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- Based on Etrian Odyssey/Etrian Mystery Dungeon
-- but not too much it's literally just the dungeons idea

- Characters accepted
-- Literally anything short of real people. OCs, canon characters, previous game characters, duplicates, whatever. Just no real people. Fictionalized historical figures are okay, though.

- Takes place in a barren, uninhabitable world.
-- The forest is very green and pretty with lots of trees and flowers and small wildlife. There aren't any birds on this level.
-- There's nothing particularly dangerous in the forest in terms of monsters or animals. The survival aspect is largely in finding food and clean water.
--- There's a seemingly man-made fountain on each floor of the dungeon where characters are guaranteed to find fresh water. It has some healing properties.
-- Deeper in the forest, they'll find a darkened, stone staircase that leads down. From above, they can hear the sound of birds. When they descend the steps, at first all they'll see is the earth around them, but it'll eventually break to show tree tops and the forest ground below. If they look up, they'll see the sky overhead.
-- At the edge of the forest on the top floor, they can only see red earth with a thick, grey fog covering the ground on the horizon. It doesn't seem to fade at any time. If characters attempt to walk in the fog for long, they will choke on the fog. First it'll sting their eyes, and the longer they're in the fog, the more their skin will each and their throat will burn. Don't do it, okok.
-- On lower levels, there are actual walls around the area. They're covered with woody vines, and when those vines are pulled away, there's dirt underneath.

- Characters awaken at the edge of the forest with no memories. No name, no nothing.
-- They do keep their skills, though. Do they remember they have these skills? No. Have fun finding out that they're there.
--- They will realize they know how to handle something if they pick it up. For instance, if they find a sword, a character might realize that they're very comfortable with it and feel like they know how to fight with it.
-- There's nothing identifying on their person. In fact, they all wake up wearing this outfit* and a cloth messenger bag.
-- Characters will find a spool of pink thread and a pair of small scissors in each of their bags. Cutting a piece of the string will bring characters back to the staircase on the first floor of the dungeon. This is called Ariadne thread for OOC reference.
* That is: A long coat (with long sleeves), a shirt, pants, and a pair of walking shoes. The bags look like that, too. There might be some variation in colors, but they'll all be a general black-white-earth tones palette.

- Memories are regained by finding or doing certain things in dungeon. They'll just suddenly occur to the character.
-- Memory regain is largely randomized but some memories can be locked so that they're only gained after other memories.
--- If that's not as fun to you, though, you can always just pick what they remember. This is meant to be fun!
-- I'm thinking of having each character have about one memory regain per level.
-- In either case, you'd need to build a memory registry so we can have an idea of what will be regained. Listing/numbering five to ten memories should be good depending on how long people want this to run. Check Storyline section.
-- I'm thinking I'll probably do some DMing stuff with this and actually run the memory regain puzzles/quest and what people find, but that's because I've been assuming this would be one-on-one with me and someone else so it's not like I have to RUN THIS WHOLE THING. Other people can totally run puzzles/quests on their own.

- Storyline
-- I'm still working on the overall plot of this, but I'm happy to take suggestions!
-- I'm thinking of there being a marker every five levels that transports characters to another labyrinth. I'd like for bits of the plot to be revealed through exploration and finding these markers. I'm still working out ideas so I'll add more to this as I think of it.

- New powers/skills
-- More of an idea I'm kicking around than anything since other people expressed interest
-- Characters gain new skills so they don't feel like total losers. Somewhat AU aspect since they'd be there from the start, but like every other character, they don't actually know they're there.
-- The downside to this is I don't want this to be a SOLVE IT WITH YOUR FISTS game so just don't do that. D: I really want it to be a game where totally normal characters can still have fun and do stuff.

- Characters that are brought in after the first level of the dungeon/labyrinth is cleared have some more options in where they wake up.
-- They can already be on the current floor. They've always been there and didn't even know there were floors!? In this case, they'd wake up by that level's fountain.
-- Since all characters can instantly warp to the first level using the Ariadne Thread, waking up at the edge of the forest like everyone else is also an option and doesn't really cut new characters out of anything.

I only told Aira and Em about this but I'd like to do this as a musebox game/PSL so if anyone's interested in this we can do it. ;v; I'm thinking I'd like to play Genis with this.

Date: 2015-04-23 05:36 pm (UTC)
sincere: DGM: Cross is smiling faintly (somehow sentimental ;;)
From: [personal profile] sincere
That sounds like fun, although I don't know a thing about Etrian Dungeon or what have you. But I love memory loss games.

Date: 2015-04-26 12:35 pm (UTC)
eonflamewing: lana | hyrule warriors (hey there!)
From: [personal profile] eonflamewing
gently comments on this so i can find it again


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