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Previous Logs
2014 March - June, July - September, October - December

Advent Calendar Day Twenty - Received fork15, harmony13, compass01, modo-modo01, creator02, names09, sohcahtoa06, and devilstrill18.
Adevent Calendar Day Fifteen - Received opposite10, punk12, and a grey crayon.
Masteries - Mastered tasco, quick, and achoo, and received quick16, achoo13, precepts08, tsundrella12, futuring122, courage17, respectful02, susanoo08, saluki06, rosesplash08, logic18, charisma07, kaka16, a yellow crayon, three green crayons, two brown crayons, and a grey crayon.
Host Club Giveaway 103 - Received handsome08, disciple17, and libero05.
Trade with Erin - copper11/18, fiancee05, metalia17, remaining13, status05, tied12, and two brown crayons, for cruxis15, half-elf05, heaven05, illegal18, rescue14, sideburns04, talented14, twinstar09, and vanship16.

Colorseum 4-3 - Received vaccine05, var11, player15, and joajna10.
Coloring Book 91 - Played phobia12 and received shamanking04 and rescue10.
Trade with Onyx - bullfighter18, fork15, fork16 for seashells08, magoi19, robberfly04.
Trade with Moon - icequeen07, hive01, lasagna19, libero05, nidaime12, and rainbowroad10 for autozam09, autozam14, capitalism15, cruxis13, half-elf18, and lorelei08.

Advent Calendar Day One - Received apos19, nindou20, confident13, companions20, fanservice07, jade18, luna19, eponassong18, cleanfreak04, hypnosis20, fantasy13, minor09, two orange crayons, and a purple crayon.
Advent Calendar Day Nine - Received prince03, revolver17, and an orange crayon.
Advent Calendar Day Eleven - Received numberone08, comp15, lionsguard08, and a purple crayon.
Coloring Book 91 - Played bags15 and received lovespells07 and miss05.

Trade with Pie - heaven05, heaven20, kamisarizuki05, kamisarizuki07, kamisarizuki08, musubi08, pain08 for axe19, chisha09, cologne16, dauntless01, parenting03, pharle13, stubborn01.
Trade with Lita - shirmp12, shrimp16, social15, sonic19 for bravior19, impressions11, impressions12, sakuya05.
Trade with Em - companions20 for method03.

Trade with Kati - faithful08, landgod05, landgod16, and mudabijin08 for arcusprima06, chant07, eligible03, and smile10.
Pot of Gold 49 - Played performer20 and academy16 and received emishi01, isolation15, territorial17, origami14, passionate17, mikage16, ricky05, flute15, tartar20, wings08, rise19, train02, minchi19, competition15, mohawk03, baldy11, scold18, mochi11, staying03, takoyaki11, gifted06, starwolf15, saru04, hiwa14, oceanwave05, spirits06, gakuen05, keystone05, venoshock04, a red crayon, and a yellow crayon.
Recycled Art - Claimed costumes03, costumes20, domineering19, domineering20, lovelorn19, method09, method20, reckless19, talented04, talented07.
Gifts from Em - Received guild03, guild07, and guild11.
Portfolios - Received palette portfolio 05.

Trade with Raven - circle08, lastation03, lemu09, sadist05 for bravior05, bravior11, cruxis07, devilstrill07.
Switch It Up 90 - kagutsuchi09 and kenpo07 for impressions14 and mysteria20.
Level Up: Sapphire - Received dodo05, formula13, galaxian13, fortunes20, impressions16, and a red crayon.
Trade with Sky - chimera01, cursed11, kamatari05, sharilton13 for hunt02, simple07, summons03, trance04.

Art Lessons 214 - Received greatfox17 and harasho15.
Trade with Kiri - beast07, freshgreen08, home11, mechanical05, magician10, mentor12, oceanwave05, reptile14, stern03, vaccine05, yupyup11 for arcusprima10, dauntless11, docodemo08, guild13, hugs01, regina16 summons07, talented11, and vanship06/08/09.

Trade with Adelicya - cooperation15, clock10, doll14, origami14, sakanade11, sweettooth02, zangetsu01 for cologne17, dknight19, greathawk08, immelmann03, lunallena04, simple14, and capitalism19. Received rescue15 and rescue17 as gifts.

Trade with Chi - badges19, oni18, and timberowl01 for axe01, chant12, and sakuya19. Received smile16 as a gift.
Gift from Em - Received bravior12.
Coloring Book 91 - Played fundanshi12 and received christianity12 and townandcity18.
Colorseum 4-4 - Received andantino08, balance07, parasite20, and sparkling09.

Masteries - Mastered impressions and received water04, fairytale18, northstar10, and a grey crayon.
January 2015 release - Claimed udon12, watchguard06, rimaajon01, hellafire13, firespin14, remember03, kukulcan02, midnight09, puppy01, stuntpilot03, aki-lucky02, storybooks07, maleantags02, northstar13, islander20.
Trade with Kiri - hellafire13 for storybooks01.
Gift ftom Ember - Received watchguard11.
Trade with Anrui - bookofd11, names09, saru04, straydog05, princesslike13, princesslike12, luna19 for almakinan11, devilstrill04, devilstrill12, drums16, guild09, guild12, parenting13.

Trade with Veth - r-traps14 for getaway10.
Trade with Johanna - two grey crayons for watchguard03 and firespin16.
Trade with Dove - lieutenant12 for half-elf12.
Trade with Ten - kukulcan02 for stew04.
Trade with Pam - midnight09 for gasmask09.

Trade with Erin - a brown crayon for storybooks03.
Trade with Caitie - hiwa14 for goya18.
Gift from Veth - Received watchguard16.
Trade with Marge - baudelaire07 for sideburns10.
Trade with Dialny - puppy01, feminist15, island11, parasite20, player15, sparkling09 for devilstrill14, half-elf08, seashells16, windor16, chisha07, immelmann09, underwater03.

Trade with Anna - charm14, corrupted08, kingsaw19, kilenc13, magdalene01, reliable17, sociable17, social11, spain01, spain05, spandex05, specialduty01 for almakinan15, chisha03, drums10, exsphere08, hottemper18, lovespells01, otoko09, spy08, stubborn08, talented06, uncute16, vanship18.
Switch It Up 91 - potion01, monocle06, qipao18 for half-elf05, summons10, and maleprotags18.
Deck Donations - Received doujin16, phazon07, beats15, and a blue crayon.

Coloring Book 91 - Played godknows05 and received businessman04 and uma03.
Art Shop - Turned in five sketchpads and ten orange crayons and received 66616, japanese18, friend09, sideburns04, bloodwhip13, strikers17, highly03, telepathy09, sweets08, giver02, manipulate19, blacklion19, tasco03, tasco04, tasco08, tasco09, tasco11, tasco12, tasco14, tasco15, tasco18, tasco20, a red crayon, a yellow crayon, a green crayon, a blue crayon, a purple crayon, and a brown crayon.
Deck Donations - Received usashrine08, lrig20, tetsuo10, artemis15, composing11, babied13, a red crayon, and a brown crayon.
Trade with AL - comp15 and mohawk03 for amarcian05 and pirate19.
Trade with Adina - snail12, dancer03, townandcity18 for amarcian04, axe17, cruxis17.
Trade with Anrui - remember03 for firespin10.

Trade with Muri - surgeon01, shigofumi18, and distance04 for introvert18, pirate02, and simple16.
Coloring Book 91 - Played zearth11 and received harass11, barrage14, and robots20.

Help Miss Kamila 53 - Received firebrand01, nurturing05, skydragon01, freckles18, greatfox09, sitar16, and a grey crayon.
Gifts from Ember - Received blacklion15, corrine06, costumes08, engaged05, engaged10, engaged12, engaged14, feared06, heresy14, hikikomori04, married04, married06, method06, method15, mustasim20, odyssey11, opposite20, uncute13, the red crayon, and two yellow crayons.
Deckmaking Pay - Received camera01, rs273a02, outcast01, hawkeye17, haven04, swordlike18, light06, laptop06, dolls02, magicguild07, carpetbomb17, brat08, and an orange crayon.
Colorseum 4-5 - Received thornqueen11, seahorse07, socute08, and 77704.

Trade with Mousey - stuntpilot03 for storybooks09.
Trade with Em - half-elf05, hugs01, hugs15, lovespells01, storybooks01, storybooks03, storybooks07, storybooks09, warheit12 for domineering01, domineering02, domineering10, domineering11, domineering12, domineering13, domineering16, domineering17, maleantags10, ylisse03, firespin19, rimaajon19, udon14, watchguard15.

Trade with Harukami - azuresea01, fuukan15, heartbeat17, and joajna10 for dependable20, marseille12, visions16, and watchguard08.

Gift from Tonko - Received junkshop11.
Trade with Ruriair - fanservice07 for klutz01.
Trade with Netbug - barrage14 for watchguard14.

Trade with Laurant - meruru09 for watchguard01.
Coloring Book 91, two - Played mikage16 and received greywolf05, kismet14, and fukujun01.
Teade with Fumika - liberation12 for axe04.

Trade with Dove - college04 for storybooks19.
Trade with Rurair - aki-lucky02 for watchguard02.
Trade with Melissa - logic18, magicguild07, okashira09, poultry03 for bladerang09, hottemper01, rukh06, and sakuya06.
Trade with Em - storybooks19 and seventeen green crayons for two red crayons and fifteen yellow crayons.

Masteries - Mastered half-elf, northstar, introvert, and stew, and finished palette portfolio 05. Received kyuudou14, chat12, galaxy05, pinnacle17, cupcake01, disappear04, measuring12, kusanagi08, wolfborg04, metafalica03, introvert16, stew13, stew16, macho08, udon11, prakk16, storybooks05, storybooks11, storybooks20, a red crayon, an orange crayon, two yellow crayons, a purple crayon, a brown crayon, and two grey crayons.
Colorseum 5-1 - Received bullfrog16, devon17, paternal04, and crimea06.

Trade with Koohii - cleanfreak04 and sweaters08 for assertive02 and udon05.
Trade with Char - kismet14 for watchguard19.

Art Lessons 216 - Received kansai04 and sullen07.
Remodeling Lab 27 - Played british16 and chasing08 and received pms13, caring18, smelt05, trueknight13, and granny18.
Trade with Harukami - granny18 for storybooks17.
Gifts to Em - Gave storybooks05/11/17/20.

Trade with Noxie - alexandria15 for prakk03.

Trade with Moe - balut08, flameking10, odoru05 for dknight05, guitar12, immelmann16.
Trade with Dialny - blooming04, chat12, ribbon03 for corrine17, klutz07, lovelorn06.

Trade with Lita - haughty07 for chant13.
Trade with Nat - eponassong18 and writing20 for magoi01 and rescue08.

Colorseum 5-2 - Received performance09, vagrant16, bass16, and kimurar06.
Trade with Jun - antisocial16, antoinette17, apos19, blackmist06, giver02, railway03, security01, and security12 for bravior13, bravior14, corrine18, drums20, klutz14, reckless15, sakuya03, and seawitch13.

Trade with Hijiri - outcast01 for greathawk02.
Trade with Adelicya - devon17 for rescue18.
Coloring Book 92 - Played goats18 and received rosetta14 and samba08.
Raffle - Won confident20, volleyball04, strom07, leap07, yoomtah14, shopping12, and headphones04.
Help Miss Kamila 55 - Received metroline10 and patriot18.

Asobot Initiative - Donated anko18, kerberous01.

Pot of Gold 50 - Received tiny05, pet01, rival13, dodo04, libero12, future07, speaking09, barrettes20, eleven20, apothecary06, snake13, ambitions17, wolfman06, illness01, apologetic05, library12, gleipnir17, odoru15, barrels18, bellflower01, mononoke02, sagittarius13, kaminokoe03, paramedic06, macho06, rhythmia18, quality16, and two yellow crayons.
Guess the Color 205 - Received papillon17, comp16, and bridge16.

Pokeradar 216 - Received specialduty04, fiery05, and brown08.
Gift from Em - Received exsphere01.

Trade with Charlotte - japanese18, seeing19, and venoshock04 for guitar14, vigilante14, and visions13.
Coloring Book 136 - Received gifted16, harass17, teller13, paopufruit01, forward01, scales04, ran09, strawberry04, nico-nii05, petshop12, commoners08, prelati18, dolls01, nullify19, armlet09, deadman03, newrecruit06, 026715, purehavoc13, watchguard04, a green grayon and a purple crayon.

Colorseum 5-3 - dynames02, formulas10, revolver17, mortician03.
Coloring Book 93 - Played witchhunter20 and received china16 and biometals06.
Coloring Book 93 - Played seashells15 and received northitaly14 and caregiver03.

Help Miss Kamila 56 - Received avalanche17 and mild01.
Recycled Art - Claimed alexandria07, alexandria09, alexandria18, almakinan17, dux06, kekkai04, mysteria01, mysteria03, mysteria04, mysteria05, mysteria06, mysteria07, mysteria08, mysteria09, razril14, trance03, trance12, trance15, tance19, and sekit14.

Pokeradar 217 - Received ghostalley05, kingkazma07, and dreams01.

Art Shop - Turned in four red crayons, five yellow crayons, and six sketchpads, and received half-elf02, half-elf05, half-elf10, half-elf14, half-elf16, northstar02, northstar03, northstar17, northstar20, barcode08, excellent05, badfuture13, feminist04, stera16, bookeater15, blackmoon16, wingman16, cheshire06, sunrisecafe02, abuse05, agent05, a red crayon, two orange crayons, a yellow crayon, a brown crayon, and a grey crayon.
Level Up: Amethyst - Received single20, owl04, willbeokay04, minami06, cruxis11, and a blue crayon.
Coloring Book 93 - Played meijin07 and received powerful11 and frontkiller19.

Trade with Muri - tetsuo10 for hottemper14.
Trade with Veth - numberone08 for axe03.
Host Club Giveaway 106 - Received conducts17, dearbaby14, and babysitter19.

Colorseum 5-4 - Received dln-00516, connect12.
February Release - Claimed hideandseek11, uphold11, lefthand16, alluring04, freespirit04, mischievous08, yamakami10, artistic03, maintenance03, tempus20, mages11, memento06, and getaway11.
Gifts from Em - Received hideandseek03, hideandseek20, uphold01, uphold15.
Trade with Adelicya - bloodwhip13 for hideandseek08.
Trade with Nea - mischievous08 for hideandseek07.
Trade with Mad - alluring04 for hideandseek01.
Trade with Muri - artistic03 for hideandseek09.
Gift from Jen - Received cruxis02.
Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand - Purchased all boxes with 020, 4-dpocket14, 77704, 77710, admirer09, amati04, amiable09, amiable12, anty03, bags04, bags05, bags07, brat08, busty04, busty12, compass01, controlled17, marry16, maskedg02, medstudent10, memory11, minchi05, misandry04, pointer17, potion07, pro01, pro05, punchout03, punk12, raccoon10, raccoon15, revolver17, rich06, royalguard12, royalguard17, seven04, seven06, skater05, tranquil12, and tranquil13.

Gift from Mal - Received cruxis19.
Trade with Kiri - hawkeye17 and nico-nii05 for ai19 and chant11. Received watchguard18 as a gift.
Gift from Netbug - Received getaway18.
Trade with Pam - fukujun01 for memento16.
Gift from Pam - Received cruxis10.
Trade with Hijiri - yamakami10 for hideandseek05.
Gift from Chi - Received memento02.
Trade with Moe - regret02 and winter10 for hideandseek18 and uphold13.

Trade with Dialny - freespirit04 for hideandseek14.
Gift from Pie - Received cruxis18.
Gift from Liz - Received cruxis14.

Trade with Aave - composer15, libero12, maguskiller02, medicine08, nightmare07, privilege07, and privilege14 for chisha04, chisha06, guarding19, guitar05, hugs20, klutz09, and telekinesis11.
Trade with Liz - blackrose14, bentenmaru16, bentenmaru19, dodo05, endless03, fuerza07, funeral19, honeyflash03, honoo01, lacytanga01, moscow14, myths11, nests02, order08, spandex16, structure08, trigger16, valiente13, zanber06 for dknight07, hylia08, farming01, lottery03, lovespells04, mathematics13, meanies16, morning04, parenting11, performer09, rip-off05, ruthless02, sbjk14, seminar10, solarhands05, soldiers02, taisa09, twinstar08, wired16.
Gift to AL - Gave dknight07.
Deck Donations - Received assistant09, catbingu02, apologetic15, and a grey crayon.
Deck Donations - Received virgin16, lily09, rimaajon13, and a red crayon.
Coloring Book 93 - Received cardians19.

Gift from AL - Received prakk06.
Trade with Sky - dln-00516 and flask07 for dknight06 and udon03. Received gankutsuou18 as a gift.
Trade with Samichan - dango11 and seashells10 for memento04 and udon09.

Gift from Dialny - Received cruxis04.
Arazlam's Clues 233 - Received maple05, roadroller14, and librarian11.

Gift from Veth - Received memento19.
Gift from Caitie - Received cruxis08.

Masteries - Mastered cruxis and gankutsuou and received selector3, priestess05, jokes14, rabi01, gankutsuou14, spirits16, and two green crayons.
Trade with Harukami - wingman16 for dknight04. Received spirits19 as a gift.
Gift from Nikita - Received memento03.
Trade with ReneeTwist - pureheart20 for drums09.

Gift from Melissa - Received spirits07.
Gift from Anna - Received prakk09.
Gift from Mad - Received prakk14.
Guess the Color 208 - Received kailu01, eyeignite02, reanimated20.
Art Lessons 220 - Received lapistier09 and trance10.
Colors Chat 33 - Received violent07, souschef16, droids06, university14, hishinunit02.

Gift from Noxie - Received hideandseek13.

Gift from Nat - Received prakk11.
Gift from Sammich - Received prakk12.
Gifts to Em - Gave four yellow and four brown crayons.

Host Club Giveaway 107 - Received ateapot04, dj01, and tasco17.
Gift from Ari - Received spirits08.
Gift to Veth - Gave a red crayon and a grey crayon.
Trade with Moon - necklace02, pinnacle17, speaking09, and usu19 for klutz12, costumes15, immelmann14, and otoko06. Received hideandseek10 as a gift.
Gift from Aave - Received wary19.

Colorseum 6-1 - Received giver01, neojapan05, puns15, orbit10.
Gift from Lex - Received prakk10.
Trade with Johanna - automail07, benefits13, comical10, confident13, confident20, saluki06, fantasia14 and sports15 for firebringer08, greathawk03, goya07, illegal16, married20, mysteria18, otoko13, and sensei12.
Gift from Johanna - Received memento07.
Gift from Anrui - Received wary03.

Gift from Char - Received devilstrill02.
Masteries - Mastered prakk and spirits and received getaway03, getaway16, cradle05, chores07, jimuguri01, nekomimi16, a yellow crayon, and an orange crayon.
Gift from Raven - Received drums05.
Gift from Charlotte - Received memento12.
Gift from Erin - Received memento11 as a gift.
Gift from Arianne - Received novbirthday07.
Gift from Nea - Received memento14.
Gift from Aru - Received getaway04.
Gift from Aletha - Received wary05.
Trade with Em - firebringer08 and ateapot04 for uphold03 and uphold20.

Valentine's Day Choco Stand - Received helmsman16, clothespeg02, automata11, regret14, air18, lost05, hanamaru12, nii-nii05, paopufruit07, shenlong05, bloodelf17, puns13, equation02, badges11, samezuka12, zombie01, graywolf01, stamina20, devilchild16, feminine10, piccolo19, cardevolve08, ishidaa18, an two yellow crayons.

Art Shop - Turned in five sketchpads and eight yellow crayons and received getaway05, getaway06, getaway09, getaway14, wary06, wary07, wary11, wary15, jinchuu01, digger16, calligraphy14, abel17, minchi10, village01, sharigan01, clinic15, inferior11, counselor01, a red crayon, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon, a blue crayon, and a grey crayon.
Masteries - Mastered getaway, drums, memento, wary and received drums08, drums12, gasmask01, vigilante11, devilstrill06, devilstrill08, pyo12, nishi19, mjolnir16, musubi07, ringoflight01, catsndogs14, allies14, stage04, two orange crayons, and two brown crayons.

March 2015 Release - Claimed spiritenergy19, flirty07, thebest13, surpassing01, leftearring16, strain04, emoticon04, muffler08, dualkatana14, gakuenk19, retro12, and assertive20.
Trade with Dialny - emoticon04 and muffler08 for scrapped02 and hugs11.

Trade with Sky - vanship09/16/18 for hottemper03/06 and maleantags03.
Colorseum 6-3 - Received mortician12, bail03, chozo14, and ultima05.

Shadow Watching 176 - klarerwind19, youngwomen08, pickpocket18, driger10, mayor16, bluegrad13, sight08, and sawashirom07.
Shadow Watching 175 - Received matriarch19, poems20, navigate19, mind19, feminine19, spiritenergy02, mage02, and barhara05.

Gift Exchange with AL - Received dknight10/18/20. Gave apologetic15, nishi19, and roadroller14.

Deck Donations - Received spotted17, baumkuchen06, cranes10, amati09, getaway06, youkai14, a red crayon, and a blue crayon.

Gift from Sky - Received seagull09.
Gifts to Eon - Gave crossspear04, dyaus04, dyaus10, dyaus14, sohcatoa06, teapot20, keystone05, megaten01, and timegear09.

Switch It Up 92 - Exchanged calm10 for dknight02.

Trade with Nea - harasho15 for greathawk05.
Trade with Dove - caregiver03, clothespeg02, reflexes03 for adherent20, almakinan05, dauntless20.
Gift to Eon - Gave dualkatana14.

Trade with Eon - Exchanged signature cards.
Trade with Adelicya - lovegun04, orbit01, orbit08, orbit10 for goya01, guarding05, hideandseek15, windor13.
Level Up: Bronze - Received devilstrill10, nightshade13, christmas08, sand06, vietnamwar01, and a purple crayon.
Art Shop - Turned in a sketchpad and three yellow crayons, and received betrayer14, muffler03, three copies of sig_lila, and a purple crayon.
Trade with Moon - measuring12, shamanking04, and nightshade13 for chant01, reckless16, and lovelorn15.

Trade with Lita - bodhisattva09, cranes10, funland02, poor08, usashrine20, vicious15 for hottemper09, yoru19, bluemoon05, nadeshiko02, nadeshiko20, p-chan05.
Trade with Veth - fairytale18 for chisha16.
Trade with Sammich - ambitions17, avalanche17, cabbage09, grafeisen02, liaison01, poems20, thaumaturge13, gigacity20, metafalica03, soldiers02 for chisha13, gianthornet13, goya11, history18, junkshop19, kekkai07, klutz13, lorelei16, parenting08, robberfly03.

Colorseum 6-5 - Received cake16, 20th06, waiting03, and blessed19.

Trade with Chi - balance07, bells10, bread10, halberd15 for engaged06, marseille02, parenting02, maleantags15.
Trade with January - anxiety11 and femme02 for eligible01 and reckless18.
Trade with Kiri - patience12, redflash14, sullen07, village01 for hugs07, hugs15, rukh15, sketching16. Received simple17 as a gift.
Gifts to Kaede - Gave dragon17, dreamer10, jade18, madder08, mochi11.
Fan Mail 52 - Received tetracode20, burdened07, netsafety07, weasel10, moogles20, and rimaajon08.

Information Exchange 73 - Played shinigami17 and received kagoshima16, blackshadow09, angra14.
Trade with Sammich - moogles20 for gasmask19.

★ Trading post
★ Card post


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