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All trades go here! o/

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This is now my trading post! Please click the links below to reach my card posts and trade pile!

Card PostMass Decks (Gankutsuou, Shin Sekai Yori, Scrapped Princess, K-ON!, Simoun)Trade Pile

- Collecting/Future - Not up for trade unless I make the offer. Sorry. D:

- Possible Future - I'll trade these for cards I'm currently collecting, cards in my high priority futures, and cards Em is currently collecting. I'll also trade them out if they're a high priority for you.

- Keeping - Not up for trade unless you're really close to mastering the deck.

- Trading - I'll trade these out for anything, but if you're asking for a random trade, I'd prefer if you only ask for decks you're actually collecting.;; I don't mind big trades or digging through trade piles. Limit of 20 cards for random trades, though.

- Specials - Special decks and character decks are the same priority for me, so I'll trade my specials out for character cards.

- Crayons - I'll usually trade out for colors I need for portfolio decks and for release slots. Chances are, I'm always collecting something from a new release, so feel free to offer me slots for crayons regardless if I have a trading community post up.

At the moment, I'm most interested in green crayons.

- Unadded Cards - You're welcome to ask! The worst that'll happen is I'll say no. (And it saves me the trouble of uploading them.)

- Holds - Anyone's welcome to ask me to hold something! I'll hold cards up to a month.
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Don't have time for tables. \o/ Decks are sorted by series with special decks in their own section.

Special decks
Hataraku Maou-Sama!
Shin Sekai Yori
Tales of series
Miscellaneous series (Anything I'm only collecting 1-3 decks from.)

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