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Trade with AL - rhythmia18 and x-scissor14 for hugs09 and maleantags14.
Gifts to Eon - Gave eight orange crayons.
Pot of Gold 52 - Received twin04, cgi03, knightmare05, headstrong13, scrambled20, keyblade01, helpful05, suzaku08, dreams13, gleipnir15, fortissimo11, classical01, hyakuretsu14, trapeze02, highclef10, beelzebub04, haunt18, blurball11, model11, childlike05, beaker10, gondola01, a red crayon, an orange crayon, a purple crayon, and two brown crayons.
Scrapbook 119 - Received risotto16, jumbo02, jewelwitch08.
Scrapbook 117 - Received badboy18, harmonius15, femme05.
Trade with Kaede - Exchanged signatures.
Trade with Sky - highclef10 for uphold16.
Trade with Nat - babied13, china16, courage17, doujin16, teller13, barhara05, gakuen05 for ai17, alice10, kritya07, lefthand05, yoru15, amarcian19, engaged01.
Colorseum 7-1 - Received hoihoi02, costumes12, medicans02, and kismet05.

Trade with Nikita - pentagram12 for scrapped17.
Delete Shiritori 70 - Played kansai04 and received male04, caramels16, emptiness14, futuring06, clowndrop19.
Trade with Em - paopufruit07 for southern12. Gave southern12 as a gift.
Remodeling Lab 28 - Played addiction08, socute08 and received valvrave02, loveletter12, hollie08, signorina04, ares10, tercera12, mariko14.
Trade with Eon - eon06 for docodemo17.
Host Club Giveaway 110 - Received herbalist07, tenkou11, observant08.
Colorseum 7-2 - Received vigilante14, natsu03, agility05, memorized04.

Error Reporting - Received aquarius10.
Colorseum 7-3 - Received saikoku10, makai18, earring01, highjump15.
Help Miss Kamila 41 - Received selfish20, supports19, fanclub17, marionette06, genome10, general07.
Hi-5 Radio 29 - Received darkfire13, elevator05, heroic01, unison06, jrpremier20, anguished18, affection06, kamatari14, heartless11, blacklion13.
April Fools Release - Received piratehat07, seja18, gigolo10, badda-boom12, punyaan04, watchguard05, and novbirthday17.
Switch It Up 94 - breakoil09 and megadrive07 for dux04 and tackle07.
Host Club Giveaway 111 - Received domremy02, melody20, evolver18.
Go Fish 208 - Received asakeno07, firstlevel17.
Gifts from Veth - Received lefthand15, rimaajon18, tempus05, visions11.
Trade with AL - screentone07 for a green crayon.
Trade with Sammich - sagami01 for a green crayon.
Trade with Mad - live03 for seagull05.
Trade with January - deluded20, unafraid20 for two green crayons.
Trade with Kazu - silverking04, goldking12, vesta08 for exsphere04 and two green crayons.
Gift from Aru - Received hugs03.
Gift from Eon - Received bibliophile20.
Trade with Eon - catsndogs14 for adherent17.
Trade with Eon - three yellow crayons and two grey crayons for bibliophile01, bibliophile09, and tsukumogami11.
Gift from Eon - Received adherent12.
Release 60 - Claimed loveshower12, bibliophile03, screentone07, sagami01, live03, deluded20, unafraid20, silverking04, goldking12, vesta08, tsukumogami08, hayashibara06, hideandseek06.

Art Shop - Turned in four red crayons, three green crayons, six purple crayons, and three grey crayons for devilstrill11, devilstrill17, devilstrill20; gasmask04, gasmask11, gasmask14; nyan02, nyan05, nyan07, nyan20; vigilante06, vigilante09, vigilante12, vigilante17, vigilante18, vigilante19.
Guess the Color 218 - Received harasho05, nia16, anchor01.
Recycled Art - Received almakinan16, autozam07, broom02, broom13, broom15, melnics15, mysteria11, mysteria15, reckless03, reckless07, regina02, regina08, smile03, smile13, smile17, suffer11, talented09.
Masteries - Mastered devilstrill, gasmask, nyan, vigilante, ai, assertive, and completed palette portfolio 06 and monochrome portfolio04 and received stapler08, ares11, stories06, noda06, blankspace15, southitaly16, fragile03, etoile08, admire06, roleplay01, vodka15, thumbsup07, automata07, antique02, kicks01, revenant03, centurion15, whistle06, supermodel16, paranoia15, ai02, ai07, ai08, assertive03, assertive08, ruinmode03, 1 red, 2 orange, 2 yellow, 1 green, 2 blue, 2 purple, 1 brown, and 3 grey.
Colorseum 8-1 - Received oyajijokes19, equestrian07, fanclub05, wolfborg04, a red crayon, and a yellow crayon.
Trade with AL - apologetic05, korobokkuru11, party03 for bluemoon09, lefthand11, lunallena17.
Gift from Kaede - Received exsphere20.
Trade with Kaede - callous19 for alice17.
Trade with Kaede - gondala01 for novbirthday01.
Coloring Book 100 - Played baldy11 and received popnbeat02, yoohoo10, teammagma18, styx05.
Trade with Eon - aquarius10, reader10, successor06, and surpassing01 for detectives17.
Trade with Em - loveshower12 and tsukumogami08 for broom17 and bibliophile15.
Switch It Up 95 - armblade06 for 20million18.

Trade with Dialny - blackharu01, composing11, eyeignite02, eyeignite13, immortal17, lucky09, nameless13, nejiko08, samezuka12, thebest13, and teammagma18 for rosebleue14, caleria17, okonomiyaki09, conscious06, conscious18, engaged04, lunallena07, otoko08, otoko17, p-chan10, and razril20.
Recycled Art - Claimed ruinmode07, scribe01, scribe07, scribe16, scribe20.
Coloring Book 100 - Played a yellow crayon and received hyakka16, rascal20, virage07, epinard11, fastball04, negate11, fate08, centurio19.
Spare Parts 183 - Received shotgun01, unicorn09, heretic15, malefic10, stickfigures11, conqueror20, bibliophile05, and summons13.
Trade with Sammich - kanegasaki10 for runes06.
Trade with Trias - baumkuchen06, fantasy13, fighting05, nanamin07, rorona07, succubus02, tasco17 for ruinmode02, ruinmode08, ruinmode14, ruinmode18, klutz08, costumes01, stubborn13.
Deck Donations - Received memories20, seminar03, onmyouji02, india02, brokenrose05, catmask10, equestrian10, honeybee20, unkillable18, a green crayon, a purple crayon, and a brown crayon.
Trade with Veth - picasso11 for chant04.
Trade with Veth - hebalist07 for junkshop06. Gave knowledge20, rival13, and selfish20 as gifts.
Trade with Dina - quindecim01 and fastball04 for sideburns03 and runes11.
Coloring Book 100 - Received a brown crayon and a grey crayon.
Deckmaking Pay - Received bar01, aqua08, razorfan13, aimo06, kattobing16, personality01, sketching13, ae8610, dizzy17, brandless07, ferret18, train11, fanalis19, stranger07, jump07, paternal07, hyena09, ice09, zessen18, dreamer16, unsatisfied09, tamarin10, heal06, duck03, takara11, do-it-all16, an orange crayon and a brown crayon.
Switch It Up 95 - Exchanged camera01, fulfill05, abel06, and purple06 for do-it-all10, hideandseek18, healers08, and maleprotags16.
Switch It Up 95 - Received huge02, rejection03, crawling18, nyanperona01, savate14, onward15, bloom10, shenhu02, elrond03, rudehero19, wandering01, mentalout10, and ruinmode17.
Arazlam's Clues 246 - Received schwarzer01, ukrain20, insurance05.
Gift from Eon - Received runes10.
Gift to AL - Gave takara11.
Trade with Pam - epinard11 for caleria04.
Trade with Kiri - blankspace15, carmine13, carmine16, harasho05, kira13, observant08, unkillable18, usashrine08 for firespin02, junkshop17, obliged14, pirate01, responsible16, seagull15, udon02, watchguard07.
Trade with Ten - stickfigures11, gakuenk19, idolclub01, avatar15 for costumes14, lobster02, maleantags04, runes09.
Trade with Kaede - kabuki08 for runes01.
Trade with Eon - childlike05, earring01, kaka16, kismet05, meltdowner17, ringoflight01, guile14 for adherent15 and runes20.
Trade with Adeylicya - evolver18, futuring06, futuring12, futuring15, puns13, puns15, rosetta12, samba08, tease20, tercera20 for broom18, guarding18, hikikomori09, lumberjack12, lumberjack17, p-chan04, punishment13, punishment17, udon19, cardevolve07.
Gifts to Em - gave cardevolve07, childlike10, healers08, hideandseek18, and obliged14.
May Release - Claimed myunit14, rage02, picasso11, kanegasaki10, guile14, avatar15, quindecim01, kabuki08, flow10, whitehat17, runes14, novbirthday05.
Gift to Shou - Gave flow10.
Trade with Kaede - ambidex14, permafrost04, zoanthrope15 for guarding07, yoru16, maleantags16.

★ Trading post
★ Card post


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