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Decor :: What kind of home do they keep? Are there any defining details?
I found an interview before where the developers mentioned Sasarai is actually really bad at cleaning and is the type of person who tries but doesn't quite succeed. So left on his own, I'd say his home is tidy (with things in their place and no garbage laying around), but it's dusty, the windows are dirty, there's stuff collecting under the bed, etc.

That said, I'm sure he'd prefer to have a more pristine living space. I don't think he'd have very much in the way of clutter or trinkets since it's not what he's used to having. It'd definitely be more of a functional room than an attractive one.

Fluff :: What hits their soft spot? Does anything them into emotional goo?
I'll get back to this because I haven't thought of it before.

Upcoming :: How much do they think of the future? Do they make long-term plans?
I think he prefers to be spontaneous since he's traveling free and wandering, but the time he spent in war has changed him so he is often thinking of what to do next, where to go next - usually in the 'Where will I sleep tonight?' way which I can't say is a bad thing to think of. |D

In terms of long-term plans, though, I don't think he has them. I know some people headcanon him to have the long-term goal of learning more about and sealing the Soul Eater, but that's not something I think he's concerned with at the canon points I usually play him from. Maybe in the future he'll be more concerned about it, but his current plan with the Soul Eater is to essentially do what Ted did because if it could be dealt with, Ted wouldn't have been wandering for three hundred years.

So Tyr's current plans for the future aren't particularly far sighted but they aren't completely absent either. I like to think he puts enough thought into his wanderings to know if the place he's going might be dangerous in any way and to scope things out so he doesn't run into trouble.

Zodiac :: What’s their astro sign? Does it fit? What would you pick, if it’s unknown?
I actually have two birthdays for Tyr: 5/6 and 11/1.

I think I chose 5/6 because Tyr just seemed like an early summer baby to me, and I chose 11/1 because a) Japanese fandom makes 11/1 and 11/11 his "day" and b) it's All Souls Day and he has the Soul Eater geddit.

I'm not sure if I say 11/1 fits too well. I'm born on 11/11 (that's why I didn't chose that date), so we'd share a sign and that's also the only sign I know fairly well. I can't really say most of the Scorpio traits fit Tyr very well. He's not secretive or vengeful--he's very much the opposite!--so the 11/1 date is less a personality thing and more a fandom thing.

5/6 would make him a Taurus. I think Taurus could fit him pretty well, especially after his initial young shounen hero-ness at the beginning of the first game. He's pretty cautious and dependable and thinks things through rather than just making a gut decision--that's my interpretation of his choice not to just kill the Great Generals, at least.

Offspring :: What kind of parent would they be? Would they prefer one, or multiple?
I think Anise would treat her own kids that way she treats Florian. Even though she has that "~Ion~" line when they first go to the Cathedral, I don't think she really sees him as being like Ion in any way beyond his looks.

I don't think she'd exactly spoil any kids she has, but she wouldn't be inattentive either. She'd want them to be happy and would do things to make them happy and spend time with them, but she wouldn't be a doormat or mince words when she has to be strict.

As for how many kids she'd want, I don't think Anise has ever had plans to have kids or not have kids. She's always been so focused on the saving her parents and landing a rich husband that oh, yeah, kids, wasn't as big a concern. Like marriage is about taking care of her husband and getting his money, not so much the traditional 'settling down with a dog and three kids' thing.

I think she'd be happy with one kid, though. She wouldn't dread having more (unless the first one is a real pain), but one kid would be enough for her.


If anyone want to ask more questions, you're welcome to it!


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