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Previous Logs
2014 March - June, July - September

Trade with Raven - syndicate11 for marseille08.
Coloring Book 84 - Received trainride18.
Trade with Em - bluemoon16 and china17 for beauty13 and toran13.
Level Up: Ruby - Received lace11, naive14, kagutsuchi09, ashikabi05, lovey-dovey16, and a purple crayon.
Art Shop - Turned in seven sketchpads and nine purple crayons, and received overseer01, overseer05, overseer07, overseer08, overseer10, overseer12, overseer16, overseer17, overseer18, chupa16, costumes05, reanimated05, umeboshi15, secondlife09, rich10, tama-ya06, iwant05, imperial06, tiger13, fes15, windmill18, gao07, gun12, two red crayons, a purple crayon, two brown crayons, and two grey crayons.
Pot of Gold 47 - Completed the orange task and received kaminomimi13, yoshiro02, dimension06, minervykins18, and smell14.

Trade with Mad - alias12 and enforcer14 for delivery19 and gankutsuou08.
Trade with Ruriair - bleep16 for achoo19.
Saria's Song 1 - Received text02, dln-00a04, valuable09, lackey10, blues19, and kamisarisuki08.
Art Lessons with Rukia 200 - Received no708, ghost02, oneesan13, ethereal12, seven06, arborea02, biology13, egoist02, d9913, zoanthrope15, undefeated05, finalturn17, and an orange crayon.
Kazuya's Combo Breaker 51/52 - Received psychology17, flask07, hope20, nuvema17, izayoi05, formulas02, catbingu03, takeover04, mighty13, magedom18, zearth11, sewing12, honeytachi10, restoration02, echoball02, farseer10, seashells10, uptight18, feather06, feral04, tokunaga15, misfortune12, gasmask06, boy-crazy10, minervykins19, marksman18, x-scissor13, summoner13, chaos20, newspaper08, flirt03, and shooter18.
Ansem's Player Report 53 - Received ragnell17, norimaki14, foodpuns10, and iss05.
Trade with Netbug - warpstar15 for chant14.

Trade with Chii - vintage06 for infatuation14.
Switch It Up 83 - Switched resurrect13 and faint11 for ruthless17 and earth02.
Trade with Anna - tiger13 for bigbear04.

Trade with Anrui - d9913, imperial06, investigator13, marble20, and rhythmia07 for getaway02, hymn09, lobster08, scrapped04, and soldier14.
Colorseum 1-5 - Received piggirl19, delete05, minami02, and iceland15.
Recycled Art - Claimed impressions03, impressions05, impressions06, impressions10, kritya04, marbirthday08, marbirthday12, marbirthday13, marbirthday16, marbirthday18.
Trade with Em - feral04, iceland15, no708, tokunaga15, marbirthday08, marbirthday12, marbirthday13, marbirthday16, marbirthday18 for green16, impressions18, impressions20.
Trade with Nat - ragnell17 and smell14 for caleria06 and lunallena20.

Trade with Katie - badda-boom09, pebble11, and thehero04 for northstar06, northstar19, and reliable15.
Scrapbook 104 - Donated Rahi and received cleric01, fantasia14, and revival09.
Pick a Color 99 - Received redeyes01, hope08, yuihan13, lastation03, irritated16, tamarin04, and idolclub01.
Trade with Kiri - gangster14, nico-nii01, and trainride18 for northstar12, northstar14, and tripping09.

Trade with Onyx - batanima10 and dln-00a04 for bass06 and motherly14.
Trade with Tot - ambition20 for filthy08.
Trade with Muri - cap03, cap09, faith19, and sergeant04 for delivery15, dependable15, dependable16, and scrapped14. Gave psi09 as a gift.
Trade with Moon - badpun09, ciaossu03, and lackey10 for capitalism07, hunt11, and tasco07.

Art Studio - Exchanged egoist02, seja16, and seven06 for lace08.
Trade with Pie - megrez17 and nanatsusaya09 for guarding11 and sakuya09.
Silly Blanks 5 - Played fan14 and surgery09 and received shujin01, raccoon15, sonic19, determined09, bread10, and winglet09.
Trade with Dialny - nanoda06, nuvema17, undefeated05, enamored07, umibozu13, and ensanguined11 for filthy17, promise19, history01, northstar11, thiers14, and yoru07.

Switch It Up 84 - Exchanged doujigiri07 for firebringer09; rumors05 for reckless20; and glasses11 for jobs11.
Gift from Em - Received archer10.
Gift to Em - Gave firebringer09.
Trade with Pam - insania02 and wisewolf04 for wary02 and wary18.

Gift to Hijiri - Gave kaminomimi13.
Trade with Raven - amarcian02, amarcian18, and amarcian20 for getaway15, memento09, and wary09.
Host Club Giveaway 97 - Received muda07, ruthless07, and weakness19.
Gift to Deli - Gave muda07.
Trade with Pie - catbingu03 for cologne18.
October Release - Claimed cologne05, ghoststory09, janna01, thejoker17, parenting01, throwdown07, noman06, medicalbill03, seeing19, acting18, stands01, lolis03, and tripping14.
Puzzle Peaces 2 - Received conceited17, biancaneve03, pilot14, ruin16, elemental12, east06, ideo-delta19, captain20, launch13, x-scissor16, an orange crayon, and a blue crayon.
Ansem's Player Report 54 - Received rayearth20, ki04, phobia12, and solo01.
Hibiki's Fanmail 39 - Received schiff20, caeli14, qipao04, and cursed11.
Trade with AL - minami02 for vigilante07. Gave sins02 as a gift.
Trade with Nat - orange crayon for cologne12.
Trade with Chi - feisty09 and insight15 for harvard17 and smile04.
Trade with Kazu - throwdown07 for cologne04.

Trade with Lin - eldarian05 for memento05.
Trade with Muri - ambitious06 for cologne16.
Trade with Laurant - cielagate17 for thejoker02.
Trade with Ouji - ibis19 for cologne08.
Trade with Char - blackcat02 for dauntless15. Gave blackcat03 as a gift.
Trade with Onyx - elemental12 for feral20.
Colorseum 2-1 - Received oneesan12, edelweiss02, notebook12, and killerbee03.
Trade with Adelicya - mist04 for blackhawks09. Received dknight11 as a gift.
Trade with Lala - codename12 for feral18.

Masteries - Mastered motherly, tempest, and thiers, and received status05, wakening01, etoile14, insurance08, kamisarizuki07, tenshi03, drawers19, filthy02, filthy10, a blue crayon, a purple crayon, and a brown crayon.
Portfolios - Received palette portfolio 03.
Trade with Ember - hamlet06 for cologne10.
Recycled Art - Claimed poppo03, poppo05, poppo06, poppo07, poppo08, poppo09, poppo11, poppo12, poppo16, poppo17.

Coloring Book 85 - Played korobokkuru10 and received keyboard18 and thethorn02.

Trade with Aru - noman06 for cologne06.
An Idol's Acrostic 46 - Received soft18, wisewolf16, lazier01, sew01, pointer17, betrayed20, author16, atonement06, reliabke17, coper11, and zoologist03.

Trade with Nikita - shujin01 and trapnest13 for fireball01 and promise13. Received poppo02 as a gift.

Art Lessons with Rukia 202 - Received liberation12 and pediatrician11.
Saria's Songs 2 - Received howl18, soup03, loveletter20, heroking19, blackharu01, and elf02.
Trade with Kiri - cthugha18, lazier01, stressed15, unreliable05, and voiceless02 for bigbear02, bluemoon19, distracted16, opposite18, and sakuya01.
Deck donations - Received security01, torture20, balthasar12, bubbles03, roleplay04, cliff10, bags04, reader10, harsh03, a yellow crayon, a green crayon, and a purple crayon.
Trade with Adina - muaythai19 for devilstrill01.
Trade with Caitie - kirinfang12 for dauntless07.

Ansem's Player Report 55 - Received loveyou20, dynamo20, korobokkuru18, causality18, and two red crayons.
Trade with Jae - puppeteer05 for rukh17. Gave blueribbon04.

Colorseum2-2 - Received raw01, ordinary20, barrier18, and ylisse06.

Trade with Lee - demoneyes19, demure09, and homunculus12 for blackhawks04/08 and lunallena08.
Trade with Cassidy - whiteknight20 for harvard11.
Puzzle Peaces 3 - Received shortsword02, desserts08, matcha19, sadistic19, and astrophobia18.
Lucky Draw 03 - Received drunk18 and friends11.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 41 - Received benefits13, standup20, zora10, kailu11, showgun05, tortoise12, promise08, lightblue08, and three blue crayons.
Pick a Color 100 - Received a-10010006, ancestor18, aodaisho07, apple11, badfortune09, barriera08, bloodyrise16, bluescard11, bossun01, brakeoil09, catears11, coilturn10, corrosion10, crossdrive12, dango11, deny20, equestrian06, exodus19, feminist15, forced13, fos06, gransys14, heavenguide14. icolo12, infinity08, jikochuu02, junes12, kaijou10, kendama17, letter18, libero05, medicine08, moscow14, navigate06, occult11, optimist20, outdated09, paranormal13, phones17, prophecy17, purify18, ragnell11, rattata16, regret02, ruckus19, rudehero04, saga15, secondlife17, shining02, silent03, sixthroom15, stylist18, succession05, suidream06, taforashia19, torchic20, understand03, un-sorcerer16, valiente13, and whisker18.
Trade with Noxie - medicalbill03 for cologne20.

Trade with Ten - minervykins19 for gankutsuou02.
Gift from Ralene - Received tasco17.
Gift from Netbug - Received x31520.

Trade with Fel - mathematics08 for history19. Gave schiff20 as a gift.
Trade with Moon - blacksmith02, blogger13, and poisonivy12 for mssweets10, okonomiyaki12, and tasco10.
Trade with Sky - ruckus19 for yoru01. Received achoo15 as a gift.

Trade with Archer - sewing12 and firetornado01 for alice14 and blachawks01.
Pokeradar 201 - Received dialect09, staying02, and mechanical05.
Switch It Up 85 - Switched deyansu01, dyaus01, shooter18, sisters20 for danderes11, memento17, no710, rukh04.

Art Lessons with Rukia 203 - Received grandcross11 and drilling15.
Trade with Anrui - deny20 and notebook12 for axe10 and poppo10. Received yoru20 as a gift.
Gift from Rune - Received runesage04.
Trade with Dove - author16, bloodyrose16, causality18, kailu11, noedge13, and shortsword02 for axe06, eligible18, lace19, quick08, ylisse08, and yoru03.

Trade with Pie - mainyu05 and regret02 for quick07 and suffer17, and a grey crayon for a green one.
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 216 - Received precious12, liason01, ovaltower20, and privilege07.
Remodeling Lab 21 - Played demure14 and network08 and received linga06, hunt15, figurine11, rozan01, and feared07.
Host Club Giveaway 98 - Received chousin10, aisen09, and etherrifle05.
Ansem's Player Report 56 - Received chocobo04, irregulars17, synthesizer05, and socute16.
Gift to Dove - Gave chousin10.
Trade with Em - two orange crayons, china17, no710, and suffer17 for a red crayon and two yellow crayons.
Trade with Nikita - proud16 for blackhawks12. Gave admire11 as a gift.

Trade with January - noona08 for gasmask13.
Trade with Kiri - matcha19 for delivery03.
Art Shop - Turned in two sketchpads and two blue crayons and received bass07, bass11, parties13, sneeze08, wrath02, warhero15, a red crayon, and a blue crayon.
Masteries - Mastered bass and received kenjutsu13, interaction02, kusarigama04, and a blue crayon.
Art Shop - Turned in five sketchpads, four red crayons, three green crayons, and four purple crayons, and received motherly02, motherly04, motherly07, motherly11, tempest13, tempest14, tempest16, thiers08, thiers16, thiers18, thiers19, 5stars09, waterpistol12, nii-nii18, barriera18, snowboard14, gemstone01, stepmom07, specialduty01, daddy14, basement09, a red crayon, three yellow crayons, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Rune - bluescarf11, books10, launch13, and twirl12 for biology10, blackhawks18, drawers09, and hunt19.
Conan's Clues 217 - Received island11, amber 09, elevator18, cry08, tinto14, and soryuju11.
Colorseum 2-3 - Received highentia11, dissonance06, athena13, and nekomimi07.

Help Miss Kamila 48 - Received lolis13, ayingott07, and cruel20.
Gift to Tonko - Gave broomstick04 and dynamo20.

Recycled Art - Claimed nyan15, paopufruit17, poppo19, ruthless14, christmas09, newyears17, paranoia06, paranoia08, tanabata03.
Trade with Jun - daddy14, fos06, and saga15 for biology12, memento08, and xxxx05.
Spare Parts 169 - Received valuable18, goats09, eon06, redcomet15, normal10, and sawashirom18.
Trade with Lita - acrobat09, amber09, badfortune09, and circles18 for northstar01, northstar16, parenting20, and sakuya13.

Gift from Aru - Received vigilante20.

Trade with Char - curator12 and curator13 for janna18 and memento18.
Guess the Color 192 - Received okashira09, strategist03, and sociable17.
Gift to Em - Gave paopufruit17 and janna18.
Trade with Adelicya - wrath02 for seagull10.

Trade with Kiri - acting18 and equestrian06 for biology09 and feral13. Received pirate09 as a gift.
Art Lessons with Rukia 204 - Received aerosmith07 and hurricane16.
Trade with Em - cologne04, cologne05, cologne06, cologne08, cologne10, cologne12, cologne16, cologne18, cologne20, distracted16, ghoststory09, janna01, kendama17, thejoker02, and thejoker17 for dauntless12, impressions19, guitar10, jobs02, marseille09, parenting09, parenting19, and ruthless11.
Trade with AL - pediatrician11 for guarding06.
Coloring Book 87 - Played hunt15 and received beard13 and ovaltower08.

Saria's Song 3 - Received ivrogne13, usashrine20, revive06, habu19, monocle02, and icequeen07.
Trade with Archer - interaction02 and phones07 for guarding16 and quick18.

Trade with Hijiri - junes12 and kaijou10 for alice06 and dauntless05.
Ansem's Player Report 57 - Recieved uncute14, stinger14, urn18, and paradox17.

Pick a Color 101 - Received tranquil13, lovequeen12, and planting09.

Spare Parts 170 - Received bohemian12, toeflash06, eponassong18, and megu02.

Trade with Tara - wild15 for cologne14.
Trade with Marge - libero05, round07, and round13 for caleria07, marseille14, and pirate04.
Trade with Rune - slimes16 for villains05.
Gift from AL - Received nyan12.
Trade with Ralene - curerhythm16, curewhite16, infinity08 for bravior06, ikebana13, poppo14.
Gift to Em - Gave cologne14.

Hibiki's Fan Mail 42/43 - Received antisocial14, performance01, vicious15, bowwow01, necromancer06, soldier12, meruru02, sandtribe19, pocketwatch04, and sour14.
Puzzle Peaces 4 - Received cureheart11, seashells15, fiancee05, thiers13, blooming04, catpawgun17, carmine16, zero-type16, rainbowroad10, shy16, and a purple crayon.
Switch It Up 85 - Received support14, scientist16, muramasa16, blueking14, monado13, valentine15, legs07, bond09, and begnion13.
Scrapbook 106 - Received muromachi04, scuro11, and browntiger20.
Scrapbook 107 - Received noda03, lemonade05, and apollo05.
Trade with Nat - psychology17 and stockpot04 for history02 and lace03.
Trade with Harukami - isolated18, ovaltower08, and shounen03 for bigbear12, caleria05, and xxxx12.

Guess the Color 193 - Received sea14, starfox11, and heroking18.
Switch It Up 86 - Switched oneesan12 and psychiatrist07 for embodiment17 and lunallena18.
Trade with Dialny - torchic20 and browntiger20 for bravior20 and parenting16.
Art Lessons 205 - Received planeptune07 and sergeant19.
Gift from Venice - Received sopheria10.

Host Club Giveaway 99 - Received timeslip01, goldsmith09, and voidgear17.
Gift to Em - Gave voidgear17.
Ansem's Player Report 58 - Received wordplay02, princesslike12, patissier11, and observe10.
Trade with Dove - bond09 and nekomimi07 for getaway12 and guarding15.
Gifts from Arianne - Received assertive01 and seagull16.

Switch It Up 86 - anty09 for robberfly19.
Gift from Ember - Received biology18.
Colorseum 2-5 - Received nia07, prepared08, cornelia03, and thor20.

Gift from Rune - Received lorelei01.
Trade with Muri - sergeant19 and snowboard14 for axe05 and bigbear01.

Guess the Color 194 - Received erokappa15, dollie17, and cleanup20.
Trade with Rune - collision15 and archer10 for lorelei02 and neko-neko11.
Switch It Up 86 - millennia01 for shotas16.

Switch It Up 86 - hungry02 for tasco01.
Gift from Em - Received november11.

Trade with Lihanortti - eponassong18 for spirits05.

Trade with AL - attracts16 for boar03.
Gifts from Rune -Received lace02/04/05/17/18/20.
Gift from Melissa - Received dknight07.
Pot of Gold 47 - Received selece06, minchi05, alliance16, electric17, soryuju16, drums14, notlost13, yips17, clock10, stubborn09, four-leaf03, chainsaw01, pigeons20, kaminokoe08, seer03, ueno16, thing17, ishidaa01, realeater04, awa-awa08, neojapan16, meteor19, mizuchi12, hawkeye08, aztec05, gloucester20, femme02, obsession20, knowledge20, pig03, gunner06, perfect03, gambler08, database17, text18, homicidal05, imperatore11, bangle08, indecisive17, brains17, weed06, chibimoon20, blueking12, mirakurun17, sweettooth02, cocteau15, cousin03, riskbreaker10, tearcut13, prison02, kimono08, outburst07, heavenrend16, cipher20, floating11, first08, thumbsup10, kilenc13, humanistic05, haughty07, commentary15, christmas19, pariah05, x24s09, camazotz04, namekian09, asset18, precipices08, mentor12, weed16, manga02, smitten08, gadoria10, opening16, aeon20, backstroke20, meribia02, ylisse12, janam09, tragedy09, a red crayon, and orange crayon, a yellow crayon, two purple crayons, and a grey crayon. Received grand prize A.
Art Shop - Turned in five sketchpads and eight crayons and received drawers06, drawers10, filthy04, filthy05, filthy13, filthy14, filthy18, filthy19, bloodscythe20, helmsman13, javelin12, meyvn11, cello04, impossible17, bookofd11, babyfox17, hoteldusk05, armband14, two green crayons, a purple crayon, a brown crayon, and a grey crayon.
Gift to Rune - Gave hoteldusk05.

Trade with Sammich - heresy18 for tharsis08.
Trade with Rune - wolfman20 for tharsis09.
Trade with Mad - aisen09, bloodscythe20, and naive14 for northstar05, tasco19, and wary12.
Trade with Pam - allegiance03 for tharsis06.
Trade with Adelicya - cake17 and outdated07 for prakk18 and tharsis04.
Colorseum 3-1 - Received doll14, coward12, focus09, bubblegum14.
Trade with AL - kaleid11 for tharsis19.
Trade with Sky - boy-crazy10, convey05, and enjoying11 for seagull20, sketching07, and sketching13.
Trade with Nat - begnion13 for tharsis15.
Trade with Ari - raw01, weakness19, well18 for hymn15, hymn17, ikebana04.

Trade with Pie - infinity08 for tharsis10.
Deck Donations - Donated Teo, Yumi, and Dios and received scepter408, razorleaf07, press04, admiral02, costume05, greedy13, ueno14, zora15, frog04, a red crayon, and two blue crayons.

Trade with Deli - aerosmith07 for harvard08.
Trade with Jae - three01 for tharsis05.
Art Shop - Turned in a sketchpad and received alliance18, jewelwitch19, and a purple crayon.
Trade with Deli - stands01 and tearcut13 for greathawk02 and tharsis13.
Trade with Charlotte - brainwasher14 and catastrophe01 for ran07 and visions17.
Trade with Lita - chores19 and mighty16 for 20faces20 and bigbear16.
Gift to Lita - Gave urn18.

Masteries - Mastered drawers, filthy, lace, and completed monochrome portfolio02. Received beats02, iris08, icecream07, honorific20, stealth16, manipulative11, keystone14, flameking10, ghibli03, burst18, memento13, wary13, getaway01, three orange crayons, two green crayons, a purple crayon, and a brown crayon.
Level Up: Amber, Gold - Received sweets20, snakesword06, darkangel08, southern03, lieutenant12, talentshow18, fudanshi02, shigofumi18, harvard20, kusarigama17, a purple crayon, and a yellow crayon.
Recycled Art - Claimed fodra05, northstar08, otoko05, otoko11, otoko16, ruthless04, ruthless05, thing13, thing16, paranoia09.
Trade with Aletha - protective01 for tharsis07.
Trade with Em - greathawk02, greathawk08, and 20faces20 for pharle03, prakk05, prakk13, sideburns20, robberfly02, woman04, tharsis11, tharsis12, and tharsis14.
Trade with Caitie - alliance16, alliance18, icecream07, javelin09, orbs15, pocketwatch04 for domineering08, domineering10, lovelorn03, costumes17, devilstrill09, docodemo07.
Guess the Color 195 - Received dee-dee04, mountains14, and male-type07.
Trade with Tonko - ancestor18, beli09, bubblebeam17, chibimoon20, pig03 for ai13, nadeshiko01, riddles09, and wingman06.
Trade with Sammich - camazotz04, meribia02, paladin06, ruin16 for northstar09, ruinmode13, soldier04, and yoru14.
Trade with Kiri - backstroke20, brains17, elevator18, talentshow18 for costumes12, impressions13, introvert20, karayachief09.
Trade with Adelicya - chaos20, frog04, keystone14 for gankutsuou04, gianthornet20, vritra15.

Gifts from Ly - Received arcusprima14, costumes11, cradle14, dauntless17, docodemo16, domineering17, mustasim03, runesage05, talented01, talented16, traditional19, paranoia19.
Trade with ReneeTwist - aristocratic20, fish19, genbu09, korobokkuru06, korobobbukuru18, rosewater01 for assertive11, caleria01, dependable08, introvert08, lovelorn10, mgronald04.
Trade with Rune - linga06, ragnell11, starfox11, zoologist03, zora10, and zora15 for alkahestry18, blackmail02, engaged02, gankutsuou07, and guild15.
Trade with Onyx - pikopiko12 and sew01 for delivery10 and ikebana09.
Trade with Moon - barriera18, muramasa16, and optimist20 for hugs12, uncute12, and vigilante02.
Trade with Chi - bohemian12, cyborgidol20, honeytachi10, knights10, knights12, safety20, shonichi07, tomochin05, yuihan13 for do-it-all04, introvert13, junkshop03, magoi12, meruru09, mustasim13, okonomiyaki20, stubborn04, uncute10.

Trade with Ten - blueking12, dtr03, exodus19, scepter408 for dependable04, firstson20, gankutsuou10, and lorelei14.
Coloring Book 88 - Turned in ethereal12 and received reflexes03, edelweiss07, british16, and nidaime12.
Switch It Up 87 - Exchanged drilling09, heroine01, and blackcat02 for gasmask20, spirits18, and pharle18.
Trade with Em - domineering10, domineering17, karayachief09, and vritra15 for magoi17.

Art Shop - Turned in four sketchpads, two red crayons, four orange crayons, and two red crayons, and received infatuation01, infatuation15, infatuation19, infatuation20, pilot04, pilot15, traditional06, traditional11, chibipuri06, salt13, crusnik14, bubbly14, cooperation15, rock06, burdened06, blackmist06, two brown crayons, and two grey crayons.
Masteries - Mastered kusarigama, janam, infatuation, harvard, pilot, and traditional. Finished palette portfolio03. Used August 1014 Grand Prize twice. Received harvard03, harvard15, tharsis18, tharsis20, boar04, boar05, boar12, two red crayons, three blue crayons, four purple crayons, one grey crayons.
Host Club Giveaway 100 - Received henshin14, bestsenpai07, succubus02, bentenmaru16, punchout03, baker16, and an orange crayon.
Go Fish! 200 - Received charge10, odoru05, mudabijin08, libra02, freedom14, and orange07.
Trade with Syodii - pulse01 and pulse13 for tharsis17 and visions12.

Portfolios - Received monochrome portfolio 03.
Art Lessons with Rukia 207 - Received x-scissor14, strawberry07, natural13, and trigger16.
Ansem's Player Report 60 - Received gunjou03, understand17, lycee17, creator16, muda12, and ylisse01.
Arazlam's Clues 221 - Received pompadour03, college04, chiropteran01, blackblood02, and controlled04.
Coloring Book 88 - Played 4-dpocket19 and received gigacity20, fanclub06, spacepirate19, and lessons17.
Gift from Adelicya - Received bigbear09.
Colorseum 3-2 - Received camembert13, charge20, anxiety09, interested02, memory11, and shakugan11.

Trade with AL - habu19 for prakk01.
Trade with Dialny - calvaria02, gambler08, press04, and sawashirom18 for novbirthday15, prakk02, seashells02, and robberfly16.

Delete Shiritori 54 - Played catholic02 and received heavens06, minor08, metalia17, bounty02, barrels11, bravery16, and guertena16.
Trade with Aru - hope20, leanbox11, and opera16 for axe20, northstar15, and parenting15.
Hi-5 Radio! 12 - Received masochist09, connect12, zeref18, banchou01, lollipop07, smiles06, and exercising05.
Trade with Dove - pharle02 for tharsis01.
November Release - Claimed greathawk08, sideburns07, prakk04, kaleid11, allegiance03, three01, heresy18, wolfman20, pharle02, fortunes01, tharsis16, novbirthday09, and xxxx09.
Gift to Em - Gave fortunes01.

Trade with Sky - rosesplash06 for lobster13.
Guess the Color 196 - Received charmbuster09, college12, widow12, witness05, southpaw11.
Traded with Em - Seven purple crayons for ambidex12, hottemper12, hottemper15, junkshop10, married14, nadeshiko06, and uncute09.

Trade with Rune - step-mom07 for lunallena12.
Trade with Nikita - onmyouji20 for telekinesis08.
Switch It Up 87 - greengirl06, aimstalker10, and ambidex12 for fodra09, otoko10, and capitalism12.
Trade with Adelicya - zeref18 for ran02.
Coloring Book 89 - Played amusement14 and received dragunov06, draculina01, circle08, and manatree15.

Coloring Book 88 - Received a bonus restart02.

Trade with Ember - strategist03 and yips17 for amarcian03 and assertive14.

Masteries - Mastered boar and received funland02, surgeon01, tripping02, and a brown crayon.
Colorseum 3-3 - Received indecisive14, glider14, oni18, faithful08, obstinate10, part-timer19.

Recycled Art - Claimed p-chan01, p-chan06, p-chan08, p-chan12, p-chan15, p-chan16, p-chan17, p-chan19, and p-chan20.
Art Shop - Turned in three red crayons for boar08, boar18, and boar20.
Coloring Book 89 - Played streamlight20 and received cafe16, scout03, ovaltower16, and smirk02.
Trade with Kazu - adepts18 and ishidaa01 for chant05 and spirits20.

Trade with Dialny - exercising05 for firstson02.
*Trade with Em - salvage20 for lorelei17.
Trade with Tonko - pickpocket02 for feral16.
Advent Gift from Rune - Received prakk20.
Advent Gift from Em - Received tripping06.
Advent Gift to Em - Gave keyblade05.
Advent Gift to Deli - Gave jojo07.
Advent Gift to Dove - Gave succubus14.
Advent Gift to Rune - Gave bamboo20.
Advent Gift to Nea - Gave beguile07.
Advent Gift to Ember - Gave ember15.
Advent Gift to Marge - Gave kyotouryuu18.
Trade with Nat - honest15 and honorific20 for ai05 and thing01.
Silly Blanks 12/13 - Played carmine07, joker03, prison03, and fear13 and received distance04, merines02, lovemaster01, thief10, shine10, goats18, chasing01, iwa-chan09, ardent05, marriage11, spandex16, koutei13, solo11, comical10.
Guess the Color 197 - Received funyarinpa04, godknows14, copper18, flaming05, anklets17.

Advent Gift to Hijiri - Gave hikikomori06.
Advent Gift to Muri - Gave jellyfish03.
Advent Gift to January - Gave selphia12.
Advent Gift to Mousey - Gave redcomet10.
Advent Gift to Arianne - Gave cham15.
Shopping Street - Turned in candies for xxxx06, xxxx16, and xxxx19.
Shopping Street - Turned in candies for feral02, feral09, feral12, feral19, promise11, promise14, getaway08, prakk15, and wary08.
Shopping Street - Turned in candies for Double Rewards for Five Games coupon.
Advent Gift from Pie - Received getaway20.
Trade with Adelicya - armband14 for sideburns19.
Hi-5 Radio! 13 - Received lasagna19, tall20, bandit15, amnesia13.
Pokeradar 207 - Received flawless04, yatagarasu17, tenswords15, howling15, miasma14, emotion13, hammer05, orbit08, dead19, cleanup11.
Trade with Mousey - inheritance20 for 20million06.

Masteries - Mastered feral, promise, and poppo, and received seinen08, godknows05, nephilim01, pendant06, peacock13, busty04, poppo13, poppo20, delivery20, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon, and a blue crayon.
Advent Gift from Nat - Received soldier18.
Advent Calendar Day 2 - Claimed lorelei12 and quick10.
Switch It Up, two - Exchanged controlled04, secondlife17, and solo01 for jobs07, mgronald05, and xxxx17.
Shopping Street - Turned in one candy and received raffle ticket #2.
Coloring Book 89 - Played ayesir17 and received calculation03, doubtful09, kobushi12, and thaumaturge13.

Puzzle Peaces 5 - Received wildlife02, unruly02, touchthis01, lucky09, transform18, and potential09.
Puzzle Peaces 6 - Received biracial05, kingkazma12, railway03, tank08, bofu03, riskbreaker08, golems03, disaresta09, lion16, moirae13, guard14, and shonichi07.
Advent Gift from Ember - Received xxxx01.
Advent Gift from Arianne - Received soldier 11.
Trade with Arianne - camembert13, elf02, greedy13, muda12, precious12, spacepirate19, valentine15, wordplay02, and ghibli03 for talented03, sopheria02, xxxx11, devilstrill15, hottemper02, docodemo12, impressions17, thing12, and guertena07.
Art Lessons with Rukia 209 - Received cureberry18, spiritmagic16, pilot20, and g-8912.
Coloring Book 89 - Played hope08 and received karma07, addiction08, kenpo07, and heresy18.
Arazlam's Clues 223 - Received plant09, performer20, sadist05, dreamer10, and potion07.
Trade with January - babyfox17 for prakk17.
Pot of Gold 48 - Played beard12, debt18, raccoon12, and yukiatsu13, and received drossel06, snail12, ahoge06, permafrost04, dodge05, twin05, enchantress17, talent17, fullbloom19, dwn-01106, ricky02, spitfire15, rocker11, star-shaped20, anko14, lessons13, mortician08, forazsaiqa19, journalist07, creampuff15, watakushi03, autozam19, passion05, owner18, azuresea01, tail08, melnics14, sage13, skateboard03, megaten01, kunlun19, ratsbane18, calm17, focusing02, rifle07, fujoshi02, witchhunter20, maracas01, totori12, canary05, mahou06, awkward05, shikon03, colony905, amiable12, smirk16, fold02, fork16, iaidou06, yuri02, gamegear02, muda17, iwa-chan17, perceptive15, centurion18, jealousy08, bolverk08, charm14, phobia12, challenges11, disgusting01, nameless13, tsunderes19, three yellow crayons, three brown crayons, and grand prize B: +1 choice card for five masteries.
Trade with Adelicya - iwa-chan17, electric17, skydragon11, soundpod12, southpaw11, and tragedy09 for cradle17, dryjuice02, exsphere18, firstson01, guitar16, and scrapped20.
Trade with Ralene - x-scissor13 for mgronald09.

Trade with Jun - visualizer12, creator16, gemstone01, and takoyaki10 for 20million08, fodra17, gianthornet16, and seashells19.
Level Up: Emerald - Received tripping08, nests02, bags15, lady05, endless03, and an orange crayon.
Trade with Hijiri - regalia18 and umbrellas10 for amarcian02 and lunallena11.
Advent Calendar Day Four - Played sadistic13, noda03, odoru13, walkure06, forced15, laurant02, avenger09, kenpo05, and edelweiss02 and received steward20, usu19, kenpo16, girl-like08, curiosity13, pureheart20, estabul15, capsule02, privilege14, and xxxx04.
Ansem's Player Report 62 - agna09, aptx486906, apple15, hishinunit03, peacepie09, and corrine15.
Advent Gift from Nikita - Received xxxx13.
Masteries - Mastered biology and delivery and received moodyblues05, automail07, olderwomen10, cabbage09, firstson03, firstson19, an orange crayon, and a blue crayon.
Remodeling Lab 23 - Played attack05 and paradox17 and received abel06, witchhunter08, lemu09, nullify20, three13, predatory17, and ladle14.
Advent Gift from Nikita - Received xxxx13.
Advent Gift from Anna - Received tripping18.

Art Shop - Turned in two sketchpads and twelve red crayons and received biology01, biology06, biology08, biology15, biology16, biology17, biology20, delivery01, delivery08, delivery12, delivery14, delivery16, curesunny20, programmer16, nejiko07, korobokkuru11, and two green crayons.

Remodeling Lab 24 - Played thumbsup10 and rudehero15 and received zaibatsu11, sharilton13, anxiety11, porshe14, intellect07, hunter06, and stage11.
Recycled Art - Claimed exsphere06, immelmann01, immelmann05, immelmann07, immelmann08, immelmann10, immelmann11, immelmann13, immelmann17, and immelmann18.

Scrapbook 110 - Received gaiadragon01, myths11, honoo01, docodemo18, and a green crayon.
Scrapbook 109 - Received dyaus10, ridiculed04, meijin16, pigtails04, and a brown crayon.
Graffiti 89 - Received oyaji02, taser06, relic15, reptile14, snake05, erhu19, and meijin07.
Advent Calendar Day 8 - Claimed firstson09 and 20faces11.
Trade with Em - 20faces11 for firstson08.
Guess the Color 198 - Received wolfbeil04, spain01, impact16, gekidasa17, and gourmet12.

*Trade with Kiri - calculation03, ducttape13, faith07, and internet16 for dauntless13, loss15, magoi06, and magoi14.
Gifts to and trade with Tonko - Gave admiral02, biracial05, and flaming05, and traded flirt03, figurine11, nuvema16, relic15, and dragonrage02 for distracted12, greathawk16, granny03, hikikomori14, and simple01.
December Release - Claimed half-elf09, cruxis01, rescue12, rosebleue12, goya03, chisha20, possible12, pawn16, sunfish07, shoutengai06, femantags03, sakurait13, and xxxx14.
Trade with Pam - possible12 for rosebleue17.
Gifts to and Trade with Veth - Gave chainsaw01, shy16, and henshin14 and traded curesunny20, hunter06, quincy18, and sociopath02 for 001, almakinan14, ghoststory13, and xxxx15.
Trade with Em - goya03, sunfish07, distracted12, loss15, and ghoststory13 for chisha18, cruxis20, half-elf07, rescue02, and rosebleue02.
Trade with Nikita - bestsenpai07 for half-elf01.
Trade with Ember - synthesizer05 for goya10.
Trade with Adelicya - dee-dee04 for half-elf20.
Masteries - Mastered ran and completed monochrome portfolio 03 and received katana16, busty12, haunt20, scarf06, dominance02, beloved06, firstson14, a red crayon, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon, a brown crayon, and a grey crayon.
Trade with Sky - shoutengai06 for half-elf03.
Trade with Ralene - sakurait13 for cruxis03.
Trade with Sammich - pawn16 for rescue13.
Trade with Nikita - dead19, fang11, gunjou03, harsh03, howling15, parties13, shirogamon20, soup03, soup19, tall20, and wolfbeil04 for costumes19, dauntless09, domineering06, greathawk10, janna07, oddjobs08, opposite10, reliable01, serpent02, woman11, and novbirthday04.

Trade with Aletha - indecisive14 for cruxis12.
Trade with Marge - lorelei17 for gankutsuou19.
Trade with Jane - a grey crayon, homicidal05, and jkd17 for half-elf13, axe07, and okonomiyaki05.
Trade with Pam - balthasar12 for axe13.
Coloring Book 89 - Received a bonus nandemo19.
Coloring Book 90 - Played un-sorcerer13 and received giant11, bookodd13, half-elf07, and arcana14.
Gifts to Em - Gave half-elf07, janna07, and oddjobs08.

Advent Calendar Day Seven - Received telekinesis07 and a purple crayon.
Trade with Adelicya, 2 - badfortune02, iwa-chan09, and sakura11 for corrine20, reliable04, and rosebleue06.
Birthday gifts - Received thewall13, royalguard17, lamentation20, and a blue crayon.
Coloring Book 90 - Played scooter18 and received antoinette17, okaro04, storybook19, and chimon12.
Arazlam's Clues 224 - Received moonflute04, part-time18, benten17, takoyaki17, and doubles04.
Deckmaking Pay 55 - Received 020, sickly07, beast07, twili01, shrimp16, desudayo06, bluestar18, dwn-01507, vampire04, graywolf05, monocle06, bluemoon06, angelic01, hades18, fuschia09, mistress17, bara02, and a yellow crayon.

Portfolios, 2 - Received monochrome portfolio 04 and palette portfolio 04.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 47 - Received stoic03, stern03, surpass14, matcha16, wife09, and bodhisattva09.
Switch It Up 88 - Exchanged amnesia09 for runesage20.
Advent Calendar Day 10 - Received nataku16, eris15, zombie19, and firstson15.
Trade with Chuu - anklets17, rocker11, emotion13 for half-elf15, sunfish06, cruxis09.
Advent Calendar Day Twelve - Received bringer16, nagarekawa07, seagul06, and wary17.
Masteries - Mastered cradle, firstson, tripping, keyboard, soldier, and mgronald, and received honeybee06, misfortune06, agriculture11, catears18, dojo09, tenswords10, mouse05, warheit12, dystopia15, cheri10, camera10, kagutsuchi12, tripping19, tripping20, mgronald11, mgronald17, mgronald19, northstar07, two orange crayons, two green crayons, a purple crayon, and a brown crayon.
Colorseum 1-5 - Received betray15, thumbsup03, hypermonk15, legend19, timberowl01, and kuuderes06.

Deck Donations - Donated Valentine and Maximilien and received kingsaw19, scalchop01, sixth01, ploys05, yupyup11, seawitch08, a green crayon, and a blue crayon.

Trade with Harukami - burdened06, burdened13, catpawgun17, charmbuster09, funyarinpa04, ovaltower16, riskbreaker08, waterpistol12, and wingman06 for exsphere14, hugs05, serpent12, serpent16, simple02, simple06, thing03, thing11, and novbirthday16.
Art Shop - Turned in six red crayons for ran01, ran03, ran10, ran16, ran17, and ran18.
Hibiki's Fan Mail 48 - Received hug02, all-rounder01, bearslayer12, spain05, undertaker08, and gunslinger20.
Art Shop - Turned in three sketchpads, two red crayons, and ten yellow crayons, and received organic19, narcoleptic01, jumeau01, neptune02, kora16, kindness20, cradle02, cradle08, cradle09, cradle19, firstson17, firstson18, keyboard01, keyboard05, keyboard08, soldier02, soldier07, soldier09, two green crayons, and a brown crayon.
Deck Donations - Donated Mithos and received enjoying12, doubt04, blackfox13, and a brown crayon.
Advent Calendar Day Fourteen - Claimed gasmask08 and sideburns08.

Trade and Gift to Netbug - Gave understand03 and traded bubbles03, eighth07, friends11, and paranormal13 for reliable12, reliable14, dux12, and lovelorn05.
Gifts to Melissa - Gave bluemoon03 and bluemoon06.
Gifts from Dove, 2 - Received a yellow crayon and prakk19.

Trade with Melissa - spiritmagic16 for dauntless10.
Switch It Up 89, 2 - Exchanged christmas19 and beloved06 for companions19 and teaparty07.
Trade with Em - companions19 and teaparty07 for novbirthday03 and cologne20.

Advent Calendar Day Seventeen - Claimed tharsis02 and prakk08.
Host Club Giveaway 102 - Received wings03, owl09, mixcoatl08, magoi14, and ambidex14.

Masteries - Mastered reliable, tharsis, and xxxx, and received academy16, straydog05, hive01, zangetsu01, rent04, mizuchi06, unsatisfied01, distanced02, quick01, novbirthdat08, novbirthday13, a red crayon, an orange crayon, and a brown crayon.
Colorseum 4-1 - Received gyaru17, pinkbow06, heartbeat17, princesslike13, composer15, kamisarizuki05.

Trade with Aru - cureheart11, dimension06, gamegear02, glider14, haunt20, and programmer16 for assertive10, devilstrill16, getaway17, greathawk11, ruhk13, and ruhk18.
Gifts from Em - Received do-it-all01, regina18, runesage07, sakuya04, smile20, spy03, spy10, and uncute06.
Gifts from Nat - Received 20million01, hugs15, and simple05.
Gifts to Nat - Gave three brown crayons.
Advent Calendar Day Twenty-Three - Claimed windor01, telekinesis20, and novbirthday14.
Trade with Kiri - angelic01, matcha16, and narcoleptic01 for gianthornet12, history14, and rosebleue08.
Trade with Ember - abuse14, awkward05, bsaa19, doubles04, fraternal20, gekidasa17, hawkeye08, and pigeons20 for almakinan13, impressions15, magoi02, magoi04, sakuya07, sakuya10, sakuya15, and serpent14.
Gift to Em - Gave soldier12.
Gifts from Ralene - Received assertive04, assertive05, assertive06, assertive07, assertive09, assertive12, assertive13, assertive15, assertive17, assertive18, assertive19, chui19, corrine02, corrine07, corrine08, corrine14, dauntless18, introvert02, introvert03, introvert05, introvert10, introvert12, introvert14, introvert15, kekkai03, kekkai09, kekkai10, kekkai12, kekkai13, kekkai17, kekkai18, kekkai19, pharle19, regina12, robberfly15, runesage16, ruthless20, and talented08.
Advent Calendar Day Twenty-Four - Received dwn-01808, yomi07, sweaters08, and cruxis16.
Gifts from Pam - Received eight red crayons.
Advent Day Twenty-Five - Received northstar18 and prakk07.
Trade with Charlotte - aptx486906, dwn-01808, doubt04, dwn-01106, dwn-01507, loveletter20, muda17, and swindler16 for almakinan02, gianthornet19, immelmann02, immelmann06, kekkai16, nyan10, nyan19, and spirits11.
Trade with Harukami - cafe16, irregulars17, granny02, opening16, and ridiculed04 for achoo12, cruxis06, goya16, half-elf05, and robberfly05.
Trade with Netbug - honeybee06, neko-neko11, and oyaji0 for hugs06, impressions07, and vigilante08. Received rukh11 as a gift.
Colorseum 4-2 - Received bsaa03, landlady11, and sports15.
Trade with Jen - buttercup11, enjoying12, neptune02, rayearth20, warlock05, and windom11 for eligible08, expshere09, gianthornet09, gianthornet11, half-elf17, and stubborn05. Received simple18 as a gift.
Trade with AL - accounts16, meijin16, redshoes19, scalchop01, supporting05, umeboshi15, weakness01 for married05, sideburns16, spy14, talented17, trance02, soothsayer12, soothsayer15.
Trade with Nat - lamentation20, minervykins18, mistress17, skateboard03, anima08, hylia09, hylia19 for conscious15, dauntless08, introvert04, docodemo10, hereditary02, hereditary08, uncute17.
Trade with Laurant - meruru02 and chimon12 for guarding08 and rosebleue16.
Gift from Rune - Received jobs12.
Trade and Advent Gift from January - kuuderes06, tsunderes19 for costumes02, docodemo09, received half-elf19.
Coloring Book 90 - Played blues19 and received ensign01 and shackles07.
Scrapbook113 - Donated Barbarossa and received purehavoc14, vietnamwar17, hotheaded17, matriarch14, tenseiga04, a green crayon, and two blue crayons.
Trade with Char - centurion18, reyntime14, rudehero04, and rudehero20 for cruxis05, half-elf11, kekkai05, and smile14.
Delete Shiritori 56 - Received orthopedics12, meijin07, prinny10, prospero08, piccolo04, antiques18, security12, and zearth11.
Trade with Em - soothsayer12 and soothsayer15 for engaged11, oriental05, punishment09, secondson14, sopheria01, stubborn16, stubborn18, stubborn20, and windor19.

Recycled Art - Claimed stubborn02, stubborn03, stubborn06, stubborn07, stubborn11, stubborn14, stubborn15, stubborn17, stubborn19, ninjas08.
Trade with Dove - hammer05, mahou06, marriage11, olderwomen10, specialduty12, yuri02 for capitalism06, guild01, guild19, kekkai06, kekkai11, windor04.

Advent Gift from Erin - Received achoo03.
Gift from Lee - Received drums01.
Trade with Em - precepts08 for bravior03, gankutsuou15, kekkai01, and polkadot14.

Trade with Veth - matriarch14 for stew17.
Switch It Up 90 - antisocial14 and x-scissor16 for pharle05 and capitalism16.
Advent Gift from Nea - Received stew09.
Gifts from Ralene - Received a red crayon, an orange crayon, and a yellow crayon.
Trade and gift from Hijiri - concern06 and mgronald03 for robberfly11 and sakuya02. Received bladerang03 as a gift.
Trade and Advent Gift from Kazu - dodge05 and outburst07 for hymn16 and introvert19. Received quick17 as a gift.
Coloring Book 90 - Received a bonus neomu20.

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