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2014 March - June Logs

Art Shop - Turned in seven sketchpads, twelve red crayons, and two yellow crayons for cantus01, cantus07, cantus10, cantus12, cantus14, cantus15, levitation02, levitation03, levitation07, levitation11, poultry18, poultry20, wild12, create16, artist08, wisel05, momokan11, thumbsup10, obliged15, tranquil20, better17, succubus11, drilling09, codename16, 3moles02, stressed15, a red crayon, a yellow crayon, two green crayons, a purple crayon, a brown crayon, and a grey crayon.
Masteries - Mastered blastia, heal, cantus, levitation, and poultry and completed Monochrome Portfolio 01, and received heal14, motherly08, promose03, promise09, tempest18, daughter14, father01, aimstalker10, cap03, androphobic01, part-time05, precepts11, grafeisen02, tenacity04, meatbun11, agriculture18, undine08, secondson06, viera16, two red crayons, an orange crayon, a green crayon, a blue crayon, a brown crayon, and three grey crayons.
Trade with Aave - devoured08, hummingbird02, and player20 for overseer04, pilot06, and pilot11.
Colors Festival Day Nineteen - Received boilerroom04, fourstival19, janam16, and a blue crayon.
Colors Anniversary Day Twenty-One - Received closest17, energetic20, faction08, rude09, tiger09, a green crayon, and a brown crayon.
Colors Anniversary Day Six - Received fourstival06.
Trade with Liz - headmaster14, berserker17, mahou13, moscow15, traps20, collector07, curepassion01, futuresight04, secret01, and undying19 for blacklion14, guertena14, okonomiyaki10, doujutsu09, embodiment13, guild08, hunt15, faith19, touchthis15, and windward11.
Gift to Sky - Gave secondson06.

Trade with Lita - javelin11, ko09, mainyu20, and search16 for cradle05, delivery07, frugal15, and mgronald12.
Trade with Ember - ayesir17 for karma11.
Trade with Diana - sitar20 and taozi06 for distrust06 and stew11.
Coloring Book 78 - Played father17 and received boilerroom14 and starfish12.
Trade with Sky - corrine11, corrine16, and reality11 for introvert07, okonomiyaki18, and thiers20.
Trade with ReneeTwist - illness07 and momokan02 for karma13 and mgronald13.

Gift to Mal - Gave perceptive10.
Gift to Marge - Gave tartarus07.
Gift to Fumika - Gave windward11.
Masteries - Mastered fourstival and salvage and received the entire salvage deck, batanima13, eighth11, strip12, and a red crayon.
Gifts to Em wow - almakinan19, doujutsu09, domineering06, domineering09, domineering19, obliged15, talented07, salvage02/04/08/09/10/11/16/18, suffer01, suffer02, and suffer14.
Trade with Chives - noble09 for tempest17.
Trade with January - batanima13 for kyudo16.
Fourstival Day Eight - Received debt18, elf03, freshgreen08, friend05, sunlight02, and yamaken07.
Ansem's Player Report 40 - 3moles20, gastark12, pride11, and territorial06.

Gift from Mal - Received lorelei18.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 27 - Received abandon09, monta12, shogun03, and voi18.
Crosswords 84 - bond12, elemental02, forced15, realeater17, recruit17, and tengawara14.
Reading Between the Lines 115 - Received mulberry11, regalia18, talented13, and zanber06.
Trade with Em - talented13 for dependable07.
Coloring Book 78 - Played guchu05 and received amaterasu20 and centurion12.
Conan's Clues 202 - Received armored12, crykinesis04, and schism01.

Pick a Color 94 - Received bentenmaru19, lonely18, magicaltoy07, powerless06, revenant13, thriller18, tortured17.

Help Miss Kamila 37 - Received giver18 and keyblade16.
Trade with Melissa - droopy15, horned01, lovey-dovey13, obsolete14, probe10, probe12 for guitar13, nyan03, responsible19, reckless13, domineering09, harvard16.
Colors League Fan Zone 1 - Received answer04, clueless17, karma10, mischief13, panther20, smell08, and a brown crayon.
Trade with Dawn - celestial20 for frugal10.

Trade with Lihanotti - automail20 for leasing20.
Mystery of the Silver Cup 1 - Received babbit09, haggler02, jupiter13, and mother17.
Trade with Johanna - military05 for karma16.
Trade with Abyss - voi18 for hiraikotsu01.
Art Donation - Received exceed17, fear13, and a brown crayon.
Art Donation - bright05, leopard10, and west20.
An Idol's Acrostic 35 - cantus07, muaythai13, schwarzer12, squats13, and wisteria06.
Gift from Em - Received tragedies15 and drawers16.
Trade with Tara - abandon09 for wired09.
Trade with Coops - tragedies15 for sopheria06.
Trade with Tsu - intuition03 for lunallena09.
Trade with Dialny - codename16, symmetry12, tortured17, and youkai07 for arcusprima16, harvard12, karma07, and otoko04.

Trade with Jun - elemental02, report13, and wisel05 for gasmask02, overseer20, and visions08.
Trade with Stareyes - boilerroom04, boilerroom14, clueless17, elf03 for karayachief08, karayachief20, karma03, traditional10.
Scrapbook 97 - Donated Oulan and received anti07, mansion16, and over900011.
Gifts from Em - Received bass10, bass12, bass13, bass14, and harvard18.
Recycled Art - Claimed bass02, bass03, bass04, bass05, bass08, bass16, bass17, bass18, bass19, bass20.

Art Lessons with Rukia 188 - nanoda06 and woman02.
Trade with Ouji - afternoons16 for karma08.
Graphics Donations - Donated eight sketchpads and received beserker10, decalogue14, housework20, and icy15.
Trade with Ember - bard13 for introvert11.
Coloring Book 78 - All buckets filled! Received a brown crayon.
Coloring Book 79 - Played defense11 and received dolphin02 and rougeschool05.

Trade with Kiri - answer04 and dolphin02 for sketching01 and tripping04.
July Releases - Claimed battlemem07, boar16, colorful04, hereditary05, history13, jingling18, mssweets01, norende03, shinra08, soda14, alchemists13, fisticuffs13, and janam05.
Trade with Moe - gunjou14 for likedad20.
Trade with Raven - shinra08 for likedad02.
Trade with Kiri - shrimp10 for likedad16.
Ansem's Player Report 41 - Received anatoray14, anty02, bags07, and chibimoon04.
Coloring Book 79 - Played icecream02 and received doppel09 and theatrical01.
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 202 - allsunday15, chariot07, circles18, and witchcraft10.
Art Shop - Turned in four sketchpads and received crusher20, musket19, pikori20, ramble13 rosewater01, snowy03, spearheard04, sungod20, three green crayons, and a grey crayon.
Reading Between the Lines 116 - Received blueribbon04, obscenity12, plant19, pherae07, taisa14, paprika07, crusher01, warpstar15, righthand09, visualizer12, and a blue crayon.
Trade with Anna - chibimoon04 and four20 for boar14 and soda19.
Trade with Katie - closest17 for cradle16.
Trade with Noxie - alchemists13 and karaya14.
Conan's Clues 203 - Received candy09, champloo02, faith07.
Trade with Sky - battlemem07 for likedad19.
Trade with Spark - catpaw20, impulsive11, medicans14, and shinmeiryuu13 for impressions06, seasalt09, seashells11, and traditional09.

Trade with Chives - Red crayon for likedad12.
Trade with Coops - amaterasu20 and crusher01 for orifiel13 and soda02.
Trade with Hollie - cantus07 for soda16.
Trade with Laurent - norende03 for likedad18.
Trade with Caitie - gigolo03 for impressions08.
Trade with Nat - ramble13, revenant13, and smell08 for biology07, hiraikotsu08, and tokunaga03.

Trade with Anrui - agriculture18 for kyudo20.
Portfolios - Received monochrome portfolio02.
Trade with Kaitie - isolation08, minervykins08, and pherae07 for distrust20, kyudo04, and traditional02.

Trade with Anrui - fashion12 and squats13 for pirate06 and soda06.
Trade with Em - likedad02, likedad12, likedad16, likedad18, likedad19, likedad20, orifiel13, saltwater09, and tokunaga03 for boar07, boar09, boar11, boar13, boar15, boar19, engineer02, history12, iga12, infatuation13, and umbrellas10.
Trade with Nikita - itadakimasu04 and saiko12 for introvert17 and karayachief03.
Trade with Aletha - thriller15 and thriller18 for bass15 and surnames07.
Trade with Aletha - oath18 and spirited11 for boar06 and likedad06.
Trade with Char - schwarzer12 for soda12.
Trade with Mal - colorful04 for likedad14.

Level Up: Lime, Blueberry - Received scooter18, saiyawoman03, crusnik18, spain01, gundanz07, proud16, zexen09, leasing02, a brown crayon and a green crayon.
An Idol's Acrostic 36 (weekly) - Received shooter09, graveryl15, curepeace09, shades18, kunst03, and egotistical06.
An Idol's Acrostic 36 (monthly) - Received blush18, moonblast13, frigid07, dragonrage02, cleanfreak15, cutegirls11, party03, wisel16, servant05, noedge13, shamanking14, ahoki14, gangster14, senbon05, tari10, tuxedo11, thewall01, diagnostics10, structure15, sunshine06, babyfox09, gravekeeper06, pendragon05, desudayo16, onion05, alseides20, nanamin07, and leasing07.
Deck Donations - controlled19, paranoia13, superhuman11, and a red crayon.
Guess The Color 178 - block02, counselor02, and shinigami17.

Trade with Dawn - opast10 for tripping12.
Trade with Tibby - actress15 for zexen19.
Neku's Music Station 184 - Received adolescent06, machiavelli17, thehero04, sex16, and schism07.
Neku's Music Station 185 - bluerogue04, ossan09, otaku11, respectful14, focusing08.
Recycled Art - Claimed bass09, drums02, drums04, drums07, drums11, drums13, r-traps10, r-traps12, r-traps14, and r-traps19.
Trade with Kat - saturn06 for likedad10.

Trade with Em - likedad06/10/14 and surnames07 for amati04, inheritance20, nanyatte13, and riddles16.
Art Lessons with Rukia 189 - Received abyss09 and hawkeyes19.
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 203 - Received achoo16, eyesight17, ramble13, and tetsuo01.
Colors Chat 18 - Received 20million06, fireball17, food14, precognition03, and tinto20.
Reading Between the Lines 117 - Received 77710, birdcalls16, heaven20, and lace10.
Coloring Book 79 - Played naught05 and received anxiety15 and musabi08.

Deck Donations - Received diamondust12, puns17, stripes04, and a grey crayon.
Deck Donations - Received inquisitor12, jyuuken02, whistle06, and an orange crayon.
Host Club Giveaway 91 - neptune04, outdated07, and wine11.
Trade with Chives - counselor02 for likedad01.
Shadow Watching 166 - Received avenger12, mechapilots12, loveletters13, and fraternal19.
Crazy Colors 80 - Played demure12 and received 4thchild12, 4-dpocket17, and utahime11.
Ansem's Player Report 42 - Received blackcat03, coach10, kenjutsu20, and promise18.
Trade with Dove - bond12 for likedad13.

Trade with Melissa - champloo02 for delivery06.
Trade with Lita - shiro09 for likedad08.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 28 - Received boxingring14, joker03, racoon12, cr-s0104, paralysis04, fencing07, motorcycle04, lost08, gangleader08, duality04, and a brown crayon.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 29 - Received anko18, kenpo10, sorcerer07, and providence18.

Pick a Color 95 - Received nekomata01, freeshooter08, immortal17, novoselic03, vines15, and fierce04.
Trade with Kiri - mentalout13 for tempest15.

Trade with Tara - wild12 for stew02.
Gift from Tara - Received thiers11.

Neku's Music Station 186 - Received asakeno09, brainwasher14, calvaria02, and mysterious07.
An Idol's Acrostic 37 - Received salamander05, duel02, iceblue10, bluegrad10, and noona08.
Guess the Color 179 - Received bunbunmaru15, knotroot12, and narcoleptic13.

Wish Tree - Received battlemem04, crossdrive06, grebe01, agent07, otaku07, spandex05, and powerpuff20.
Coloring Book 79 - Received a purple crayon.

Art Lessons with Rukia - Received solarhands07 and cuteness09.
Gift to Sky - Gave schism01.

Trade with LiLi - innkeeper13 for motherly01.

Trade with Fumika - hereditary05 for likedad04.

Trade with Marge - genome17 for soda09.

Trade with Em - likedad01/08/13 for lunallena03, reliable06, and seven brown crayons.

Trade with Lita - 20million06, novoselic03, and paralysis04 for history06, lace01, and lunallena06.
Recycled Art - Claimed earthshaker18, firstson05, firstson06, karma14, karma17, motherly03, motherly19, vilgilante01, vilgilante03, vilgilante04.
Gift from Rune - Received eligible20.
Trade with Pam - plant19 for surnames03.

Trade with Em - earthshaker18, precepts11, surnames03, and seventeen green crayons for hymn06, iwant16, trance01, and a brown crayon.
Gift from Anna - Received dependable06.

Trade with Noxie - graveryl15 and schism07 for opposite06 and regina01.
Trade with AL - plant18 for harmony07.
Conan's Clues 206 - Received carcosa19, muromachi03, and stitches04.
Trade with Em - shamanking14 for rayearth17.
Trade with Moe - lonely18 and narcoleptic13 for quick20 and traitor05.

Art Shop - Turned in three sketchpads, two orange crayons, and two brown crayons for kyudo08, kyudo17, ladyship02, ladyship16, clumsy13, helper06, anima08, tao01, littleevil02, faint10, two red crayons, and a green crayon.
Trade with Fumika - indoors18, monta12 for harmony16, lace14.
Gift to Em - Gave likedad04.
Masteries - Mastered kyudo and ladyship and received code0403, foster15, penetration08, distant20, karma04, karma05, an orange crayon, and a grey crayon.
Delete Shiritori 40 - Played reference11 and received zgundam15, tails02, acrusprima11, and soundpod12.
Pick a Color 96 - Received mask08, pliskin07, opera16, island13, flowing02, baudelaire07, and hougu02.
Help Miss Kamila 40 - Received drawers02 and fiancee09.

Trade with Noxie - slob12 for scooter08.
Trade with Rune - pride11 for pandemonium03.
Pokeradar 192 - Received agent10, brawn11, and chamomile11.
Trade with Sammich - chozo08, haggler02, mansion16, over900011, servant05 for lunallena15, stew14, telekinesis12, traditional17, traditional20.
Trade with Pikari - wine11 for delivery13.
Trade with Ralene - curepeace09 and sungod20 for filthy09 and ran12.
Trade with Katie - 3moles02, 3moles20, and eighth11 for biology04, firstson07, and lunallena16.
Trade with Harukami - brawn11 for tripping11.
Trade with Nat - historian20 and hysteria14 for filthy11 and karaya15.

Fan Zone 2 - Received attack05, apologetic13, protective01, phecda20, rooster08, advisor13, pulse01, logout16, heal16, hellmaster07.
Pot of Gold 44 - Played daughter14, succubus11, territorial06, meatbun11, mischief13, mulberry11, and powerless06 and received affair10, ambitious06, antique07, ares04, aristocratic20, become12, book08, clueless13, curepeach17, date17, gasmask15, grandkid04, hardworking20, hellguide20, internet06, kamatari05, machiavelli10, medicans20, memory11, modeling09, oolong20, passionate08, parallel06, patience12, pendant17, poltergust07, poultry03, pure20, rebel13, remaining13, rumors05, selfless06, shirogamon20, shy15, sound13, spells06, starfighter20, sun15, supermarket19, tarot07, tidy03, tonkotsu07, toran13, toys16, university19, valet07, witchhunter17, worms17, yang05, allstars10, laguz09, millenia01, a red crayon, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon, a green crayon, a blue crayon, and a brown crayon.
-> Grand Prize A: Received daathic07, daathic08, daathic10, daathic14, daathic17, and daathic19.
Fan Zone 4 - Received disney19, wealth13, garrote03, haven10, barriera11, lonewolf09, danes07, neptune19, azuresea13, shikabane05, iaidou08, happyda13, ability07, tutor07, performer02, survey05, shy07, and halberd15.
Trade with Onyx - chaotix01, gangleader08, tails02, and helper06 for opposite12, potion01, serpent17, and talented09.
Trade with Chi - create16, hotcakes08, and hotcakes16 for apocrypha10, bluedragon03, and cradle03.
Trade with Pam - sig_lila for sig_pam.
Trade with Ember - cherish17 and sig_lila for kritya14 and sig_ember.
Trade with Kiri - desudayo16, garrote03, island13, and structure15 for karaya19, lunallena20, serpent04, and serpent10.

Trade with Ari - reliable17 for apologetic13.
Trade with Ten - cleanfreak15, duel02, survey05, laguz09 for celigible10, sketching10, thiers07, visions05.

Trade with Abyss - block02, focusing08, happyda13, loveletter13, righthand09 for clergy02, lunallena13, traditional07, traditional13, tokunaga11.
Trade with Harukami - inquisitor12, ouji10, tuxedo11, valet07 for dryjuice14, harvard19, opposite03, talented10.
Trade with Nikita - danes07 and nanyatte13 for vigilante16 and reckless05.
Trade with Marge - aquarius20, daru15, energetic20, pantheress15, zgundam15 for cheese16, soda15, traditional08, tripping07, tripping17.
Guess the Color 181 - Received canary15, goldwyvern09, and kidnapped04.
Trade with Allmia -ladybug16 for aquarimms17.
Trade with Arianne - alseides20, better17, cham06, starfighter20, and ossan09 for alice11, soda08, ran09, thiers02, and clergy07.
Gifts to Em - aquarimms17, clergy02, clergy07, disney19, controlled19, neptune04, neptune19, talented09, talented10, tokunaga11, traitor05 and received harmony20 and four purple crayons.

Trade with Moon - lonewolf09 and puns17 for thiers15 and zexen08.
Art Shop - Turned in two sketch pads, three orange crayons, and three yellow crayons, and received three copies of sig_lila, harmony04, harmony05, harmony09, sergeant04, billionaire03, gifted07, cowardly09, a blue crayon, and a purple crayon.

Reading Between the Lines 120 - Received combat19, condiments15, cuteness11, drawers13, ghost13, lowee02, resemlance04, sakura11, seminar20, vincent09, and a red crayon.
Trade with Chi - selfless06 for overseer11.
Recycled Art - Received karayachief14, kritya01, kritya02, kritya08, kritya15, kritya18 pilot07, thiers09, vilgilante05, vilgilante15.
Trade with Trias - ardent20 and heal16 for dryjuice17 and visions10.
Colors League 7 - Received genbu09, onmyouji20, and wind06.
Trade with Makoto - hawkeyes19 and strip12 for programmer18 and tripping13.

Trade with Johanna - mask08 and senbon05 for fireball15 and quick11.
August Releases - Claimed dknight01, scrapped07, chant15, harder06, lobster11, guarding01, distracted07, hugs17, phandaria08, hottemper01, laptop02 and xxxx10.
Trade with ReneeTwist - obscenity12 and onion05 for distracted03 and harder17.
Trade with Em - guarding01, distracted03, distracted07, distracted11, distracted19, hugs17, phandaria08, hottemper01, programmer18, vincent09, and wind06 for chant10, dknight12, harder14, kritya16, lobster12, scrapped10, serpent01, serpent05, serpent07, serpent08, and serpent20.

Trade with Aave - food14 and pure20 for karaya10 and tempest20.
Trade with Katie - giver18 and lorikeet20 for filthy12 and distracted19.
Trade with Hijiri - code0403 and hellguide20 for alice02 and seashells12.
Level Up: Grape - Received karma18, maihime19, sbjk11, stew03, and a yellow crayon.
Trade with Laurant - might04, pandemonium03, and viera16 for cradle18, frugal04, and frugal12.
Trade with Cendol - faith07 and party03 for flithy20 and telekinesis06.
Trade with Anrui - diagnostics10 for ai12.
Trade with Dawn - iaidou08, keyblade16, magician11, and spain01 for caleria14, ruinmode01, ruinmode19, and seagull06.
Masteries - Mastered duty, harmony, leasing, and zexen and finished palette portfolio 01. Received aztec09, mysteries02, cap10, presidente17, surgery09, tomochin09, iaigeri15, menma13, teapot20, writing20, moderator16, strawberry02, overseer06, overseer09, frugal05, frugal07, two red crayons, a blue crayon, a purple crayon, three brown crayons, and a grey crayon.

Idol's Acrostic 40 - Received murasame09, eyesight06, raw01, project17, ore-sama07, and straw17.
Guess the Color 182 - Received blackrose14, hylia19, honesty10, and vintage06.
Trade with Raie - sig_lila and journalist05 for sig_raie and thiers06.
Trade with Joyce - soldier03, artist08, chain06 for filthy01, keyblade08, suffer01.
Trade with Lee - 4thchild12 for distracted11.

Trade with Ember - coach10 for pirate13.
Art Lessons with Rukia 193 - Received bluebird09 and eyeignite13.
Trade with Dialny - cowardly09, freeshooter08 for guitar19, reliable16.
Trade with Noxie - straw12 for jobs06.
Coloring Book 81 - Played masculine18 and received axe16 and yakuza05.
Trade with Pikari - airhead06 for harder09.

Trade with Noxie - straw08 for assertive16.
Host Club Giveaway 93 - Received demure14, nova10, and paramedic13.
Trade with Nea - strength19, sig_lila, and brothers19 for harvard13, sig_nea, and underwater09.
Kazuya's Combo Breaker 43 - Received carmine07, clear16, daddy04, dolls09, harmonious08, jkd17, lovehime13, married17, moscow10, nurturing16, pasta14, seal05, straw08, tensai19, walkure15, whiteknight20.
Trade with Dove - powerpuff20 and clothespeg06 for karaya07 and lunallena01.

Conan's Clues 208 - lovewing13, kaneda12, and armblade06.
Trade with Jen - azuresea13 for ran08.
Coloring Book 81 - Played aimstalker03 and received valentines05 and seeker05.
Trade with Jane - orange crayon for xxxx08.

Trade with Sky - battlemem04 for caleria12.
Recycled Art - Claimed affable01, brute02, drums06, drums14, drums15, drums17, drums18, drums19, fortissimo17, and sketching05.
Gift from Ember - Received smile08.
Trade with Char - agent07, agent10, and centurion12 for ballerina02, woman14, and harder19.
Pick a Color 97 - Received nonchalant20, jizaikon04, blackcat02, memphis15, reddevil10, curerhythm16, 142cm09, innuendos01, vines04, and soldiers08.
Fan Zone 5 - Received two orange crayons, a blue crayon, and a brown crayon.
Trade with Netbug - salamander05 for karayachief11.
Shadow Watching 169 - shining04, train06, ignite07, and friendly05.
Shadow Watching 170 - Received nii-nii14, wolf03, apothecary15, and blackmage05.

Trade with Lita - affair10, distrust02, distrust06, distrust14, and totori03 for firstson16, lace07, lunallena18, stew15, and traditional01.

CWC 5 - Played theatrical03, tarot14, tranquil20, pro03, thewall01, and oyajijokes18 and received beli09, composure14, hummingbird10, karaya18, kickboxer01, kira13, mongrel20, posh19, psi09, scythes14, ssvd06, and ulster16.
CWC 4 - Received ambiable09, barrier04, canada04, choromi03, confidence19, insight15, izanagi03, kicker18, loveletter16, quincy18, trust05, well18, a red crayon, and a green crayon.
Trade with Lin - otaku11 for oneesan06.
Trade with Anrui - straydog07 for harder02.
CWC 3 - Received rosetta12, scavenger20, ebracrypt19, sociopath02, wizard11, and a yellow crayon.
Ansem's Player Report 46 - Received cielagate17, piercing05, miracles01, and donuts17.
Silver Cup Epilogue - Received speedstar02, amour01, fraxinus01, and boss10.
CWC 2 - redking02, idiocy01, unsatisfied18, prison02, libra07, poor08, and a green crayon.
Guess the Color 183 - Received 4dragons16, icecar05, and overseer02.
Portfolios - Received palette portfolio 02.
Trade with Chi - ares04 for hottempter07.
Trade with Em - hottemper07, for red crayons, and four blue crayons for tripping05 and eight yellow crayons.

Trade with Moe - harmonius08 for harder08.
Art Shop - Turned in two sketchpads, five purple crayons, five brown crayons, and six grey crayons and received duty10, duty13, duty15, duty18, duty20, leasing02, leasing03, leasing06, leasing14, leasing15, zexen02, zexen04, zexen05, zexen14, zexen15, zexen18, combat19, judgement03, break17, witchhat01, edelweiss17, curepassion10, a yellow crayon, a purple crayon, and a grey crayon.
CWC 8 - Received confidence15, deities19, oyaji02, blocker07, scientist17, holybell20, a red crayon, a yellow crayon, and a purple crayon.
Graffiti 81 - Received naming04, timegear09, cross15, defender02, and tsuntsun11.

CWC Conclusion - Received viina18, dizzy11, dyaus14, rocker01, razril05, and eleven01.
Art Lessons with Rukia 194 - Received rainbow14 and haughty15.
A Challenger Appears 23 - Received gasmask16, babyfox03, allmeans09, and balut08.
Trade with Anna - mysterious07 and stripes04 for harder13 and distracted01.
Coloring Book 82 - Played faint19 and received curemarch05 and hugs29.

Trade with Ten - fierce04 and wizard11 for 20faces16 and talented14.
Trade with Fumika - distrust20 for thiers10.
Trade with Em - 20faces16, distracted01, gasmask16, hugs19, and talented14 for traditional16.
Trade with Pie - blush18 for lunallena12.
Trade with AL - fraternal19 and tenacity04 for alice03 and kritya20.

Coloring Book 82 - Played antique03 and received gsleague19 and sevenstars06.
Gifts from Ori - Received harvard10, regina05, regina13, regina17, wired17, responsible14, talented12, and soda01.
Trade with Onyx - cr-s0104 for lobster04.
Gift from Em - Received fade05.
Ansem's Player Report 47 - Received nightmare07, piratehat20, rumors07, machine08, lipservice07, and nemisisq14.

Trade with Chi - nonchalant20 and magicaltoy07 for caleria08 and history04.
Trade with ReneeTwist - allsunday15, maru02, momokan11, and oneesan06 for ai10, embodiment05, sketching12, and spirits09.

CWC 10 - Received certainty19, hamlet05, gestalt02, bubblebeam17, planners09, salvage20, reddevil15, rudehero15, birthplace17, shrimp12, landgod16, iinodoue08, kirinfang12, burglar18, moonflute03, guilt14, self-help08, and a yellow crayon.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 33 - Received acrobat09, bluerogue09, breeder12, and ocean03.
Trade with Ember - cross15 and toys16 for amarcian13 and biology14.
Trade with Muri - bunbunmaru15 for thiers03.
Neku's Music Station 189 - Received feelings07, goodcop03, skeptic18, and successor06.
Trade with Nikita - blocker07 and kakaka12 for mssweets17 and jobs09.
Mastaries - Mastered Daathic and received tomochin05, jumbo13, karaya16, and a brown crayon.
Trade with Mal - innuendos01 for soda05.
Trade with Beth - wired09, friend05, medicine15, savior17, tiger12 for gasmask18, karayachief18, karayachief19, robberfly01, rukh12.
Trade with Stareyes - 4dragons16, blackmage05, and boss10 for pirate12, seagull12, and sketching20.

Trade with Hijiri - 142cm09, rainbow14, and koyasut09 for gianthornet02, spirits14, and jobs20.
Pot of Gold 45 - Played cap10, honesty10, gifted07, friendly05, aztec09, billionaire03, affable01, brute02, fortissimo17, and moderator16 and received chui12, tasco16, future10, accounts16, amati05, badges19, batanima10, benetnasch17, cruiser20, dogoopencil09, donuts07, end13, explosives03, foreigner16, girlsclub03, hopeless05, immovable08, imperial01, insania02, instructor01, kbt19, lightning03, mansion13, marion12, meltdowner17, merciless02, misandry04, moscow18, mouse10, muaythai19, network20, nudist20, ojamajo02, paladin06, paranoia03, peace17, phonetic07, proverbs19, revive16, seeress01, seven04, shounen03, social15, solarhands01, solitude09, television10, unflatering20, witchhunter06, yasako13, four red crayons, two green crayons, and Grand Prize B: One choice special for five masteries.
Trade with Dove - laptop02 for harder10.

Trade with Lex - apple05, haiku17, moonflute03, planners09, pliskin07, and turtle19 for harder15, ruinmode04, sketching06, stew05, tripping10, and visions20.
Help Miss Kamila 45 - Received mouse05 and psyqualia12.
Directions 86 - Received eighth07, funloving19, and hawkeyes02.
Guess the Color 184 - Received bail01, fang11, and light08.
Recycled Art - Claimed eliable02, reliable03, reliable05, reliable07, reliable08, reliable09, reliable11, reliable13, reliable18, and reliable19.
Trade with Joey - haven10 for biology11.

Trade with Tara - purpose17 for karma02.
Coloring Book 82 - Played combat19 and received valiente09 and redflash14.
Trade with Arisen - antique07, antique19, modo-modo15 for ai06, gankutsuou12, woman06.
Directions 87 - Received mainyu05, odoru13, centurion02, curses13, y-ko20, eye18, forward15, and a red crayon.
Trade with Moon - asakeno09, kidnapped04, murasame09 for soda18, nyan06, nyan17.

Crosswords 88 - Received backdoors10, honeyflash03, chisho06, allies18, magdalene01, and tinto12.
Trade with Anrui - ballerina17, fireball05, hunt09, otoko12, otoko18, yoru18, guitar02, domineering12 for gentleman06, marion12, ore-sama07, precognition03, promise18, vagrant09, detectives16, deities19.
Trade with Chives - curemarch05, curepassion10, curepeach17, lovewing13, solitude09, gsleague19, moonblast13 for dawn16, fireball06, gianthornet10, mu13, mu17, simple13, paranoia17.
Host Club Giveaway 94 - Received enroll04, taisa16, and divulgence04.
Trade with Em - dawn16, future10, mu13, mu17, and a blue crayon for reliable20 and a brown crayon.

Trade with Sky - cupid12 and spells06 for lace13 and pilot19.
Trade with AL - date17 for spirits15.
Trade with Pie - littleevil02, carcosa19, and pompadour14 for blackhawks06, regina14, and tasco06.

Trade with Mad - icecar05, icecar07, and spider18 for lobster03, scrapped05, and xxxx02.
Pick a Color 98 - Received harmonixer07, krauser10, dyaus09, megadrive07, and hamlet06.
Recycled Art - Claimed dependable09, dependable17, guitar03, guitar04, guitar09, guitar17, infatuation02, infatuation06, infatuation18, regina04.
Trade with Kati - cosmos07, milkyway17, tama-ya01, and wind-up14 for karaya05, thiers04, visions02, and jobs05.

Coloring Book 82 - Played shippudash20 and received mantis12 and hugs03.
Trade with Arianne - eyesight06, donuts07, donuts17, hellmaster07, holybell20, kaneda12, lightning03, mansion13, ocean03, promotion11, sun15, and tetsuo01 for ai18, amarcian18, fireball09, gianthornet14, mgronald08, quick13, responsible13, responsible15, ruinmode10, stew07, talented19, and yoru17.
Trade with Rune - 765pro03, iceblue10, and supermarket19, and sevenstars06 for pilot12, wired06, thiers17, and clergy05.
Trade with Em - hugs03, talented19, clergy05 for eligble16, guitar18, infatuation07, lovelorn14, reliable10, soldier06, soldier12.
Trade with Aave - daddy04 and certainty19 for karayachief04 and sketching09.

Gift from Sky - Received gankutsuou05.
Gift to Stareyes - Gave chamomile11.
Trade with Ember - cursed18, speedstar02, and shades18 for arcusprima18, soldier20, and paranoia04. Received lovelorn17 as a gift.
Trade with Ouji - canada04, experiments08, eyesight17, gravekeeper06, iyashikei14, lie07, murakumo10, pucelle15, quotations13, reddevil15, and spain01 for all-knowing09, all-knowing13, arcusprima19, costumes06, earth12, firebringer12, firebringer13, hikikomori03, lovelorn18, soldier10, and wired11.
Trade with Onyx - paramedic13 and orthopedics15 for dauntless14 and dependable13. Gave blackwave20 as a gift.
Gifts to Em - Gave all-knowing09, all-knowing13, earth12, firebringer12, and firebringer13.

Level Up: Apricot, Dragon Fruit - Received silly04, greatdane18, goldwyvern19, concern06, twinknives11, pikopiko12, karayachief01, karaya08, an orange crayon, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Adina - ouji04 and paprika07 for mgronald02 and yoru05.
Pokéradar 184/185 - Received loveme18, eldarian05, marry16, unreliable05, x-clips16, nudist15, and specialduty12.
Gift from Stareyes - Received yoru08.

Graffiti 82 - attack02, synesthesia12, screams11, admirer09, temper08, ghost11, javelin09, funeral19, cap18, shieikan20, and a purple crayon.
Trade with Nea - anti07 for reckless04. Gave nova10 as a gift.
Trade with Melissa - ramble13 for traditional15.
Trade with Onyx - bluerogue04, bluerogue08, bluerogue09 for lobster01, obliged18, and tasco02.
Gifts to Melissa - Gave achoo16, flowing02, hug19, and tinto12.
Gift to Em - Gave obliged18.
Trade with Christy - himeya16, undine08 for ai11, sopheria09.
Trade with January - anxiety15, bluebird09, and curses13 for ran05, sopheria03, and spirits10.
Trade with Fumika - presidente17 for dependable01.

Trade with Char - armored12 for tripping15.
Shadow Watching 171 - Received dreams05, klarerwind05, soujutsu03, and wisewolf04.
Shadow Watching 172 - Received lacytanga01, poppo04, zexen03, and tanuki14.
Crazy Colors 85 - Played cuteness11 and received orbit01, burdened13, and safety20.

Crazy Colors 87 - Played lolita18 and received landgod05, part-timer11, and ciaossu03.
Crazy Colors 88 - Played sia09 and received dtr03, slimes16, and yaoi05.
Gifts to Melissa - Gave achoo16, flowing02, hug19, tinto12.
Colorseum 1-1 - Received yoga13, 1stchild03, salaryman19, and classical11.
Trade with Dialny - izanagi03 and witchhat01 for ai15 and ai16.

Trade with AL - medicans20 for gasmask05.
Trade with Chuu - eye18 for karayachief16.

Recycled Art - Claimed achoo07, achoo10, delivery18, frugal20, gianthornet03, orifiel02, robberfly12, robberfly14, jobs03, and paranoia01.
Art Shop - Turned in ten sketchpads, two red crayons, two yellow crayons, and four blue crayons and received frugal14, frugal18, hiraikotsu12, hiraikotsu20, karma01, karma09, karma12, karma19, muaythai19, heroine01, debt01, marble20, yerisu01, director08, handmaid14, golddragon11, phandaria17, curator13, syndicate11, magoi11, queen12, bugle08, homunculus12, adepts18, betreida07, spider02, fuerza07, okikurumi20, two red crayons, one orange crayon, one green crayon, three blue crayons, a brown crayon, and two grey crayons.
Trade with Moe - dogoopencil09 for pilot02.
Trade with Ten - sass10, jyuuken02, and green06 for capitalism11, gankutsuou16, and seagull04.

Masteries - Mastered frugal, hiraikotsu, and karma and received seychelles01, tantalus15, outside13, unchaning07, desserts12, surpass19, karayachief06, karayachief07, karayachief10, a yellow crayon, a purple crayon, and a brown crayon.
Trade with Pam - 1stchild03 for motherly12.
Guess the Color 186 - Received laurant13, memory12, and cake17.
Switch It Up 82 - Exchanged sunshine06 and underworld15 for eligible02 and orifiel04.

Trade with Jun - revive16, wisel16, creator08, einstein06, and screams11 for alice18, karayachief15, kusarigama20, vigilante10, and vigilante13.
Trade with Ruriair - judgment03, nii-nii14, and ssvd06 for embodiment12, smile02, and stew20.

Trade with Mazoku - thinking13 for harder05.
Trade with Noxie - handmaid14 and tantalus15 for hunt07 and xxxx20.

Host Club Giveaway - Received poisonivy12, bonds02, and blackbelt20.
September Release - Claimed trainride06, wary10, getaway07, marseille19, telekinesis04, patient14, skillhunter19, mikorin19, dodge20, suffering02, kuuderes10, ahoge07, overseer15, and memento20.
Trade with Pam - kuuderes10 for janam03.
Trade with AL - patient14 for spirits12.
Trade with Ten - skillhunter19 for lorelei09.
Trade with Ari - mikorin19 for pilot17.
Trade with Dialny - dodge20 for motherly05.
Trade with Fumika - suffering02 for drawers07.
Trade with Em - classical09, classical11, orifiel02, orifiel04, phandaria17, zexen03, and a blue crayon for caleria19, getaway13, marseille10, memento15, okonomiyaki08, p-chan02, p-chan07, rutheless13, soldier03, and wary20.
Trade with Anna - combat19, hummingbird10, maihime19, otaku07, shy07, shy15 for gankutsuou03, gianthornet04, hunt18, lunallena19, ruinmode16, spirits17.
Trade with Sanna - advisor13 for seagull11.
Trade with Kati - breeder12 and crossdress14 for caleria16 and spirits03.
Deck Donations - Donated memento, wary, and getaway, and received nyu02, discipline07, bluebird09, 098808, cocky08, indoors16, leading01, suidream18, weak17, a green crayon, a blue crayon, and a purple crayon.
Recycled Art - Claimed punishment15, regina09, regina11, responsible02, responsible06, responsible07, responsible10, responsible12, responsible18, responsible20.
Dr. Wily's Remodeling Lab 19 - Played beard09 and faint10 and received ignored19, futari03, mohawk09, nqm17, dolly12, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Onyx - ability07 for wary01.
Scrapbook 102 - Received yin18, smile18, raison17, bags05, brush13, and mustasim15.
Scrapbook 100 Overtime - Received catastrophe07, avaricious17, skirt08, pulse13, riverbank02, and grip03.

Trade with Aletha - confidence15, confidence19, feelings07, and valiente09 for bluemoon11, costumes18, impressions01, and seashells09.
Art Shop - Turned in fourteen brown crayons and received karaya02, karaya04, karaya06, karayachief02, karayachief05, karayachief12, soda03, soda04, soda07, soda10, soda11, soda13, soda17, and soda20.
Masteries - Mastered karaya, karayachief, and soda and received appear12, loleus04, plasma12, hawkedge01, mist04, choker16, drawers03, drawers04, drawers05, two grey crayons, and a brown crayon.

Trade with Joyce - bartender05 for harder11.

An Idol's Acrostic 44 - Received aria17, rat03, convey05, mathematics08, arborea14, death15, nuvema16, lycanthe05, kiyoubinbou12, leadcrow03, free07, and megrez17.
Teade with K!ku - eggplant12 and imperial01 for mgronald14 and tasco13.
Switch It Up 82 - Exchanged mouse05 and fullbloom08 for married12 and tsubasa05.
Trade with Tot - mother17 and rougeschool05 for overseer19 and promise10.
Trade with Venice - temper08 for bass01.
Coloring Book 83 - Played kira07 and received advice02 and loss02.
-- Received bonus ibis17.

Trade with Kiri - deadcenter02, grebe01, miracles01, sbjk11, and sour02 for hunt12, okonomiyaki01, rukh20, soldier01, and yoru13.
Gift from ReneeTwist - Received biology02.
Trade with Nikita - break17, clueless13, crow02, and dreams05 for hugs05, okonomiyaki02, seagull14, and wary04.
Trade with Harukami - leadcrow03 and raison17 for infatuation11 and tempest08.
Trade with Marge - duality04, nudist15, and shieikan20 for janam07, nyan01, and sketching08.
Trade with Em - arcusprima04 for choice18.
Trade with Tara - birthplace17 and centurion02 for suffer18 and wary14.
Gift to Em - Gave hugs05.

Art Lessons with Rukia 198 - Received amarcian02 and paprika16.
Coloring Book 83 - Played outsider12 and received chant19 and pyrokinesis08.
Trade with Lin - rat03 for wary16.

Coloring Book 84 - Played cap18 and received bartender08 and marseille07.
Trade with Kazu - outside13 and redking02 for memento10 and traditional05.
Trade with Dialny - timberowl02 for firstson12.
Coloring Book 84 - Played muromachi20 and received sakanade11 and twokinds15.

Gifts to Rune - Gave loss02, lunallena12, lunallena16, lunallena18, lunallena20, and lycanthe06.
Trade with Naoto - apothecary15, death15, moscow10, and western04 for eligible11, gankutsuou06, soldier15, and soldier17.
Colorseum 1-3 - Received disobedient19, kenpo05, mercurius20, and shinmeiryuu07.
Scrapbook 103 - Donated Alanis and received badda-boom09, hod17, and seja16.
Recycled Art - Claimed bluemoon15, eligible04, eligible07, eligible14, eligible15, runesage03, smile01, spy02, spy16, and spy18.
Trade with Moe - ibis17 and scavenger20 for janam10 and stew12.
Trade with Dove - fiancee09 and mba17 for hymn07 and soldier08.
Trade with Kati - bonds02, krauser10, and pierced14 for pirate05, soldier16, and thiers13.

Colors Chat 23 - Received totori07, kenpo07, gambling18, handystick08, and hylia09.

Trade with Fumika - trainride06 for memento01.
Trade with Ember - cocky08 for bigbear10.
Trade with Caitie - bluedragon03, disciple07, and immovable08 for gianthornet07, history17, and seashells04.
Trade with Nat - brush13, dolly12, hawkedge01, and television10 for history20, quick19, ran04, and scrapped06.

Puzzle Peaces 1 - Received kouhai-kun12, lenshunter20, bleep16, exsphere12, and hamelin06.
Hibiki's Fanmail 37 - Received ethereal06, stockpot04, skywalk02, and dimwitted16.
Trade with Sky - exsphere12 and tidy03 for spirits02 and spirits13.
Directions 90/91 - Received scroll17, driver03, order08, maschera13, skydragon11, benetnasch03, and author11.
Switch It Up 83 - Exchanged goldwyvern09 and amati05 for clergy12 and axe15.
Trade with Em - clergy12, domineering12, and suffer18 for history03 and hottemper10.

Art Lessons with Rukia 199 - Received deyansu01 and driger11.
A Challenger Appears 25 - Received umbrella07, tri-edge12, jewelknight15, and oddjobs15.
Pot of Gold 46 - Played betreida07, part-timer11, and skirt08, and received pk12, fish19, stupid14, heretic05, scarlet11, non-human16, shepherds05, surgery03, pebble11, orbs15, umn09, tease20, repeat15, ensanguined11, wild07, prayer20, bully02, marionette16, gravekeeper12, hacking10, feisty09, chores19, cthugha18, donmai13, bloodfang06, pentagram12, bigsister18, demoneyes19, rorona07, raven09, straylize01, sadistic13, redshoes19, marbirthday15, believe11, grumbly01, corpses06, network08, round13, structure08, books10, non-human01, two red crayons, two green crayons, a brown crayon, a grey crayon, and grand prize A.
Trade with Ralene - tri-edge12 and mechapilots12 for ran06 and xxxx03.
Trade with Sammich - bigsister18, goldwyvern19, and soldiers08 for pirate10, seashells01, and tasco05.
Trade with Jun - diamonddust12, phecda20, and umbrella07 for biology19, ran11, and thiers01.

Trade with Gargant - leading01, muaythai13, muaythai19 for amarcian20, bluemoon17, stew01.
Recycled Art - Claimed dux14, dux18, dux19, dux20, nyan08, nyan09, nyan13, nyan14, nyan16, nyan18.
Remodeling Lab 20 - Played admirer15 and frail06 and received broomstick04, drunk18, isolated18, windom11, and rhythmia07.
Trade with Em - oddjobs15 for engaged09 and ikebana06.
Trade with Lex - driger11 for harder04.
Trade with Aave - believe11, cyborg20, dimwitted16, dimwitted19, wild07 for ai04, boar02, scrapped13, scrawl06, scrawl17.
Coloring Book 84 - Played landgod04 and received admire11 and ibis19.

Trade with Ember - hamlet05 for thiers05.
Trade with Deli - gundanz07 and naming04 for gankutsuou17 and robberfly07.
Trade with Kyle - scroll17 and worms17 for history10 and polkadot13.
Trade with Fumika - Three red crayons for three blue crayons.
Trade with Pam - octbirthday12 for pilot20.
Trade with Adelicya - barriera11, bloodfang06, candy09, and pinzu01 for enamored07, honest15, northstar04, and sprinter15.
Coloring Book 84 - Played 77717 and received enjoying11 and attracts16.

Trade with Aru - blackbelt20, dj02, and yoga13 for boar10, okonomiyaki15, and okonomiyaki17.
Colorseum 1-4 - Received traitor20, mature01, cyborgidol20, and bigbear11.
Trade with Mal - scientist17, sprinter15, and warrior13 for dknight13, gianthornet08, and infatuation12.

Masteries - Mastered overseer and Palette Portfolio 02 and received pro01, nico-nii01, drawers17, intuition09, here04, wild15, seven06, two red crayons, a blue crayon, a green crayon, and a brown crayon.
Trade with Marge - advice02, libra07, and nudist20 for bigbear13, blackhawks11, and blackhawks16.
Trade with Arianne - lobster19, guitar15, nyan04, costumes07, reckless10, introvert06, magoi07, poppo01/15/18, razril07, and paranoia10 for your amour01, aria17, cruiser20, mohawk09, passionate08/16, pikori20, repeat15, salaryman19, umibozu05, everybirdie08, and qipao16.
Trade with Pie - berserker10 and icy15 for delivery02 and delivery04.
Trade with Joey - become12, suidream18, handystick08 for boar01, delivery11, visions18.
Trade with Raven - disobedient19, immelmann19, and tenbuhorin16 for gankutsuou13, gianthornet18, and janam19.
Trade with Fumika - indoors16 for history05.
Idol's Acrostic 45 - Received nanatsuaya09, curewhite16, relaxed07, greece04, dragon17, kantoku04, space15, herbs20, demure09, firebrand06, and petite18.

Pokeradar 198 - Recieved bsaa19, skirt01, and addiction16.
Trade with Ouji - seychelles01 and avaricious17 for getaway19 and yoru06.
Trade with Syodii - logout16 for ran19.
Gifts to Em - Gave drawers13, marbirthday15, scrawl06, scrawl17, and traitor20.

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