wind 20.
Trade with Ivory&Horn - Hatshepsut 18 for Sketching 02.
Trade with Em - Sketching 02 for Hunt 01.

Trade with Em - Pendulum 05 and Tianzi 09 for Opposite 11 and Telomeres 05.
Help Miss Kamila 27 - Received Bloody Rose 17 and Brain Washer 02.
Art Lessons with Rukia - Received Sia 09 and Muga 10.
Recycled Art - Claimed Cosplay 09, Harmony 01, Harmony 14, Harvard 05, Harvard 14, Leasing 09, Superior 03, Telekinesis 17, Tonfar 01, and Tonfar 02.
Trade with Melissa - Dragon Rage 17 and St Michaels for Janam 04 and Janam 15.
Coloring Book 72 - Donated Master Wolf 20 and received Satan 07 and Tights 05. Filled orange bucket and received a bonus Alma Kinan 09.
Trade with Em - Troubadour 09 for Kusarigama 01.

Trade with Sammich - Scientists 19, Temple 10, and Unlimited 20 for Cosplay 10, Ladyship 15, and Motherly 16.
Art Shop - Turned in two sketchbooks for Guard 04, Fraxinus 16, Little Devil 02, Taforashia 05, a red crayon, and a green crayon.
Reading Between the Lines 105 - Eternia 07, Maracas 08, Protective 14, and Offense 05.
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 191 - Comet 02, Eternity 01, Fantail 20, and Ki 17.
Trade with Moe - Planeptune 17 for Feral 15.
Trade with Em - Alma Kinan 09 for Poultry 01.
Trade with Sky - Fantail 20 for Spider 07.
Gift to Em - Gave Spider 07.
Trade and gifts from Kiri - Traded No Shadow 01 for Wayward 17 and received Cosplay 07 and Janam 08 as gifts.
Trade with Em - Wayward 17 for Ladyship 14.
Ansem's Player Report 29 - Received Homunculus 03, Psychiatrist 07, Saiyawoman 06, and Shard 02.
Conan's Clues 191 - Received Burning 04, Cake Pig 06, and Plant 18.
Trade with Kira - Hero King 11 for Kusarigama 06.

Trade with Laurant - Resolve 18 for Kusarigama 13.
Trade with Arianne - Shard 02 and Watashi 04 for Blastia 02 and Janina 15.
Trade with Ori - Moron 05 for Janina 08.
Trade with Lizzy - Amarcian 14 and Mustasim 18 for Soul Eater 14 and Superior 11.
Trade with Adina - Old Lion 12 and Ouji 10 for Duty 05 and Unlucky 15.
Trade with Em - Unlucky 15 for Hunt 04.

Porfolios - Received first monochrome and palette portfolios.
Pot of Gold 41 - Received Air Head 06, Ambitious 17, Ambrosia 10, Biracial 08, Blue Sea 01, Bravo 03, Changing 04, Cheer 20, Chupa 19, Clueless 10, Cries 20, Dattebane 03, Digipad 09, Exactly 01, Green Girl 06, Gullible 12, Harmony 08, Infant 17, Inn Keeper 13, Inspector 05, Kiss 19, Locked In 15, Manba 17, Mar Birthday 16, Masked G 02, Mechanic 02, Mockingbird 06, Nyan 06, Osuwari 06, Paralysis 11, P-Chan17, Perfect 14, Pizzicato 12, Prima 19, Rent 19, Report 19, Secretary 01, Shocking 13, Skill-Out 03, Soapland 19, Strategies 14, Temptress 09, Tenbu Horin 07, Throttle 04, Trouble 16, Untouchable 18, Vierge 03, Volunteer 10, Waiting 05, Warrior 13, World-Class 16, X Scissor 05, an orange crayon, a green crayon, a blue crayon, two purple crayons, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Sky - Dattebane 03 for Motherly 09.
Trade with Cate - Biracial 08 for Tianzi 19.
Trade with Em - Vierge 03 for Poultry 11.
Trade with Arisa - Secretary 01 for Poultry 19.

Trade with Yuki - Temptress 09 for Nude 02.
Trade with Em - Two green crayons for a blue crayon and a purple crayon.
Trade with Deli - Nukes 14 for Telomeres 17.
Trade with Arisen - Maou Ryuu 18 for Embodiment 11.
Trade with Jun - Locked In 15, Report 19, Wisel 07 and Cosplay 04, Cosplay 08, and Firebringer 14.
Trade and gift from Em - Tianzi 19 for Telomeres 13 and received Checkmate 20 as a gift.
Rolling Down the UMN 13 - Received 66 01, Baths 14, Inside 10, Goddess 13, and Thread 09.
Naze's Remodeling Station 14 - Received Fan Club 13, Leopard 02, Plant 15, Shippu Dash 20, and Unborn 13.
Trade with Ralene - Checkmate 20 for Telomeres 08.

Trade with Christy - Soapland 19 for Janina 19.
Trade with Kiri - Paralysis 11 for Duty 11.
Trade with Christy - Tights 05 for Latvia 02.
Trade with Moe - Baths 14, Unborn 13, and Waiting 05 for Orifiel 15, Orifiel 19, and Tempest 11.
Trade with Moon - Venoshock 03 for Introvert 09.
Trade with Chuu - Maracas 08 for Tokunaga 17.
Trade with Charlotte - Untouchable 18 for Motherly 18.
Gift to Em - Gave introvert19.
Trade with Lita - fraxinus16, homunculus03, shinjuku12, and volunteer10 for leasing13, parallel13, quick03, and souleater05.
Guess the Color 166 - Received impressions02, mercurius15, and moodmaker10.
Trade with Aria - shocking13 and trouble16 for duty17 and leasing12.
Trade with Anna - beasts03, nyan06, and reliable13 for firebringer04, firebringer15, and firebringer17.
Trade with Abyss - companion16 for levitation10.

Beauty Pageant 81 - Received break12, bullfighter18, feathers12, lolita18, mage19, royalguard12, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Sky - ambrosia10 for tonfar13.
Trade with Fel - plant15 and plant18 for introvert08 and tonfar19.
Gift to Em - Gave introvert08.

Trade with Ruriair - 3rdchild09 for souleater15.
Trade with Em - orifiel15 and orifiel19 for daathic06 and levitation18.
Trade with Ori - cheer20 for souleater16.
Trade with Yuki - admin04 and mechanic02 for rosetta07 and rosetta20.
Trade with Nea - rosetta07 and rosetta20 for leasing19 and quick14.
Coloring Book 73 - Played sonicboom20 and received unicolyon05 and ctarl19.
Trade with Aletha - persistent02 and sealed04 for harvard07 and parallel20.
Trade with Yun - leraje04 for commoner19.
Trade with Stareyes - clueless10 for kusarigama16.

Trade with Abyss - 6601 for souleater20.
Trade with Harukami - massacre09, taforashia05, and zippo09 for firebringer03, ladyship04, and vritra06.
Isaac and Miria's Costume Party 192 - Received arialace09, dhampir01, green13, and termina13.
Reading Between the Lines 106 - Received allstars19, anti05, anty09, concern06, daru15, defense11, grandetoile06, izuna-otoshi12, telekinesis05, and a grey crayon.
Signature Cards - Received first three copies of sig_lila.
Trade and gift to Lynne - Traded violent12 for firebringer05 and gave one02 as a gift.
Host Club Giveaway 85 - Received klarerwind08, pipi05, and tricks09.
Trade with Chives - myprince02 for lovelorn04.
Art Shop - Turned in three sketchpads and received blademaster13, charismatic10, kakaka12, snapshot12, western04, a blue crayon, a red crayon, and a purple crayon.
Trade and gift from Em - Traded member cards and received a green crayon.
Trade with Arisato - break12 for blastia14.
Ansem's Player Report 30 - firstson02, kidnap11, recluse01, and tranquil12.
Trade with Aria - mercurius15 for janina12.
Coloring Book 73 - Played herbblends19 and received laguz02 and pitcher20.

Trade with Kati - marbirthday16 for superior07.
Trade with January - blademaster13, mockingbird06, and strategies14 for ladyship11, souleater03, and souleater19.
Trade with Em - quick03, quick14, and two grey crayons for telomeres11, wind12, a green crayon, and a blue crayon.
Seiyuu Guess 166 - pke20, reliability12, and uncouth18.
Trade with Noxie - snapshot14 for colonel03.
Trade with Anrui - eternia07 for gasmask03.
Gift from Stareyes - Received poultry14.

Trade with Aave - interaction06 and x-scissor05 for firebringer19 and souleater04.
A Challenger Appears! 15 - Received iinodoue10, lolishota01, older13, and zanbatou11.
Kiss the Cook 14 - Received scarred15 and sexta20.
Help Miss Kamila 28 - Received hotdog12, mutt01, and opast10.
Trade with Katie - brown crayon, protective14, and reliability12 for a yellow crayon, motherly15, and tonfar20.
Masted Janina - Received forte03, magnificent10, tokunaga12, and a blue crayon.
Trade with Chuu (via email) - older13 for heal01.
Trade with Em - latvia02 for harvard06.
Trade with Em - Grey crayon for yellow crayon.

Trade with Katie - aerialace09 and mutt01 for oolong13 and spider02.
Art Shop - Turned in a sketchpad, two green crayons, and three yellow crayons and received itako02, itako12, itako14, janina01, janina06, library11, yomihime08, and a grey crayon.
Gift to Em - Gave itako02, itako12, and itako14.
Gift from Em - Received telomeres19 and a purple crayon.
Trade with Delitan - chupa19 for feral14.
Trade with Dove - bloodyrose17, ctral19, and directions20 for duty12, firebringer18, and sopheria04.
Trade with Cassidy - anti05 and lolishota01 for blastia04 and toran12.

Trade with Chuu - oolong13 for heal05.
Delete Shiritori 29 - Played aura16 and received appear20, aristocratic12, geisha18, jyuuken08, and rat12.
Trade with Coops - guard04 and kidnap11 for blastia03 and sopheria11.
Graffiti 73 - bloom09, deathscythe14, nekomata11, singer05, and taurus04.
Trade and gift from Lorekky - Traded bluesea01 for rainfell12 and received sopheria05 as a gift.
Trade with Rune - comet02 for kusarigama07.

Trade with Aru - competition10 and muga10 for firebringer07 and orifiel12.
Trade with Ly - charismatic10 and taurus04 for duty06 and sopheria16.
Trade with Anna - jyuuken08 for gasmask17.
Trade with Adina - janam01 for allstars19.

Art Lessons with Rukia 278 - aqua09 and virgo04.
Colors Chat #12 - tama-ya01 and al-thamen16.
Trade and gift from Charlotte - singer05 for telomeres03 and received souleater11 as a gift.
Trade with Ari - hotdog12 for commoner16.
Trade with Nayami - green13 for blastia17.

Miria & Isaac's Costume Party 193 - foraz saiqa11, gamer19, junk05, shameless10.
Reading Between The Lines 107 - contests07, cryokinesis19, hypermonk07, nekotalia18.
Pot of Gold 41 - Received grand prize: Prizes x2 for three levels.
Trade with Kiss - al-thamen16, concern06, volunteer03 for blastia15, firebringer06, heal07.
Trade with Liz - cryokinesis19 for daathic18.
Traded signatures with Rune
Level up: Green, Blue - Used April PoG grand prize and received broom02, chainsaw12, de-aging20, moonflute02, nia11, orbis02, pendulum06, pendulum15, smokescreen17, solar12, tokunaga06, tokunaga09, a red crayon, a yellow crayon, a blue crayon, and a purple crayon.
Art Shop- Turned in two sketchpads, three red crayons, three blue crayons, and a yellow crayon for dodo13, melody13, teller15, wien07, toran03/04/07, commoner01/03/20, sig_lila, a blue crayon, and a brown crayon.
Trade with Muri - ambitious17 for achoo04.
Trade with Em - grey crayon for red crayon.
Mastered Commoner and Toran - Received 77717, descendant13, kerberous01, maganekko15, tokunaga01, tokunaga02, a grey crayon, and a green crayon.
Trade with Aeris - rat12 for wayward03.
Conan's Clues 193 - Received gladiator09, lonesome18, nitro18, and strategies10.
Trade with Em - grey crayon for green crayon.

Amsem's Player Report 31 - Received chartreux20, codename12, forward16, and smiling01.
Trade with Chelsea - inspector05 for motherly13.
Trade with Liz - Two orange crayons for two yellow crayons.
Trade with Fumika - colonel03, firstson02, forte03, and teller15 for fenia17, keyblade03, notlost18, and wayward05.

Trade with AL - moonflute02 for janam06.
Gifts from Michelle - Received blastia09, blastia11, blastia18, heal02, heal03, heal04, heal06, heal10, heal11, heal19, lorelei15, and motherly20

Trade with Caitie via email - broom02 for telomeres16.

Trade with Yuki - satan07 for seashells10.
Neku's Music Station 179 - Received amnesia09, blackwave12, blackwhite01, lovefreak03, patriot05.
Help Miss Kamila 29 - Received magickey12, snail15, vodka12.
Neku's Music Station 180 - Received everybirdie08, legendary08, pilots10, shades13, tackle13.
Trade and gifts from Ori - Gave smokescreen17 and received keyboard03, promise02, and promise04.

Trade with Katy - snail15 for poultry03.
Trade with Em - fenia17 for souleater01.
Scrapbook 89 - Donated Sonya and received calm10, pooka05, and recessive08.

Trade with Ten - pooka05 for punishment06.
Trade with Rune - cries20 for promise06.
Trade with Qu - chainsaw12, feminine14, pizzicato12, and recluse01 for duty01, harmony11, keyboard12, and promise01.
Trade with Sky - laguz02 for poultry15.
Recycled Art - Received docodemo14, keyboard17, kyudo10, kyudo11, kyudo13, mgronald03, mgronald07, mgronald10, superior12, superior19.

Gifts from Michelle - falena10, guitar06, keyblade13, keyblade16, pokute08, and trance03.
Gifts to Em - Gave keyblade03, keyblade13, keyblade16, pendulum06, pendulum15, and rainfell12.
Trade with Ember - Two blue crayons for two green crayons.
Easter Egg Hunt - Received admirer15, black18, blocker19, blogger13, cosmoses20, crows15, dimwitted19, doctor04, eldest06, focused11, french12, gekokujou15, haughty05, insania16, journalist05, karma20, kodama02, liladan18, littlekitty10, logout07, maru02, murakumo10, naska15, nqm18, pay02, purify18, raisondetre20, requests20, shark07, shouryuuha15, shouryuuken15, tengu07, windor07, witness14, four red crayons, three orange crayons, a yellow crayon, and two green crayons.
Trade with Em - wayward03, wayward05, and two green crayons for hiraikotsu, ngrecords01, and two red crayons.
Trade with ReneeTwist - throttle04 and uncouth18 for tonfar03 and caleria18.
Naze's Remodeling Station 15 - Gave cheshire05 and unicolyon05 and received 4minutes16, redrose05, silpheed05, uu05, and wish01.

Gift to Nikita - Gave french12.
Art Shop - Turned in a sketchpad and four green crayons for wind02/03/07/13, mercurius11, unorthodox12, and a red crayon.
Reading Between the Lines 108 - Received badluck01, circus20, demure12, gastanets08, gunjou14, nii-nii13, rayofhope06, sinners09, talisman03, withdrawn01, and an orange crayon.
Host Club Giveaway 86 - Received brainwasher20, darkdjinn15, and dyaus01.
Trade with Pikari - uu05 for paopufruit09.
Trade with Nea - aqua09 for sopheria08.
Mastered Wind - Received basketballs01, royalgaurd12, tokunaga08, and a green crayon.
Ansem's Player Report 32 - Received allergen12, chaotix01, mortician02, and sensible04.
Trade with Fumika - lovefreak03 for superior05.
May release - Claimed highland01, salvage09, manly13, himalayan02, vivace06, trashy08, liaison06, bakuzan04, swingrock07, childlike03, thecrows09, soldiers05, and daathic09.
Trade with Sky - Purple crayon for highland13.
Trade with Kiri - trashy08 for highland11.
Trade with Aria - liaison06 for highland10.
Trade with Jen - swingrock07 for highland12.
Trade with Sami - embodiment11 for highland02.

Trade with Abyss - gekokujou15 and pay02 for ladyship07 and parallel01.
Trade with AL - badpun04 and easygoing01 for highland04 and lace09.
Trade with Muri - requests20 for bamboo05.
Trade with Abyss - blue crayon for highland17.
Trade with Ten - parallel13 for manly15.
Trade with Charlotte - vivace06 for highland16.
Trade with Diana - bakuzan04 for highland18.
Trade with Caitie - purple crayon for terran08.
Trade with Nat - basketballs01 for manly20.
Trade with Sami - gamer19, littledevil02, and purify18 for kendama18, tonfar09, and tonfar18.
Conan's Clues 194 - combat06, medicans14, pity14.
Coloring Book 74 - Gave kiss19 and received dantalion19 and seminar18.
Trade with Lorekky - crows15 and talisman03 for lovelorn08 and lovelorn16.

Trade with Kat - focused11 for levitation08.
Trade with Jen - legendary08 for janam17.
Trade with Lex - 4minutes16 and sensible04 for harmony12 and kendama06.
Trade with Deli - thecrows09 for manly09.
Level Up: Purple - Received baseball17, irides13, tokunaga04, and a green crayon.
Trade with Allmia - engaged17 for souleater10.
Pick a...Color? 90 - Received addict09, angra19, aoitori08, appearance07, attendant20, bakuzan16, beats10, boulder19, brickbreak04, cerberus19, clone01, darling16, decalogue16, dog05, duck15, dullahan04, emishi19, empress03, enforcer14, esteem11, exorcise07, feminist20, friends14, fuukan15, harihara20, iceland01, innocent05, intelligent17, itako18, lace06, lateshift19, madder20, model15, mole20, oolong20, passion01, pilot05, rattata05, rumraisin05, seahorse04, sonati17, spear14, spells19, spirited11, straydog04, syndicate06, taozi06, underwear01, and wish02.
Trade with Chuu - feminist20 for gasmask16.
Trade with Diana - bakuzan16 for lorelei17.
Trade with Em - highland03, highland05, highland06, highland08, highland09, highland20, poultry02, telomeres01, and tempest06 for manly09, manly13, manly15, manly20, notlost18, orifiel12, spider02, terran08, and vritra06.
Trade with Anrui - composted16, kodama02, and littlekitty10 for harmony13, harmony18, and promise16.
Trade with Cendol - blackwhite01 for cosplay13.
Trade with Em - lorelei15 and lorelei17 for poor07 and starmiya12.

Trade with Kiri - Traded aoitori08, forazsaiqa11, logout07, and straydog04 for firebringer12, harmony03, kendama04, and leasing17. Received superior01 as a gift. Gave a yellow crayon as a gift.
Trade with Deli - avaricious09, mole20, and spells19 for parallel13, superior17, and superior18.
Traded signatures with Deli.
Art shop - Turned in two sketchpads, a green crayon, and four purple crayons and received batting04, companions09, compromiser13, medicine13, souleater13, telomeres02, telomeres12, telomeres14, telomeres18, a green crayon, and a purple crayon.
Mastered Soul Eater, Telomeres - Received aimstalker03, shinmeiryuu13, straydog07, synthesizer17, tokunaga16, tokunaga20, a blue crayon, and a grey crayon.
Deck Donations - Donated highland and received bigsister03, carmine13, loveydovey13, and yellow crayon.
Trade with Muri - pariah12 for soldiers03.
Trade with Nea - himalayan02 for highland14.
Trade with Raven - combat06, darkdjinn15, dullahan04, royalguard12, and syndicate06 for harmony02, harmony06, promise07, superior09, and tonfar07.
Trade with Dialny - rattata05 for sociopath18.
Trade with AL - withdrawn01 for idolize12.
Trade with Pam - idolize12 and sociopath18 for feral06 and kendama03.
Trade with Em - paopufruit09 and pokute08 for cosplay06 and highland19.
Trade with Pikari - brown crayon for highland07.
Trade with Em - three purple crayons and two green crayons for five brown crayons.
Trade with Moe - everybirdie08 for rhythmia16.
Trade with Chives - tackle13 for soldiers11.
Trade with Archer - beats10 for soldiers06.
Trade with Moon - brickbreak04 for feral04.
Trade with Phibby - angra19, thread09, and zanbatou11 for cantus18, duty04, and kusarigama15.
Trade with Noxie - appear20 for kusarigama10.

Trade with Abyss - gasmask16 for leasing08.
Trade with Jun - blackwave12 for poultry07.
Deck Donations - Donated lace and received 098807, denmark15, hostile03, and a blue crayon.
Deck Donations - Donated tetrageniot and received broccoli19, caster08, kusanagi15, and an orange crayon.
Trade with Mazoku - addict09, dog05, and termina13 for glasses11, harvard04, and tempest07.
Trade with Arisen - gastanets08 for zexen16.
Graffiti 74 - Received cheerio20, damsel01, lovers01, mage20, and mighty16.
Recycled Art - Claimed achoo06, achoo08, achoo09, achoo11, achoo17, falena15, falena20, karaya13, keyboard13, nyan04.
Trade with Em - shikon03, exorcise07, and iceland01 for bluemoon02/03/07/16 and cradle01/11/12.
Trade with Katie - duck15 and nekotalia18 for firebringer13 and kendama10.

Trade with Nea - bloom09, contests07, intelligent17, forward16, seahorse04, sonati17, wish01, and wish02 for deus01, collected12, infinity10, shadowless12, and thieves04.
Trade with Liz - itako18 for terran02.
Trade with Sky - collected12, infinity10, and shadowless12 for flowing15, kendama16, and surnames09.
Trade with Stareyes - model15 and trusty15 for promise18 and soldiers01.
Trade with Em - flowing15, surnames09, and terran02 for achoo16, achoo18, and white07.
Trade with Ember - synthesizer17 for quick06.
Recycled Art - Claimed electricity20, firebringer09, kyudo14, ladyship01, spirits01, spirits02, spirits03, spirits04, and spy16.
Trade with Em - electricity20, spy16, and quick06 for achoo20, older17, and sisters20.
Trade and gift from Deli - Traded deus01 for cantus02 and received kusarigama18 as a gift.
Poet's Acrostic 28 - Received anguished05, blazers13, chain03, darksun07, enigmatic16, enthusiastic17, flameking20, fushigi16, horned01, insei16, isshu12, jiganshi17, leyline11, medstuden10, momokan02, neesan14, octbirthday17, pipe17, poffins05, prosecute09, ryouran03, subordinate04, totori03, trashy04, yatagarasu01, and a purple crayon.
Trade with Liz - trashy04 for quick05.
Trade with Sammich - dodo13 and p-chan17 for harmony17 and tempest01.
Trade with Ember - subordinate04 for 4-dpocket01.

Coloring Book 74 - Received bonus whitehorse18.
Trade with Em - quick05 for qipao18.
Trade with Pikari - cakepig06 for sopheria12.
Reading Between the Lines 109 - chasing08, dojikko16, novoselic07, and oranges11.
Trade with Chives - starmiya12 for lace16.

Trade with Sky - anguished05 for no706.
Trade with Em - no706 for pianist13.
Art Shop - Turned in three sketchpads and received demonrose03, exchanger06, focusing13, honor20, laurant02, swindler16, a red crayon, a yellow crayon, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Netbug - appearance07 for hiraikotsu16.
Ansem's Player Report 33 - Received imperious20, recluse07, rosesplash06, and un-sorcerer13.

Trade with Dialny - descendant13 and poffins05 for cantus13 and levitation20.
Coloring Book 75 - Donated an orange crayon and received ambition20, junes15, memphis09, and setter20.
Trade with Mel - docodemo04 for daathic03.
Trade with Harukami - harihara20 for manly18.
Level Up: Brown, Grey - Received cherish17, firebringer01, firebringer10, honesty17, hungry12, rollout20, blue crayon, and purple crayon.
Deli being awesome - Received compy16.
Trade with Abyss - baseball17 for terran16.

Neku's Music Station 181 - Received motherly18, psybeam18, regal16, and successor16.
Trade with Nea - compy16 for fists08.
Trade with Em - manly18 and a green crayon for salvage08 and a blue crayon.
Trade with Kippi - doctor04 and spirits04 for leasing18 and levitation15.
Colors Chat 13 - Received catholic02, doujutsu15, kekkai18, nekomimi06, niceboat04, open12, tennights05.
Trade with Em - kritya05, salvage18, and two brown crayons for doujutsu15, terran16, and two orange crayons.
Trade with Ember - batting04, nekomimi06, shades13, and rollout20 for caelin02, earlyshift11, exorcise11, and inspector01.
Trade with Rune - attendant20, bamboo05, enthusiastic17, lateshift19, motherly18, and shouryuuken15 for falena06, kendama01, soldiers18, tinto13, trance20, and unwavering19.
Trade with Kippi - spirits02 and spirits03 for soldiers09 and tianzi14.
Trade with Kiri - inspector01 for soldiers16.
Trade with Arianne - companions09 and sexta20 for hiraikotsu09 and seashells17.

Trade with Anna - damsel01, niceboat04, nii-nii13, and novoselic07 for insurance18, ladyship12, superior13, and superior14.
Trade with Stareyes - psybeam18 for feral08.
Trade with Dove - insurance18 for superior06.
Trade with Hollie - isshu12 for soldiers13.
Coloring Book 75 - Played brainwasher02 and received angelpowder02 and duty11.

Trade with Katie - angelpowder02 and magickey12 for adherent04 and assertive07.
Trade with Ouji - kusanagi15 for soldiers02.
Guess the Color 170 - Received blocker09, mercury15, and placetobe17.
Trade with Lorekky - honnoji03 for ran14.

Art Lessons with Rukia 181 - Received garden12 and genome17.
Em's birthday - Gave childlike03.
Trade with Cate - emishi19, nekomata11, aristocratic12, badluck01, broccoli19 for mysticeyes04, spy02, stew10, superior20, surnames04.
Trade with Ten - parallel01 for soldiers08.

Reading Between the Lines 110 - Received agni04, banekick15, byakko04, dorm17, explosion12, idolize05, innkeeper16, lorikeet20, slap01, territorial06, and a blue crayon.
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 196 - Received edison20 and treasure05.
Host Club Giveaway 87 - 4-dpocket19, channel16, and guilty18.

Crazy Colors 74 - Received doujigiri07, f406, maid13, savior17, snakesword11, and usashrine05.
Ansem's Player Report 34 - adeptrogue18, hikkikomori08, hummingbird03, and pompadour14.
Donated to Scrapbook 94 - goodcop14, heartbeat17, and search16.

Trade with Hijiri - lonesome18 for punishment07.
Trade with Kat - Two yellow crayons for a green crayon and a brown crayon.
Trade with Ralene - brainwasher20 and kekkai18 for duty19 and rainfell01.
Pick a Color 91 - Received america08, crow02, eclipse16, inlove02, intelligence10, legend11, mercenary04, normalcy09, powerpuff07, sablier20, smell18, tomboy02.

Neku's Music Station 182 - college03, goldfish11, javelin11, and loveyou14.
Trade with Archer - empress03 for hiraikotsu02.
Trade with Delitan - adherent04 and setter20 for firebringer08 and firebringer20.

Trade with Kippi - duty11 for zexen20.
Trade with Marge - passion01 for soldiers19.
Spare Parts 152 - symphony15, tempest09, underworld15, and winter10.
Graffiti 75 - ayesir14, hide04, impossible06, military05, oldlion07, roadroller13, roleplay14, sayo20, tantalus10, wildlion16, an orange crayon, and a blue crayon.
Trade with Nea - irides13 for cantus05.
Trade with Aru - eyeshadow09 for kendama14.
Trade with Liz - goldfish11 and nude02 for levitation01 and soldiers12.

Trade with Ember - garden12, idolize05, normalcy09, oranges11, and wildlion16 for arcusprima17, cinderella05, falena02, rejection19, and television04.
Help Miss Kamila 33 - Received antique19, mba17, and romeo01.
Trade with Aave - successor16 for feral11.
Trade with Muri - usashrine05 for corrine16.
Trade with Chives - inlove02 for lace12.
Trade with Hijiri - blocker09, blocker19, virgo04, sablier20, pilot05, boulder19, lovers01, and insei16 for blacklion04, devilstrill19, docodemo15, iceland06, isolation08, lovelorn12, simple04, and themoon09.
Trade with Em - assertive07, mysticeyes04, rainfell01, spy02, surnames04, and tianzi14 for soldiers14 and telekinesis13.
Trade with Cendol - focusing13 for kyudo02.

Coloring Book 75 - Received bonus pursue17.
Art Shop - Turned in two sketchpads and three brown crayons and received alias12, hotcakes16, puppeteer05, sevendays08, superior02, superior08, superior16, a red crayon, and a purple crayon.
Guess the Color 171 - Received frugal02, palemoon03, and testament05.
Trade with January - insania16 and placetobe17 for tempest10 and zexen12.
Trade with Liz - palemoon03 for ladyship06.

Trade with Em - exorcise11 and karma20 for bluemoon04 and cradle10.

Ansem's Player Report 35 - Received a-hall06, choice18, hachimaki14, and megu09.
Trade with Charlotte - heartbeat17 and treasure05 for promise12 and promise15. Received tonfar05 and tonfar08 as gifts.
Trade with Dialny - america08, legend11, liladan18 for kyudo12, bluemoon08, bluemoon12.
Trade with Jen - adeptrogue18 for daathic01.

Trade with Ouji - geisha18 for heal15.

Trade with Kristi - decalogue16, rhythmia16, sayo20, seminar18, and tantalus10 for cantus06, kendama15, levitation17, salvage04, and soldiers04.
Colors 4th Anniversary Day One - Received fourstival01, jkd13, and sogeking17.
Trade with Mousey - rejection19 for soldiers07.
Trade with Kazu - regal16 for hiraikotsu05.

Trade with Fumika - mercenary04 and windor07 for duty02 and kendama12.
Trade with Sky - smell18 for furgal13.
Trade with Nea - fushigi16 for janam20.
Poet's Acrostic 30 - Received complex20, forazsaiqa06, kwando18, louvre06, swordia11, vagrant09, and zero06.
Trade with Arisen - whitehorse18 for soldiers17.
MASSIVE TRADE WITH EMBER - Agni04, Allergen12, Darling16, Eldest06, Esteem11, Eternity01, Exactly01, Homocide16, Loveyou14, Mage19, Mage20, Naska15, Nyan04, Offense05, Oolong20, Osuwari06, Raisondetre20, Recessive08, Television04, Underwear01, Yatagarasu01, Seven04, Sevendays08, Shark07 for nudist01, ooparts14, yukiatsu13, commandant02, creator08, database10, faint11, freedom02, forte05, gankutsuou09, gigolo03, hug19, macaroon17, might04, minchi09, pikopiko07, piccolo05, reactions14, scythe20, seja16, simple15, smoker14, song06, uncute16.

Trade with Abyss - a-hall06, complex20, explosion12, mortician02 for falena04, frugal11, frugal19, melnics18.
Trade with Aru - chain03 for harmony19.
Trade with Dove - powerpuff07 for cosplay12.
Colors Anniversary Day 2 - Received blastia20, fourstival02, impatient05, griefseed09, okashira10, oyajijokes18, poisonsting10, an orange crayon, and a yellow crayon.
Art Shop - Turned in four sketchpads and received antique03, brash13, de-aging16, finland11, gigolo07, matera19, samekh13, timetravel10, a red crayon, a yellow crayon, and two blue crayons.
Trade with Anna - cheerio20, hummingbird03, roadroller13, black18 for kritya10, telekinesis10, telekinesis18, tempest19.
Trade with Trias - burning04, mercury15, money19, odessa20 for cosplay16, kusarigama11, kyudo09, tonfar11.

Seiyuu Guess 169 - Received 1000th04, explosives02, familiar05, fullbloom08, hakoniwa05, ironfish11, koori12, manly01, muga05, ranguren18, stray14, zippo15, and a brown crayon.
Art Lessons with Rukia 183 - Received curehappy01 and promotion11.
Trade with Em - manly01 for highland15.
Trade with Dialny - finland11 for kritya19.
Kazuya's Combo Breaker34 - Received 80pitches04, 89th06, 765pro03, abuse14, ai03, alien07, alioth02, ardent20, assertive09, atomic16, avoid09, bakuzan11, bartender05, better01, billiards07, birds08, bk-20111, blackharu10, blame02, bondage10, buddha15, buttercup11, cadet04, callous19, cap09, cavalry06, cham16, companions13, cosplay02, copychip04, curesunny14, croquettes07, crossspear04, cubes09, cyborg20, darkangel17, demonqueen17, demure07, descendant14, devoured08, discipline12, dressup03, egoist02, einstein06, elegance12, eroge14, evolution12, eyeignite11, frail06, fulfill05, futuring15, gateau15, giant18, glomp09, golddragon11, granddream15, green06, haicopy16, haiku07, harmonica17, horatio03, hotcakes07, hottemper17, iaigeri04, illness07, infatuation03, insania09, intelligent15, keystone20, kind06, knights10, lady04, landgod04, liaison17, lovegun04, lunar16, lure18, magnus09, maguskiller02, masochist16, meimei20, melchsee07, mercurius06, mgronald03, milkyway17, mint19, misandry16, nervous15, orthopedics15, paint05, passionate16, pierced14, plant18, psp18, quote08, rai20, regina19, resemblance06, ridiculous11, round07, rusty20, saiko12, seer05, shark18, shiningone10, shinma03, sisters20, soldier03, spear10, superior08, teacher13, trapnest13, tsuruko13, twirl12, unlimited11, vegetables07, victory19, vivid16, vocalist18, voice02, voiceless02, whitemage04, and zura16.
Trade with Sami - bigsister03 for duty09.
Trade with Kat - samekh13 for kyudo01.
Colors Anniversary Day Four - Received fourstival04, a yellow crayon, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Nea - familiar05, curesunny14, evolution12, granddream15, intelligent15, keystone20, bk-20111, victory19, mint19, better01, and blackharu10 for diamond08, grafeisen06, grandcross20, introvert09, karayachief09, karayachief17, manaegg10, presidente14, report13, s-class01, shapeshift11.
Trade with Dove - 1000th04 for cradle04.
Isaac and Miria's Costume Party 197 - Received resurrect11 and supporting05.
Reading Between the Lines 111 - Received beard09, brother03, hungry06, and legal07.
Recycled Art - Claimed docodemo06, reality11, snowboard02, snowboard15, strom03, strom05, stew06, stew18, trance14, and unwavering20.
Trade with Lex - caster08 and goodcop14 for karaya17 and leasing16.
Trade with Narwhal - pipe17 for salvage11.
Trade with Ember - muga05 for fenia10.

Level Up: Strawberry - Used double prizes ticket for the final time and received conquer20, heal16, hyperactive11, kendama19, librarian04, mechapilots13, no705, shonichi07, a green crayon, and a grey crayon.
Colors Fourth Anniversary Day Five - Received escaflowne14, fourstival05, and illegal19.
Trade with Liz - grafeisen06, meimei20, s-class01 for caleria20, hymn08, ruinmode05.
Host Club Giveaway 88 - Received astraphobia08, deadcenter02, and dependable10.
Trade with Em - fenia10, iceland06, and no705 for eligible06.
Trade with Moon - hikikomori08 and octbirthday17 for duty14 and tonfar04.
Trade with Aru - bakuzan11, psp18, and vivid16 for kyudo05, lovelorn01, and stew08.
Ansem's Player Report 36 - Received gasmask07, hotcakes08, ouji04, and rouge02.
Crazy Colors 75 - Played nemesisq11 and moodmaker10 and received clothespeg06, discarded02, garden01, lawyer16, lie07, and mage08.
Poet's Acrostic 29 - anatoray05, bells02, blackberry04, conquer20, corrupted08, darkmay18, engaged02, excluded16, fork13, forklift16, fraternal20, guchu05, himeya16, jikochuu10, kira07, laurent11, nyan11, paopufruit06, raven04, shoujou10, skypirate10, speak02, takoyaki10, tarot14, tied12, yankee04, a yellow crayon, and a green crayon.
Gift for Em - Gave almakinan06 and paopufruit06.

Trade with Allmia - poisonsting10 and rusty20 for salvage16 and soldiers12.
Colors Anniversary Day Six - Received fourstival06 and leasing05.
Recycled Art - Claimed blastia16, karaya12, keyboard07, keyboard09, keyboard11, keyboard14, ladyship09, cosplay03, cosplay14, and cosplay17.
Trade with Chelsea - fanclub13 for primo08.
Trade with Shay - jikochuu10 and cham16 for orifiel02 and janam18.
Trade with Senren - memphis09, ooparts14, and rayofhope06 for embodiment06, smile12, and cosplay18.

Help Miss Kamila 34 - Received magical04 and purple06.
Trade with Rune - symphony15, caelin02, earlyshift11, and fists08 for arcusprima09, dependable11, eligible17, and termina01.
Trade with Stareyes - sinners09, whitemage04 for synthesizer06, zexen07.
Trade with Chuu - synthesizer06, primo08 for daathic15, tonfar12.
Trade with Nat - termina01 for soldiers20.
Trade with Anrui - gladiator09, recluse07, storm10, and mechapilots13 for frugal01, frugal17, opposite05, and cosplay11.

Trade with Em - orifiel02 for delivery09.
Trade with Rune - croquettes07, diamond08, gateau15, librarian04, speak02 for impressions04, gankutsuou20, janam12, reality01, zagan17.
A Challenger Appears! 18 - Received curator12, pervert07, social19, and sunshine16.
Trade with Ten - forte05, rouge02 for gasmask12, zexen06.

Trade with January - insania09 for sakuya05.
Trade with Moe - 89th06, flameking20, gigolo07, garden01 for cradle13, zexen11, levitation05, and levitation09.
Trade with Kiri - curehappy01, nervous15, and shiningone10 for kyudo03, ruinmode20, and cosplay05.
Graffiti 76 - Received droopy15, impulsive05, kusarigama03, shard02, and walkure06.
Help Miss Kamila 35 - Received koyasut09 and magician11.
Idol's Acrostic 31 - Received fulcrum13, icecar07, korobokkuru06, and oath18.
June Release - Claimed filthy06, overseer13, sakuya03, kayo-chin08, elderly05, drawers11, fodra12, hm-43204, ancestor02, bluerouge02, suzuken02, levitation04, and rainbowroad03.
Trade with Narwhal - bluerogue02 for soldiers10.
Trade with Pam - hm-43204 for heal17.
Trade with Dialny - excluded06 and ancestor02 for oolong03 and tempest05.
Trade with Chuu - oolong03 for cantus16.
Trade with Em - unwavering19, unwavering20, strom03, strom05, snowboard02, snowboard15, and sakuya03 for alice04, alice09, alice12, alice19, drawers13, filthy15, and salvage10.
Trade with Nat - junes15 for sakuya20.
Trade with Marge - nudist01, spear10, and spear14 for kyudo15, salvage02, and telekinesis09.
Trade with Kat - social19 for kyudo18.
Trade with Lex - engaged02, leyline11, uncute16 for gankutsuou01, keyblade15, mgronald20.
Trade with Sami - dantalion19 for sakuya10.

Trade with Hollie - magical04 for sakuya18.
Colors Anniversary Day Three - Played hostess09, dote13, hostile13, pinkbow17, and sogeking17 and received calligraphy16, crossdress14, detectives16, fourstival03, hotblooded11, kansai13, presence08, probe12, renegade09, umibozu13, and wildflower20.
Pot of Gold 42 - Played ngrecords01, pianist13, and poor07 and received abraxas06, ambrosia01, bills13, blackshadow01, cloudwine11, compass01, eggplant12, etherrifle06, fudanshi12, fuhrer18, gadgeteer20, goldsmith04, haiku17, ifraid03, knight10, limiters02, mahou13, moscow15, perceptive10, probe10, puberty09, raildex12, reluctant07. sass10, saturn06, shiro09, tall10, tanabata02, tomochin10, traps20, waiting17, two orange crayons, a green crayon, and a brown crayon.

Colors Anniversary Day Eleven - Claimed cosplay19.
Trade with Lee - masochist16 for sakuya16.
Trade with Fumika - fodra12 for kendama08.
Art Shop - Turned in five sketchpads and received firetornado01, greengirl20, kurogamon06, mentalout13, points10, rattata07, sealand05, southern14, swich03, visitor03, two orange crayons, two yellow crayons, a purple crayon, and a brown crayon.
Trade with Anna - haughty05 for sakuya17.
Gifts to Em - Gave keyblade15, sakuya10, sakuya16, sakuya17, sakuya18, and sakuya20 and received two purple crayons.
Trade with Noxie - kayo-chin08 for drawers14.
Naze's Remodeling Station 17 - Played chartreux20 and freedom02 and received darkking14, dj02, everafter03, loverlorn20, and octbirthday12.

Trade with Chives - cubes09 for kritya17.
Trade with Ouji - forklift16 and presence08 for pilot18 and sakuya06.
Portfolios - Changed monochrome portfolio 01 to include highland and heal instead of motherly and feral.
Mastered firebringer, highland, superior, tokunaga, soldiers, and cosplay - Received collision15, emptiness01, frivolous03, izuna-otoshi10, kidnapped01, kora13, lolishota01, muromachi20, plant06, psybeam12, turtle19, vjedogonian07, warlock05, weakness01, poultry05, poultry08, poultry09, poultry13, cosplay20, janam02, two yellow crayons, two green crayons, and two blue crayons.
Trade with Nea - tall10 and tomochin10 for domineering06 and mgronald01.
Trade with Cate - byakko04, deathscythe14, impulsive05 for alice05, ai20, leasing01.
Trade with Pikari - goldsmith04 for devilstrill05.
Trade with Adina - forazsaiqa06 for blastia10.
Level Up: Tangerine - Received heal18, rudehero20, tackle18, tamarin02, and a red crayon.

Reading Between the Lines 112/113 - Received android04, british02, code16, earnest02, faint19, firstroom09, guilty19, hadouken07, headmaster14, iyashikei14, kirara01, lasagna08, ozeki04, zaibatsu17, a purple crayon, and a grey crayon.
Ansem's Player Report - Received berserker17, carpetbomb10, timeslip16, and wind-up14.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 24 - Received crocodile04, deathgod09, distrust14, and t-shirt05.
Recycled Art - Claimed hiraikotsu03, hiraikotsu04, hiraikotsu06, hiraikotsu07, hiraikotsu10, hiraikotsu11, hiraikotsu15, hiraikotsu17, hiraikotsu18, and hiraikotsu19.
Deck Donations - Donated filthy and received father17, gawrsh10, snowfairy18, and a blue crayon.
Pot of Gold 42 - Claimed blastia06, blastia08, blastia19, cantus19, heal08, heal09, heal13, and levitation19.
Trade with Nea - megu09 for introvert01.
Trade with Rune - elderly05 and rainbowroad03 for tempest02 and a purple crayon.
Trade with Sky - blackshadow01, fork13, louvre06 for devilstrill03, falena09, motherly06.
Trade with Em - sakuya06 for karayachief13.
Coloring Book 76 - Gave up 4-dpocket01, conquer20, and psychiatrist03, and received beard12, berserker17, chimera02, elevator11, honeytachi15, tactical10, and tripping16.

Trade with Sammich - 80pitches04, golddragon11, hotblooded11, kora13, legal07, impatient05, raven04, and pilots10 for ai01, ai14, assertive06, frugal06, frugal09, pilot03, telekinesis03, janam09.
Seiyuu Guess 170 - Received ardent05, itadakimasu04, and persocom09.
Trade with Nea honeytachi15, calligraphy12, kirara01, griefseed09 for aquarims14, impulsive11, self-help07, underwater02.
Trade with Coops - skypirate10 for leasing11.
Trade with Pam - plant06 for telekinesis19.
Trade with ReneeTwist - liaison17 for sopheria14.
Trade with Sky - tactical10 for strom04.
Trade with Dialny - descendant14, exchanger06, pity14, rattata07, timetravel10, visitor03 for bravior16, keyboard04, dependable12, falena13, regina10, soldier19.
Gifts to Em - Gave aquarimms14, assertive06, gawrsh10, strom04, and a blue crayon.
Colors Anniversary Day Fourteen - Claimed janam14 and levitation14.

Deck Donations - Donated Elvin Gadd and received duck01, married18, synthesizer10, and a green crayon.
Deck Donations - Donated Peppo and received mallet05, muromachi19, van16, and a purple crayon.
Colors Anniversary Day Thirteen - curewhite08, fourstival13, madder08, tights11, and umibozu05.
Mastered tonfar, kendama - Received cantus04, demoneyes15, duty03, futon05, paradox06, raccoon10, a red crayon, and a brown crayon.

Trade with Katie - duck01, kidnapped01, kwando18, parallel20, and tamarin02 for keyboard15, kusarigama12, poultry17, surnames18, and visions04.
Trade and gifts from Jen - Traded teacher13 for orifiel08 and recieved karaya09 and visions15.
Colors Anniversary Day Nine - Received fourstival09, letters15, ufsuit19, and a green crayon.
Art Shop - Turned in four sketchpads, three yellow crayons, and eight blue crayons, and received kendama02, kendama05, kendama07, kendama09, kendama11, kendama13, kendama17, kendama20, tonfar06, tonfar10, tonfar16, focus15, granddream08, mysteria14, millenia06, historian20, 3moles13, otouto14, trains04, two orange crayons, a blue crayon, and a purple crayon.
Idol's Acrostic - Received beauty13, classical09, excluded19, outsider12, violence10, and zagan02.
Trade with Netbug - tomboy02 for sakuya14.
Trade with Stareyes - fuhrer18, oldlion07, psybeam12 for cantus08, janam11, spy06.
Trade with Narwhal - points10 for oceanwave19.
Gifts to Em - Gave classical09, oceanwave19, orifiel08, sakuya14, spy06, and surnames18.

Trade with Chives - persocom09 for stew19.
Trade with Fumika - letters15, presidente14, and violence10 for keyboard06, kusarigama14, and kusarigama19.
Directions 77 - Received influence17, mortician01, and strength19.
Trade with Abyss - synthesizer10 for sakuya15.
Gift to Em - Gave sakuya15.

Neku's Music Station 183 - Received avaricious20, celestial20, cherry19, niichan14, and slob12.
Trade with Kat - billiards07 and deceiving13 for pilot01 and sopheria18.
Colors Anniversary Day Ten - Received fighting05, fourstival10, knights12, and myshin09.
Colors Anniversary Day Seventeen - Received faction10, fourstival17, rebel08, zexen03, and a red crayon.
Gifts from Em - Received drawers12, ran13, and ran20.
Colors Anniversary Day Sixteen - Received duty08, eggshells10, fourstival16, intuition03, and ko09.

Go Fish 185 - Received leanbox11 and ressurect13.
Isaac and Miria's Costume Party 200 - Received brothers19, brother18, chain06, chozo08, comet11, curepassion01, heaven08, louvre20, television07, and theatrical03.
Reading Between the Lines 114 - beloved06, doujiri04, fan14, hyperion04, secret01, sour02, symmetry12, trance09, twosides08, undying14, and a grey crayon.
Conan's Clues 200 - Received erhu09, ouji10, and shouryuuken06.
Trade with Jae - deathgod09, iinodoue10, and shard02 for tripping01.

Crazy Colors 79 - Played edison20 and received calligraphy06, fashion17, and four-leaf18.
Host Club Giveaway 89 - Received piano19, r-traps03, and whitemouse13.
Crosswords 83 - aerialace01, answer07, benishigure16, fleija07, quotations13, and streamlight20.
Ansem's Player Report 38 - begging02, caliber13, pro05, and spacepirate07.
Colors Anniversary Day Eleven - Received cosplay19 and fourstival11.
Recycled Art - Claimed daathic04, daathic12, feral17, spider12, spider13, tempest03, tempest04, tempest12, tokunaga17, and tokunaga20.
Trade with Aru - timeslip16 and carpetbomb10 for diariumejus04 and diariumejus18.
Trade with Em - diariumejus04, diariumejus18, spider12, spider13, tokunaga17, and tokunaga20 for achoo01, achoo05, dependable05, kusarigama09, overseer03, and punishment01.
Pot of Gold 43 - Played ambrosia01, de-aging16, haiku07, hotcakes07, ifraid03, lady04, and puberty09 and received actress15, akatsubaki18, antisocial16, aquarius20, avenger09, badfortune07, bard13, barrettes17, beastman15, boyish02, coffee20, collector07, collider18, cursed18, fitness13, friendly14, futuresight04, health-care01, heavymetal17, highland20, hummingbird02, indeciscive13, infinity18, investigator13, jealousy17, ladybug16, masculine15, masculine18, modo-modo15, moumentai14, noda14, nyanyaya18, pinzu01, pororin01, promotion06, schoolidol12, sirix08, snowdrop09, sukonbu07, tartarus07, tattoo20, tenbuhorin16, themist07, tidy18, touchthis05, valkyrie16, values15, vocal14, x-laws06, yukiatsu08, two orange crayons, a green crayon, and the grand prize - special deck donation.
Trade with Em - highland20 and x-laws06 for classical09, karma06, karma20, lorelei06, lorelei11, lorelei15, lorelei17, quick03, quick05, quick06, quick12, quick14, quick15, and talented07.
Trade with Sky - answer07, fashion17, infinity18, louvre20 for dependable19, dryjuice01, infatuation04, infatuation17.
Trade with Ember - barrettes17 and calligraphy06 for infatuation05 and sketching18.

Trade with Diana - 098807, 098809, fleija07, rebel08, zero06 for domineering09, highland14, mgronald16, quick04, reckless11.
Trade with Mazoku - avaricious20, punishment07, reality01 for kyudo07, lorelei05, pilot13.
Trade with Trias - focus15 for kyudo06.
Pick a Color 93 - Received azoth06, hobbyist05, insei09, lenshunter16, miasma13, obsolete14, stronger04, and umn15.
Trade with Em - highland14 and lenshunter16 for cradle07 and karaya01.
Trade with Nat - everafter03, hide04, sealand05, waiting17 for corrine11, karaya11, karma15, ran15.
Gift to Em - Gave sakuya05.

Trade with Ember - eggshells10 and heaven08 for hikikomori02 and hikikomori08.
Colors Anniversary Day Seven - Received blastia07, fourstival07, and korobokkuru10.
Colors Anniversary Day Fourteen - Received fourstival14.
Trade with Archer - kind06 for tokunaga04.
Trade with Fel - cadet04 and cerberus19 for kyudo19 and pilot10.
Trade with Em - tokunaga04 for soldier13.
Trade with Moon - otouto14 and reluctant07 for quick02 and visions07.
Trade with Ralene - badfortune07, copychip04, curewhite08, elegance12, grandcross20, hakoniwa05, moumentai14, stronger04, and shoujo10 for frugal03, highland17, hikikomori12, infatuation08, leasing10, punishment14, smile06, surnames02, and traditional04.
Gifts to Em - Gave highland17 and surnames02.
Gifts to Sky - Gave commandant02 and renegade09.

Graffiti 77 - dote17, fashion12, feathers19, hungry02, and laguz04.
A Challenger Appears 19 - brainwasher09, champion12, fairy08, and skater05.
Colors Anniversary Say Eighteen - beaker06, draciel07, fourstival18, small17, zexen10, and a red crayon.
Trade with Dove - promotion06 and spacepirate07 for forks14 and harvard09.
Trade with Tsu - pitcher20 and sakuya11.
Gift to Em - Gave sakuya11.
Trade with Nat - nia11, open12, unlimited11 for devilstrill13, domineering19, impressions09.
Trade with Chives - aerialace01, sunshine16, voice02 for alexandria15, blacklion01, tinto12.
Trade with AL - alien07, banekick15, birds08, cinderella05, compromiser13, excluded19, explosives02, snowfairy18, and tennights05 for aquarimms18, arcusprima07, delivery17, infatuation09, infatuation16, lovelorn09, ruinmode09, unwavering16, and talented04.
Trade with Kippi - assertive09 for drawers01.

Trade with Char - forks14 for hiraikotsu14, gave zippo15 as a gift.
Gifts to Em - Gave aquarimms18, talented04, and unwavering16.
Level Up: Lemon - Received iceland13, pilot09, reyntime14, zexen01, and a blue crayon.
Coloring Book 78 - Played conquer20 and received pucelle15 and yang15.
Trade with Em - iceland13 for karaya03 and quick09.
Spare Parts 156 - Received blackwave20, dna16, eve11, hymn13, immelmann19, and pantheress15.
Trade with Sky - knight10 for suffer02.

Colors Anniversary Day Tweleve - afternoons16, badpun09, catastrophe01, distance03, fourstival13, naught05, player20, thriller15, and a purple crayon.
Colors Fourth Anniversary Day Twenty - Received bluerogue08, fourstival20, indoors18, and thiers12.
Trade with Ten - companions13, hobbyist05, laguz04 for levitation13, pilot05, pipe03.
Trade with Nea - collider18 for drawers20.
Trade with Tara - database10 for biology05, gave dna16 as a gift.
Trade with Laurant - glomp09 for seashells13.
Trade with Kiri - code16, elevator11, frivolous03, and schoolidol12 for karaya20, suffer14, tripping03, and visions03.
Trade with Em - falena02, falena04, falena06, falena09, falena10, falena13, falena15, and falena20 for bravior10, cradle20, hunt10, ladyship13, and soldier05.
Trade with Stareyes - escaflowne14 and tattoo20 for frugal16 and kusarigama08. Traded signatures.
Coloring Book 78 - Played madder20 and received blueknights20 and single18.

Crazy Colors 79 - Played tenbuhorin07 and received blacksmith04, chu-hi13, and four20.
Gift from Em - Received filthy03.
Trade with Nikita - begging02 and reactions14 for lace15 and ladyship18.

Trade with Mal - beastman15 for drawers18.
Trade with Kati - feathers12, feathers19, and scarred15 for delivery05, kusarigama05, and ladyship20.
Recycled Art - Claimed cradle15, electricty04, hymn02, hymn03, hymn10, keyboard02, keyboard16, keyboard18, keyboard19, and keyboard20.
Trade with Em - electricty04, orbis02, redrose05 for firstson04/10/11/13
Trade with Kati - 3moles13 for drawers15.
Help Miss Kamila 36 - Received gentleman06 and youkai07.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 26 - cosmos07, german16, page17, prototype15, and sight03.

Naze's Remodeling Station 18 - Played hungry12 and world-class16 and received apple05, coward01, cupid12, space18, and tears12.
Trade with Makoto - melody13, mercurius06, mercurius11, and okashira10 for distrust02, feral07, filthy16, and frugal08.
Trade with Aru - izuna-otoshi10 and izuna-otoshi12 for arcusprima02 and keyboard10.
Trade with Rune - hadouken07, ozeki04, fitness13, guilty18, shouryuuken06, comet11, heavymetal17, coffee20, benishigure16, values15 for ooparts15, paopufruit10, drums03, guitar11, earthshaker02, runesage11, runesage18, thinking13, traditional03, and traditional18.
Gifts to Em - Gave earthshaker02, ooparts15, and paopufruit10.
Trade with Hollie - jkd13 for achoo14.
Trade with Jen - denmark15, distance03, health-care01, and hyperion04 for pilot08, seashells15, traditional12, and traditional14. Two blue crayons for two grey crayons.

Trade with Kat - pikopiko07 and television07 for achoo02 and ai09.
Trade with Harukami - nqm18 and whitemouse13 for daathic20 and overseer14.

An Idol's Acrostic 34 (monthly) - Received ayesir17, catpaw20, cham06, everybirdie08, experiments08, ladyship18, lhantmanor07, mainyu20, minervykins08, nameless08, noble09, pain08, qipao16, quiet20, ramble20, ribbon03, shrimp10, sitar20, swordfish06, timberwolf02, white07, woman12, and a brown crayon.
An Idol's Acrostic 34 (weekly) - nobility07, otoko14, tercera20, trust13, zaibatsu06, and a purple crayon.
Trade with Johanna - insei09 for suffer01.
Trade with Delitan - lasagna08, territorial06, and song06 for cradle06, gasmask10, and pilot16.
Trade with Em - ladyship18 and white07 for daathic11 and filthy07.
Trade with Sky - lhantmanor07, prototype15, ramble09, and tidy18 for hikikomori16, jobs01, jobs17, and jobs18.
Trade with Aletha - indecisive13 for drawers08.


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